Assange free soon

Jan 27 10:40 [raw]

he must win 1 more appeal

Jan 27 12:10 [raw]

The second he leaves the embassy he will be arrested and quickly carted off to the USA to spend the rest of his life in jail.

Jan 27 12:13 [raw]

Russian disinformation outlets must be fought. Assange and Snowden should be publicly executed, as a warning to all other Kremlin-controlled "whistleblowers" and "freedom fighters". Смерть шпионам !

Feb 13 19:29 [raw]

Fuck you and pay your patent fees. You stole me 100 Billions Euros with these patents, so keep your blablabla for yourself. I supported Wikileaks as a whistleblowers on your corruption with my patents. I also supported Wikileaks because I do believe protecting whistleblowers is essential. And I acted always with a strict crypto-anarchist geopolitical neutrality and commited no offense and no crime (hack) toward ANY agency; including your. So shut up, and pay your patent fees, fucking thief. I would be you I wouldn't be proud of the proof of corruption at USPTO regarding my patent. So stop barking motherfucker, and shut up, you are the guilty one in my case. Stman.

Feb 14 00:36 [raw]

I'm new here, did you guys give up on cracking the insurance files? Also what are you talking about regarding patents?

Feb 14 07:14 [raw]

Let me explain to you the situation : 1) I am a whistleblower & main victim of a huge transnational corruption case, based on the plundering of my patents by a cartel of at least 15 mafia-nazi-minded driven multionatinal companies that think they are god and above the law. 2) This case is indeed a patent infringment case, where more than 100 Billion euros were stolen from me and my family, and that has also consequences for the citizens of USA, CAnada, and Europe who have also been fucked by the cartel, and who paid the bill to allow the biggest E-Commerce websites on earth to continue the fraud at the expense of the citizens in all these countries. 3) In the 8 countries involved in the fraud, corrupted branches of secret services are scared, because they have helped the cartel to constitute, with the agreement of corrupted politicians. 4) Regarding the USA, I have a formal proof, that cannot be denied, that those corrupted spies/mafias have forced an examiner at USPTO to be corrupt during my patent examination, and he rejected the original text of my patent, forcing me to correct, while I should not have to do so, and well, what can I say, the corrupted spies involved in the corruption of my first patent deposit in the USA are very scared to be discovered, and more than this, they are scared that International Justice would demask who is being this fraud and who gave the order to these corrupted spies to force the USPTO examiner to damage my patent. This is why this guy, insulting me at will here, and who must be linked to the motherfucker who authorized and ordered this corruption at USPTO, is getting mad. Because he did very bad things, and he is about to go to jail. International trust between nations is based on reciprocity. The trust in the patent system is a key element. But in my case, this trust has been seriously damaged because some corrupted players in the USA did force a USPTO examiner to cheat, and this is bringing distruct on the whole USPTO institution, as well as on the USA Antitrust. This is why the motherfucker is barking here as heel. They tought they were god and had all the rights to cheat on everything. They are caught. And now they know they will end to jail. This is why the dogs are barking, as simple as this. Kind regards. Stman.

Feb 14 09:08 [raw]

Stop whining!

Feb 15 21:06 [raw]

Want to know what is the kind of deal I am having with the french government in exchange of my massive investisment in the french & european economy ? I ask the MIVILUDES, the french authority fighting sects, sorry, nazi terrorist sects, that has only 30 agents and no financial means to do their job for the wole country, I ask the French Government to put 1000 more secret agents into the MIVILUDES to kick out of France ALL THOSE MOTHER FUCKING NAZI SECTS driven by either the CIA or the "international nazi alliance", ALL OF THEM, and their hypnotisers and mind control weapons. I also ask the government to pass more laws to fight sects. Happy ? I'm sure that you, mother fucker nazi sectarian terrorist, should be very happy. We gonna kick you all out of our country. All of you, all of your fucking sects. FUCK SECTS THESE PATENTS ARE MINE The bill is 100 Billions Euros. Fuck you. I told not to play with my ass, my mind, and my life. You did not listen. Here is how I fight back, mother fucker. I piss on the nazi alphas sect.

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