Message by Julian Assange.

Oct 10 05:32 [raw]

brother, when I was younger I was a pacifist too. But times have changed a lot. Not joining our armed brothers in our common struggle means losing the battle immediately. We must fight. And with a vengeance. And then some. _______________________________________ Assange, Julian BM-2cTfvh1oWDFHay46613ft4U6RRXXMUnAss

Oct 11 01:57 [raw]

Still waiting for those Chinese weapons you promised us Assange. (Godspeed you wonderful wizard of leaks)

Oct 11 03:16 [raw]

I got new shipments of Chinese AK and some Lutey submachineguns (open hardware). interested ? J.A.

Oct 11 13:24 [raw]

J.A. = Just another Asshole ???

Oct 11 16:12 [raw]

JA = Jagged Alliance

Oct 13 05:42 [raw]

>J.A. = Just another Asshole You seem upset. In time, my friend, a statue of Assange will be erected with his massive dong hanging out pointing towards Langley HQ to symbolize how hard he's fucked you faggots. Another statue will also be placed in front of your home to symbolize the time Assange cucked you and had sex with your wife. The kids that your wife will have will not be yours, but will be Assange's. You probably will not be permitted to consummate with your wife any more, but you will be allowed to work an Honest Job and bring home money to support Assange's children. Good day sir.

Oct 15 17:48 [raw]

> BM-2cTfvh1oWDFHay46613ft4U6RRXXMUnAss > UnAss > Ass that address, why not tweet this? ;-)

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