Seth Meyers Can Only Marvel at Donald Trump's Historic 'Self-Own'

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Jun 17 18:49

Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet Fri, 16 Jun 2017 05:19:00 -0700 [Reuse options] Click here for reuse options! <> "Trump is the king of spiking the ball at the six-yard line." Donald Trump turned 71 on Wednesday, but Seth Meyers wouldn't let the week go by without wishing the president a happy birthday. "We didn't get the chance to celebrate yesterday," the "Late Night" host deadpanned Thursday. "So, Mr. President, we got you a cake. And I am just gonna light the candles, because after all, it is your special day." The president has had little to celebrate, from his historically low approval ratings to new revelations that he's become a target of Robert Mueller's Russian collusion probe. "[The special counsel] is looking into whether he committed obstruction of justice by, among other things, firing former FBI director James Comey," Meyers explained, before twisting the knife. "First of all, just days ago, after Comey's testimony, Trump and his lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, crowed that he had been proven right... and Trump tweeted 'total and compete vindication.'" "Trump is the king of spiking the ball at the six-yard line," the "Late Show" host quipped. "His timing is amazing." "Comey told Trump that he was not personally under investigation. Trump wanted Comey to announce that publicly, but Comey refused, so Trump fired him. And now, because he fired Comey, Trump is personally under investigation." "It's one of the greatest self-owns in political history," he concluded. Watch: [Reuse options]Click here for reuse options! <> Related Stories * Seth Meyers Marvels at Donald Trump's Historic 'Self-Own' <> * 5 Times EPA Head Scott Pruitt Was Completely Blindsided During His House Budget Hearing <> * Samantha Bee Has a Birthday Present for Trump He Won't Soon Forget <> Attachments: alternet.png 0 bytes

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