Radical Muslims with to create a totalitarian caliphate

Dec 6 07:02 [raw]

Radical Muslims wish to create a totalitarian caliphate through terrorist acts. The NSA spying programs were designed to gather intelligence to thwart this. Edward Snowden's spin on this matter is pure treason. He is with the Soviets. Never forget when you see Snowden's face, Putin is hiding behind it. I believe in big government; a government of big-hearted NATO allies who desire to preserve our way of life against the communist menace. The fear-mongering you hear from the leftist and reactionary groups is ill-informed parroting of Russian-inspired propaganda. NATO is still relevant and the USA is the tip of the spear. Russia is using psychopolitics to smear America's image and make us ashamed of our civilization and government. It is the Soviet that unleashed the counterculture, social disintegration, and widespread distrust in our society. That's the real enemy. The NSA are not the NAZI horde they've been painted out to be. Just remember when you see Edward Snowden's face, behind it hides Vladimir Putin and his desire to reconsitutute a new Soviet Empire.

Dec 6 07:59 [raw]

very good. need a good caliph.

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