UPDATED : Rewarded help needed for scanning old amazon (Or any other website) shipment barcodes (Reward 10€ in Bitcoin per scan).

Sep 24 15:14 [raw]

Dear friends, I am depositing a huge Antitrust complain at the European Commission, and I would still need the following rewarded help from volunteer in UK to help me with this : Scanning a sample set of old Royal Mail parcels tracking sticker barcodes from Amazon (Or any other website) parcels shipment stickers (That contains the barcodes), when such parcels were initialy sent via Royal Mail from a UK E-Commerce website to a UK customer (Domectis parcels only, not international ones). If you buy a lot of things on another website than amazon, but with the parcels also delivered via Royal Mail I am also interested : Indeed, I need a representative sample of stickers sent from a given same website (Like 3 samples per same website) to be able to proove that the barcodes used are infringing my rights for the Antitrust complain. What is important for the barcodes to be exploitable for me is that they come from the same sender (The same e-commerce website). It can be amazon, but it is not mandatory. This is a very important case, maybe up to 70 multinationals involved in the scandal. Here is a sample of the kind of stickers I am looking for : http://picpaste.com/355770aa4eb6a21c869fee848ec02983.jpeg I currently have only one, and all what I need is several sample of them, but expedited from the same sender (ie: Amazon or anyother website). I will reward 10€ (Via Paypal, or in Bitcoin at current Kraken rate) per valid scan, meaning if you send me a scan of 5 Barcodes sent via Amazon through Royal Mail (Tracked Domestic Parcels) for example, I will send you 50€ in reward. Contact me through BitMessage. This help request is urgent. Thank you. PS: I no longer need samples for Germany with DHL Deutsche Post, and normally I'm also done with Canada Post, but I still accept samples of parcels sent from amazon in Canada through Canada Post domestic parcels (Not international ones). A big thank you to all those volunteers who where kind to send me samples from Germany and Canada !

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