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May 12 17:24 [raw]

I am sharing a project that I have been working on for years to gather all of the digital elements of the Star Wars universe. This includes the obvious movies, comics, music, and TV shows, but also includes trailers, posters, fan edits, articles, interviews, magazines, video games, and fan contributions including podcasts, films, and fiction. There are thousands of files and terabytes of data involved. I have been working on this for decades and have gathered items from all over and will never be able to gather it and catagorize it without some help. I will be publishing a torrent soon with the 500 files and 30 gb for just "A New Hope" and will probably share the entire archive via Syncthing so people can stay current. This may not be the ideal forum for this, but I want to stay anon. If you wish to talk, help, criticize, or whatever then just send me a message on the channel or me personally. Star Wars digital preservation project at channel GrafArchive (BM-2cUM94Pq2jriryDt87Z3aTJL77Wg6Q1FBm) My personal is BM-2cVTWmArYfjdMKq9hssEUi55Xf7G4PYSb9

May 15 11:15 [raw]

Glad to have you, you are the first response from someone other than a troll. If you have any questions just send me a message.

May 16 06:49 [raw]

I have been gathering materials for decades (literally) and have thousands of files. A few years ago, I tried doing what I am doing now with just the in-universe items but this time I am trying to catagorizing everything in one structure. Did you see the file list? I used to be a database guy but it would be so much to put everything into a database that I would never be able to get it done. Most things I create are simple text based, the guide I am writting is just a text file because I don't want it unecessarily complicated years from now to look at something. I haven't shared anything more than a few files, and that has been a while ago. I have a few sources that I have been getting files for quite a while now and still get them nearly daily. Another problem I deal with is I am never at home and the networks I access the net are public. I use a VPN exclusively to get files, browsing, and BM to stay off of anyones radar. I will look at scuttlebot because that is something new to me, never heard of it. You mention lists, you mean file lists shared across multiple users? I'll post updates as they happen, nearly daily right now. I do plan to share everything via Syncthing ( which would be really easy because that is how I keep all of my files with me on the road backed up safely. Like I said, I am going to introduce some people to what I am doing via bittorrent but I'm not going to post new torrents every month or so to keep it current, that is what I want to use Syncthing for.

May 18 04:50 [raw]

I've replied to you privately also.

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