Nov 9 12:38 [raw]

WARNING! OVER 300 TOR NODES COMPROMISED AFTER JOINT NSA-DGSE ACTION KNOWN AS "OVH DATACENTER POWER FAILURE"! Forced hardware reboot was necessary to load and activate low-level bootkits and hardware-rootkits on machines hosting Tor nodes and hidden services. There is also strong possibility that important BGP routers in related AS areas are also compromised. ALL nodes listed below are COMPROMISED or at least HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS AND UNRELIABLE. Update your exclusions configurations accordingly ASAP! List format: node name, comma, node IP adress. 0xdeadbeef, 1EpHny, 3gr355, 555nase, 5socks, abcdefghijklm, abominable, aergia, Aerodynamik02, Aerodynamik03, Aerodynamik04, AkashaShrooms, AliceDoe, Alysa, Andromeda, ANGRYRONIN, anotherone, Aragorn, ArchiveBotTor, Asmer, Asphyxia, ATo, BabelBiblioteca, bananananana, bauruine57, belina, belonging, bennobaksteen, BobDoe, bountiful, ByteIndian, ByteIndian1, ca0akatala, CarolDoe, catelyntully, caTOR1, ccorelay, cevalo, CheekiBreeki, Clankus, coffswifi2, CulNoir, Dagonet, danker, DanWin1210, DauradeRoyale, DaveDoe, dc6jgk10, dc6jgk9, DeathStarReloaded, DeathwyrmHera, deepSpace29, DEFCON, defusedotcathree, defusedotcatwo, devnullhost, Dextor, digijihad, Dilligaf, DisciplesOfDisorder, DoingMyBest, dragonfly, DragonFlyTor, dupbittor, DutchMaid03, DutchMaid04, eadgbe, eddardstark, eddie4nl2, EvilMoe, FluffyUnicorn, fr0akatala, FR1h0stedt0r, FreddiesTorRelay, FreeBSDtmp, FreedomTower01, Freshman, ftagn, g4rl1c, Gabriel, GambitNashRelay1, gontran, Gr37cHwYrm, Groot, h0mer, haagsehackers, HackedComputer2, hacktheplanet, hacktitude, Hank, heartbleed, hellotor, helloubuntu, hexersgate, hightfreuiop, houseofcards, i0seed, IchEben3, ididnteditheconfig, ididntedittheconfig, idknown, ieditheconfig, incognito1337, iNCYRaXx, Islay, itsreally, JaneDoe, Janky380201, jihugyftdrse, jJbzwynG, jkO, JohnDoe, julianSMN, jwon, KaarliVPS, KagamineLenAiKotoba, KagamineLenReEdu, Karadoc, Kikimore, kimsufi321, KimSuperFast, kingqueen, kirito, KISTrulez, KS0120141125, kwargs, Lakota, lart, LeFleur42, lembas, liskov0, liskov1, liskov2, Lokygate, loli, luclu71, madmanonsteroids, MapleCrew, marcobr, matlink, maxpower, mercator, metaether, mhvis, minastirith, Mises, MLPRulez02, montrealonion, montrealonionb, MrNaz01, Nana, Narnia, niftyjerboa, niftytexasmouse, noeditconfig2, noki, nopqrstuvwxyz, NoSpyOrg, nova, NowDNSa, ntppwguy, NuclearShack, Ograoum, oscar, othala, PancakeWhore, panopticism, papadoc1, papadoc2, pate, Paul, photonTORpedo, PiotrTorpotkinOne, PiotrTorpotkinTwo, plainclothes, PLATYPUS, poert, poildortie, poiuty2, ponyonsforeveryone, PortEllen, PraiseKEK, PrisnCellRelayFR1, PrivacyRepublic0001, PrivacyRepublic0002, PrivacyRepublic0003, PrivacyRepublic0004, quebeconion, quebeconionb, r3s1stanc3, r5861692, rad629, radia0, radia2, radia3, radia4, radia5, raptor, RelayW, Rincewind941, riuriu, rixtyminutes, Rocket147, rottor, sabarurothbard, ScarletOctagon, SchulteTorRelay001, SchulteTorRelay001, selbyhunter, servbr10, servbr3, servbr4, servbr5, servbr6, servbr7, servbr8, servbr9, sexwarriorHQ, shallotandredwine, SHORTDOGEXIT0, signullrelayD, sousveillance, spoonOfYsgramor, StacheRelay, stalkr, stars1, StopFossilFuels, sunIsBurning, taster, TatooineTor, TheMockingJay, timcinel, tina, tjwtechsvr2, tmoe, TokenBlack, tor, tor2, TOR2DFN01a, TOR2DFN01b, TOR2DFN02a, TOR2DFN02b, TOR2DFNrelA, TOR2DFNrelB, tor2goddardnetnz, Tor4leithufees, TorAARONSWARTZCA0, TorAARONSWARTZCA2, toracy, torcow2, TORion, torks, TornadoRelayFR, Tornode, torpidsFRovh, torpidsFRovh, Torpille, Torponche2, Torproxy, torproxy02, TorRelayDE01, torrelaytest01, TORride, TORride, torrunner3345, TorVXNDbhs1, TORxyz, TotorBE1, TotorBE2, Truie, trustytohr, tshk, turingrelay, tw0sday, txtfileTorNode65536, undercoveragent, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, Unnamed, viftor, vindland, vortor03, vpnint1, WhatsGoingOn, wilfong, Wix, XOHroland, xorox, Y32C4RDM42T3R, yucca, yum, Z10n, zoidberg, Zwiebelschale3, Zwiebelschale4,

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Nov 9 16:45 [raw]


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Nov 9 17:09 [raw]

There is no source. It's fake news intended to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

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Nov 9 17:12 [raw]

That's the point. It might be true, if there would be any source for it, or it might be the NSAs doing, trying to feed us a list of nodes they haven't managed to compromise yet

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Nov 9 17:21 [raw]

And your message could be in reality an NSA message trying to lure people into using infected nodes - et caetera...

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Nov 9 17:26 [raw]

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

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Nov 9 17:35 [raw]

Yes, exactly that NSA operative would say to protect his newly acquired assets. And so on.

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Nov 10 09:03 [raw]

Nobody knows what is true, or what is fake news. That is the whole point of FUD.

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Dec 18 14:36 [raw]

At least the 144 217 56 140 one has something wrong. It was always my first node in Nov 2017. Reinstalling t or would do nothing so I installed another OS on my pc and installed it again. I started to use it - just fine. Since middle Dec it is stuck as my first node again, on my new completely different machine... I am no expert and have no idea why it is so, but surely it is not normal.

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Subject Last Count
IPFS hosted torrent/IPFS hash index Apr 24 05:28 1
Get bitcoin while browsing web. Apr 17 09:44 1
Vm0wd2QyUXlVWGxWV0d4V1YwZDRWMVl3WkRSV01WbDNXa1JTVjAxV2JETlhhMUpUVmpBeFYySkVU Apr 17 07:21 2