Questions for the flat-brainers.

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Mar 11 17:49 [raw]

NASA fakes skylab the same way they fake everything else. On youtube look up NASA + augmented virtual reality. Actually you can see Toronto, from 30 miles away. Conditions often are not conducive to clear sight. You can see the Chicago shoreline 42 miles away on the other side of the lake, and just recently professional photographers were able to zoom in on a city over 250 kilometers away across the water, with zero curvature to obstruct the view. The Salt Palace is visible 36 miles across the Great Salt Lake. There's zero curvature on the entire Great Salt Lake and the Great Salt Flats many more miles to the west. There's no curve. none. at all. One can see seemingly forever. In some spots on clear days I have seen more than 70 miles across flat areas in the west. Sigma Octantis is a crepuscular conjuction. I don't expect you to know what that means. If you've ever seen crepuscular solar rays, then you can understand what you're actually viewing in the lower latitudes. The sun's "altitude" does vary quite a lot because the sun is everywhere a local phenomenon of the earth's magnetic field. The great power is in the resonance of the magnetic field, not in the sun. All the sun, moon, and stars are caused by resonance intersecting the magnetic field. "And God SAID..." The "flat earth map" is an official government map. It is the official map of the United Nations, too. The flat earth map was not invented by flat earthers but rather was created by governments and has been used by governments for navigation and geology surveys. Navies and armies continue to use large flat earth maps even to this day. Let me reiterate: the flat earth map is not from flat earthers, was not created by flat earthers. Flat earthers often refer to the map, but it never was theirs. The various government issued flat earth maps have critical errors in them, Flat earthers didn't invent the flat earth map. The militaries and navies did. As for the north star: some idiot astronomers think it is centrillions of miles away which is the dumbest bullshit I ever heard. "We measure red shift" when they should be measuring their alcohol intake. nobody has a clue how far that star is, but we know it can't be elevated more than 8000 miles or so, if even near that high, due to it gradually disappearing below the equator.

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Mar 11 17:58 [raw]

> What does the flat earth map look like? The official logo of the United Nations literally is a flat earth map. The NATO flag,which has a four-point shaded star, is a flat earth rendered as a compass. It is an ancient symbol that means "the four corners of the earth" the same as the swastika. The four corners are contiguous to the four positions of the Bear, or big dipper, with the pole star as axis. This is a very ancient flat earth symbol, and NATO clearly adopted it for that symbolism, for NATO to grow to the four corners of the earth. All top military brass know the earth is flat and NASA and all space programs are a hoax. The one-world government has been in operation for quite some time and all leaders are part of it. You are not invited because you are just a cow and they have no obligation to explain the truth to their livestock. They operate with a different view of morality and truth than the masses. The freemasons and catholics decided a long time ago to intentionally perpetuate lies as a means to keep the barbaric masses acting civilized, which means paying their taxes. The San Hedrin got in on the act and were given hollywood to take it up a notch.

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Mar 12 08:43 [raw]

If Earth were relatively 2-dimensional geometry, then well-established geographical dimensions should appear proportionately correct on a 2-dimensional map. But they do not at all. The flat brain map grossly distorts continents, and inexplicably stretches longitude and latitude lines to fit. Russia is known to be 6,000 miles long, and Australia is about 2,500 miles long, but on the flat map, Australia is as large as Russia! How would you account for this discrepancy? It is geometrically impossible to accurately fit Earth geography into a 2D disc shape, because Earth is a sphere. It is like trying to make a deflated basketball lay flat with all of the skin facing up.

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Mar 13 00:00 [raw]

You can't reason with flat-brainers, it only makes them more entrenched.

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