OpenBazaar 2 on Whonix - tutorial

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Dec 3 14:55 [raw]

I would like to install OpenBazaar 2 on Whonix and I am looking for a good tutorial so I can get started safely. I found one but I am not 100% sure its safe to follow. Linux and darknet experts, do you consider this tutorial safe? Any advice is much appreciated!

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Dec 3 15:06 [raw]

You can download OpenBazaar 2.0 here:

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Dec 3 15:13 [raw]

You can now use Tor with OpenBazaar 2.0 for more privacy. Instructions for Linux are here:

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Dec 3 16:57 [raw]

I installed the Windows version of OB2, but I can't get it to work with my Tor. It's not obvious what should be in my torrc file. Granny Smith could do with a bit of help.

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Dec 3 18:00 [raw]

Ignore me. Granny got it running eventually.

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Dec 4 16:23 [raw]

To run a tor hidden service under windows is a very bad security decision.

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Dec 6 18:56 [raw]

Thanks for your input. I will try to install it on Linux (whonix) this weekend. Looking forward to try it. I think this will replace DNMs in the future. No more scams and no more law enforcement honeypots...

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Dec 10 07:18 [raw]

I installed it on Whonix a few days ago. I followed the tutorial below. OB2 works fine on whonix but is sometimes slow. Only problem for the seller is that the products are only available when he is logged in. Not perfect from a security perspective. If it is possible to install it on a small server that is placed on a public place and managed remotely, it could defenetely be an alternative to the darknet markets.

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