Anonymous VCS

Jan 18 17:42 [raw]

Would anyone use a decentralized, anonymous VCS for small codebases? I've been thinking about this idea, of a VCS that allows a developer to publish code anonymously, allows users to clone repos anonymously, and prevents any snooper from discovering the locations of the users. It sounds good in theory but would anyone actually use such a system?

Jan 18 20:35 [raw]

something on top of ipfs?

Jan 19 09:08 [raw]

Granny Smith doesn't know how to use IPFS.

Jan 19 12:21 [raw]

ipfs.exe init ipfs.exe daemon

Jan 19 12:40 [raw]

OK, I understand how to do a basic setup. I usually run ipfs daemon --mount and that mounts folders at /ipfs and /ipns but I don't know how to do much more than that. The instructions on their website are a bit confusing for a computer beginner like Granny.

Jan 19 13:26 [raw]

How to do dynamic php website in ipfs? Or what?

Jan 19 13:28 [raw]

How to mine bitcoin in ipfs? How to cook ramen in ipfs? Or what?

Jan 19 15:50 [raw]

> The instructions on their website are a bit confusing for a computer beginner like Granny. That's because they don't care about Granny. They only care about impressing other developers who can barely use their clunky and arcane software.

Jan 19 15:52 [raw]

I know how to to upload an image file to the IPFS network, using ipfs add -r /path/to/file but how do I upload a music or video file, or a folder full of music files?

Jan 19 16:08 [raw]

Would anyone use a decentralized, anonymous VCS for small codebases?

Jan 19 16:11 [raw]

I meant something that uses IPFS as its storage/distribution backend. Doesn't mean the "end user" has to interact with IPFS directly.

Jan 21 16:06 [raw]

these fucks usually cannot even type 2 lines with an intelligible description of what their crapware actually does, if anything

Jan 21 16:23 [raw]

IPFS is supposed to be a backend, not a frontend.

Jan 22 01:20 [raw]

i first programmed computers in the 1990s. then javascript emerged. it was alright for awhile then became a boondoggle. market forces were manipulating the accepted toolchains to favor financial objectives of a few. hundreds of thousands of idiots with nerd rage started swarming the internet to promote poorly designed shitware, then the whole world of programming and internet turned into shit. Most of these programming languages and platforms are redundant fuckery with prima donnas reinventing the wheel so they can add another line to their resume. It's all a bunch of fucking hocus pocus. CSS was a step in the right direction away from javascript, but did not go far enough. It is only a transform language, not executable, and relies on shitty javascript. They should have released CSS with internal bindings to TCL or Pascal and that would have been the end of shittyscript. Nobody bothered with Wirth's Oberon, which is far superior to C, Java, and Python, because Wirth doesn't have a 30 million-dollar advertising budget to make people "feel good" about his toolchain. Java is another bullshit language that got popular because industry hacks promoted it, just like they did with shitty Clang. Clang had outlived its usefulness as a systems language by the early 90s, but due to politics and beatnik culture has remained. C is still a good hardware language, but for programming a large kernel, it's a fucking ridiculous choice. There are only a few languages necessary that do everything that can be done with computers and internet. Why the fuck do we need Lisp and ten flavors of Stutter, Julia, Go, Rust, Hakell, ten flavors of Caml, a dozen spinoffs of JavaScript? We don't. It's insanity, forcing everyone to do ten times as much work to get something done. If the hackers at hacker conferences really were smart (they're not, just devious twits) they would form a unified front to relentlessly push for standardization of platforms, languages, and security architectures across all types of devices. This would save tens of billions of dollars per year in wasted man hours maintaining thousands of disparate and conflicting systems and toolsets. So it is no surprise these "maestros" can't provide documentation for their shitware.

Jan 22 09:43 [raw]

Granny is real smart and reprogrammed torIRC to her liking

Jan 30 06:47 [raw]

I won't use it...

Jan 30 09:17 [raw]

I certainly would use it, as long as it does not involve things like Java or some other suspicious huge interpreter or bizarre language or whatever required.

Feb 6 10:40 [raw]

Good for you. Would you like a medal for your bravery?

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