Message by Julian Assange.

Oct 10 05:33

brother, when I was younger I was a pacifist too. But times have changed a lot. Not joining our armed brothers in our common struggle means losing the battle immediately. We must fight. And with a vengeance. And then some. _______________________________________ Assange, Julian BM-2cTfvh1oWDFHay46613ft4U6RRXXMUnAss

Oct 10 08:30

I'll believe it's Julian only when he will advertize his BM address with @wikileaks & @JulianAssange account on twitter only. For now, I think it's the psychopath retarded nihilists of his father's sects & mafia, called "the family", playing their usual mafia psychopath nihilist good old nazi mind games. I will never support terrorists, violence, mafias, sects and murder. This is a nazi plan. It smeels nazi shit. There is only one thing regarding you I could understand, it's that been persecuted for 5 years in 6m2 in the ecuadorian embassy, where you must be greatly hit by all the mind control weapon that do exist on this planet, finaly manage to damage your mind. I will not follow you on the path of violence and chaos. I will not take part in the technological wars also called "Crypto-War", I will not be the pound of motherfucking nazi organized mafias that need global chaos to succeed. All this bullshit, all of it, it the transnational corruption case linked to my patent. All of it. I'm gonna play by legal rules, only, as always, as I always did in my life. Even if others prefer to play by nazi mafia sects mind control rules, above the law, as usual, to have their "business as usual". You're all nazi mosnters. I'm gonna be your worst nightmare, I am going to completely disconnect myself from the internet, completely, so that all your coward mind control tricks cannot affect me anylonger. But I'm going to deposit my fucking Antitrust complain at the European Commission, by the rules of law. You're a fucking dangerous sect of authentic psycho nihilists mafia, only interested in money and power. I'm not gonna be your pawn one more second, even if you continue to try to fuck me with making false evidence against me with your fucking mind control tricks. I will never forgive you the persecutions on my family, with your fucking sects. I'm gonna make you eat your fucking corruption with a little spoon, by the rules. I'm gonna deposit my Antitrust complain. That's all. Bye !

Oct 10 09:06

This address is public since forewer; and you are responding to different person each time, probably. [BM-2cTfvh1oWDFHay46613ft4U6RRXXMUnAss] label = BM-2cTfvh1oWDFHay46613ft4U6RRXXMUnAss enabled = true decoy = false chan = false noncetrialsperbyte = 1000 payloadlengthextrabytes = 1000 privsigningkey = 5KXn1SPxTHNbhXMCEvZg9CJntTmbodTXFb3gHdkTwKQRaSav9Vw privencryptionkey = 5KZ8wUyW3XFsKurHgXxonScbnnwaZpe1ANrjA4JFHaPTmfNBUym

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Oct 10 14:55

"crypto wars" isn't a technological war in the sense of war, but only attacks on the right to use enyrption. In fact, nobody can stop you from using encryption however you want, because its free and open software.

Oct 10 15:01

"crypto wars" isn't a technological war in the sense of war, but only attacks on the right to use enyrption. In fact, nobody can stop you from using encryption however you want, because its free and open software.

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