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Jun 7 17:21 "And it felt incredibly safe. As I made my own way to the tram, I wrote in my Apple Notes app, "Helicopter hovering overhead," which to me signified that the fans were being watched over. Then two policemen stopped me and asked me who I was with and whether I'd written anything about a helicopter into my phone, without explaining the technology of how they'd read my Notes app. After a friendly back-and-forth, they looked through my bag, checked my ID and business card and determined I wasn't a threat. "You have to understand, tensions are running high," one of the men said with a smile and a handshake, allowing me through the gate."

[chan] privacy
Jun 7 21:52

IMHO it's difficult to say how this worked. It could even have been used through a web browser, and then it might have been "just" a MitM attack with forged certificates, unrelated to iOS. But all is pure speculation, although any explanation I can think of should give the creeps to any sane citizen.

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Jun 8 02:43

Or it could have been "just" good reading of the victim's body language and a surprise tactic to temporarily shock him into unconditional compliance. Cops do this shit all the time, no technology required.

[chan3] privacy
Jun 8 03:07

I'd do with body-language or simply looking over the "victim's" shoulder; even a MitM attack, or a compromised messaging website, these aren't attacks a regular boy-in-blue would be able to A: understand, B: make sure of, or C: make use of IN TIME. Sounds like this person was approched right after they sent the message, there's virtually no way ANY sort of electronic eavesdropping info would be available to an officer that quickly, or to know exactly which iPhone in a crowd was the one sending the message. I'm going with "looking over the shoulder"...

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Jun 8 09:51

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