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May 14 21:54 [raw]

Around 2 months ago, I installed Block Cloudflare MiTM Attack ( which is unfortunately now removed (though, you can download it here: I realized a lot of privacy-solution-sites (or what you want to call them) to name a few like, Mastodon, hooktube, etc. are using Cloudflare solution! I even had to re-think and redo all of my privacy practices from start as I don't want CF to know what I browse like how Google analytics does... it's really disappointing. I've been very thankful of using uMatrix ( as it can block e.g. Google analytics and some sites that are using e.g. There's an alternative that one can use Detect Cloudflare ( which seems okay. Anyhow, I wanted to make aware of this to you guys. So, I'll put this as a reminder: Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare once said: > Back in 2003, Lee Holloway and I started Project Honey Pot as an open-source project to track online fraud and abuse. The Project allowed anyone with a website to install a piece of code and track hackers and spammers. > We ran it as a hobby and didn't think much about it until, in 2008, the Department of Homeland Security called and said, "Do you have any idea how valuable the data you have is?" That started us thinking about how we could effectively deploy the data from Project Honey Pot, as well as other sources, in order to protect websites online. That turned into the initial impetus for CloudFlare. (Source )

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