Tor / Proxychains is leaking my hostname

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Feb 9 20:32 [raw]

I discovered that Tor leaks my hostname. When I use proxychains in verbose mode I can see the DNS lookup goes through Tor. Tor sends my hostname for localhost to the DNS server. It does this for every request. So every Tor exit node and Tor DNS can map every request I make to my internal hostname. This gives them a complete profile of all my browsing. Then they can check with my ISP to see who has this hostname in their WAN. There's no reason for tordns to use my internal hostname for anything whatsoever, most of all a DNS lookup. This is zero protection and zero privacy. Tor is worthless.

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Feb 9 20:45 [raw]

Nothing new. Tor is a NSA product.

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Feb 9 20:51 [raw]

> When I use proxychains in verbose mode I can see the DNS lookup goes through Tor. So you see that SOMETHING is sending DNS requests for your local hostname THROUGH Tor, so TOR is the one leaking your info?

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Feb 9 21:19 [raw]

It should not be possible. Tor should immediately recognize a DNS request for any hostname that is not IANA compliant domain name and drop it. The fact it does not is troubling. All the operators of exit nodes and lookup servers are and have been noticing this all day long for YEARS, and it hasn't been patched. What a convenient coincidence.

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Feb 17 23:06 [raw]

BE ADVISED that many services are now placing customers in CGN pools ( another layer of NATting ) those doing so were often triggering noscript blocks in browser profiles : "Request access to LAN resources" I do not take that to be a coincidence; it started happening as soon as I was using evasion against the more clumsy DPI / tor blocklist using providers that had NOCs equipped to identify and "teleport" tor traffic IANA IP assignments to other places. Especially obfuscation plugins Countermeasures are possible with some IANA CGN ranges.

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Feb 23 08:24 [raw]

Try using OpenVPN with "block-outside-dns" option.

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