World's largest CP website was run by two Australian cops, so what

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Oct 9 09:39 [raw]

"The Childs Play forum featured more than one million profiles, making it the largest abuse forum on the dark web. It was operated by Australian police for 11 months, only being closed down in September. Up to 90 perpetrators have been identified as part of the operation and investigations are currently ongoing with cases being sent out to police force around the world." So, let's do some math: "up to" 90 users out of "more than" 1 million have been de-anonymized: less than 1/10000, that's about the same odds as being de-anonymized by bloody LIGHTNING. Good job, cops.

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Oct 9 10:53 [raw]

Some additional articles on this topic:

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Oct 9 14:56 [raw]

LOL, some good planning right there. You discover some cops in a faraway country doing some really sickening shit. Nobody knows what you know, or even that you exist; you have 100% the upper hand and zero attack surface. So what do you do next? Next, you fly personally (do people still do that?) to that foreign country 15000 km away from home and introduce yourself to the guys you just 0wn3d, because what could possibly go wrong? "Under Australian law, what you’ve done is the same as hacking. The police are allowed to hack to reveal criminal activity, but not you. So you have to be aware that what you have done can potentially have consequences." Yeah. This right here is what could possibly go wrong.

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