Is this chan Alive?

Oct 10 19:36

Aren't there any serious discussions on this/any Chan(s), or am I just missing most of the messages? I'm fairly new with BM, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question :).

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Oct 10 20:00

Messages everyday on this chan. Some serious discussions but not every day...

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Oct 11 08:49

It definitely is. But beware, there are MANY idiots out here lurking in the dark.

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Oct 11 09:27

There many morherfucking NAZI feds that keep saying disinformation because they are afraid of Crypto-Anarchism on one side, and afraid about the Cyber-Space paradox regarding Chaos in the meat-space and Cyber-Chaos in the Cyber-Space. The truth is thoseguys are authentic nazi cowards that REFUSE to admit once and for all that THEIR system, THEIR rules, THEIR big plans, THEIR technological agenda, have side effect consequences : Global Chaos, both in the meat-space and the cyber-space. They infanted the monsters of the cyber-space paradox. THEY are responsible, but they are too coward to take their responsabilities, and fix things. They are convinced nazi mafia worldwide dictatures hold by artificial intelligence is the only way to go from our current situation THEY created. But the truth is that artificial intelligence alone will make things worse. So they look for "bouc emissaire" like me to chargethem wity bullshit through mind control to cover their own lies and cowardise. While guys like me are just fairly trying to fix thing the best we can, fairly. With equality. Without sacrifying human rights. Nazis never cared abouthuman rights & law. For them it's just paper, the kind of paper they use to clean their dirty ass. While the only kind of paper they indeed like is nazi litterature and $$$. Stman.

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Oct 11 22:53

and that guy was one of them

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Oct 12 02:22

Yes, we NAZI feds tremble in fear knowing that a sausage-dunking superfag over in France has uncovered our evil plot. We are so very afraid of a bunch of fags who play with computers.

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