Possible Bitmessage vulnerability

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Jul 7 18:35

Comrades, Using Bitmessage can be insecure because of one vulnerability which is impossible to fix without full decentralization. Bitcoin uses central servers to connect peers. Bitmessage is based on Bitcoin standard. Central server access keys can be compromised. If somebody will compromise all (not so many) central servers, they can include peers only with broken clients and remove normal peers. This can result in broken messages, 51% attack with removed messages, etc. The solution is F2F (friend-to-friend) network. It looks like that TorUser and vivek are using RetroShare. I'm recommending you to use it too. Warning: certificates should be sent in encrypted private messages. You can use Bitmessage to send them. Otherwise NSA agents can join.

[chan] partisans
Jul 12 15:30

Vivek is a bitch

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