Internet is not communist. We need revolution.

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Jun 28 21:46

I want to release Internet Destroying Standard/Digital Revolutionary Standard soon, but I still don't know something. What is wrong: Internet became centralized now (I don't know was it centralized before) and governments are using it to do something bad for us. Making everything digital is very bad vulnerability. For example, Ukraine digital failure June 27th has resulted in serious problems. They're also forcing us to use non-free software or even SaaS. Any non-free software/SaaS is bad for our freedom and it's non-communist. If mind uploading is real, freedom will be destroyed permanently. Also, using mind uploading, government will prevent any suicide. Forcing everybody to live is not good. Solution: Internet must be destroyed. It's too late to fix it. We need digital revolution (worldwide, of course), destroying the Internet as much as possible. This can be done destroying every computer in the network. A worm can destroy the Internet. We can spread this worm using social engineering, infecting all files on the computer (good on file servers) including faking digital signatures, cracking password and using vulnerabilities. It must be decentralized botnet, so any LAN can also be crashed. Revolution: Firstly, we need to destroy the Internet. Then make free hardware and software from scratch. After that, make fully decentralized network (meshnet) without network service providers. Another way is to stop using computers.

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Jul 12 15:30

Vivek is a bitch

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