DEMONSAW Believe in the Right to Share

[chan] demonsaw
Jun 14 15:33

DEMONSAW Believe in the Right to Share [chan] demonsaw BM-2cUnwcohAykGThQPdqduWCqyu89A3EtWFL Demonsaw is a secure and anonymous information sharing application that makes security simple and gives you back control of your data. Chat, message, and share files without fear or consequence. Host your own private routers or join public networks. Check out the intro tutorial and Help page for more information. Welcome to the Future of Information Sharing. The End of Surveillance July 27th @ DEF CON DEMONSAW EVOLUTION IS TITAN TITAN

[chan] onionshare
Jun 14 15:41

"Demonsaw is a secure and anonymous" SNIP! No source code = no security nor anonymity. Get lost, snakeoil seller.

[chan] onionshare
Jun 26 14:13

What onion address?

[chan] onionshare

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