The MSN’s Eliot Ness

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Silas Reynolds Mon, 26 Jun 2017 13:46:35 +0000 The appointment of Robert Mueller as special prosecutor could easily lead to the premature end of Trump’s presidency. There’s been talk of a coup, but realistically it can’t take the form of a bullet or poison. That would make Trump a martyr, which is the last thing the establishment needs. Humiliating and discrediting him are fundamental perquisites to his removal. The MSM has proved useless in this endeavor, so something legalese is required. This shady former FBI director and his team of Clinton donors now have carte blanche to go after anything and anyone pertaining to any aspect of Donald Trump for as long as they need. The time limit? Until something sticks. The probe isn’t limited to the president. By investigating him, they open the people working for him up to attack. Trump must have a least a few loyal people around him. They’ll undoubtedly be targeted by this partisan team with an unlimited budget. WH staffers make an upwards of around 100k per year. They could easily be forced to spend that sum in just a couple months of defending themselves against this investigation. What effort will his small circle of loyalists be able to make towards furthering Trump’s agenda when they’re being hounded and bankrupted over nonsense by these lawyers? Pence is already spending his own money on a high-dollar attorney from McGuire-Woods. This guy’s hourly rate probably beats the VP’s monthly paycheck. Even Trump’s attorney Marc Kasowitz is now hiring his own attorney. This hysteria is not going to subside. The investigation into Trump is a means to continue the frenzy. Anonymous leak after anonymous leak will feed the fire. The first have already come out (in the Washington Post of course) about Jew Kushner. It’s nothing new, but this is the first trickle it what will surely be a river. Due to the convoluted, overbearing nature of our nation’s legal code, it’s long been asserted that the average American commits “three felonies a day”. Trump is a billionaire with a 50 year career, much of it involving Manhattan real estate. How long until they find something that resembles a federal crime? The obstruction of justice / treason for Russia accusation is cut and dried BS, even (((Alan Dershowitz))) has pointed that out. This investigation isn’t aimed at getting to the bottom of that, it’s meant to dig into Trump’s personal life and business. James Comey made his millions in the private sector through key roles with Lockheed Martin and HSBC, steering each of these giants through fines for criminality. He understands how Trump’s business affairs can be implicated. Any entity is vulnerable with the right scrutiny. In his congressional testimony, Comey admitted to leaking information to “a close friend” for the express purpose of compelling the appointment of a special prosecutor. It’s no coincidence that this special prosecutor just happens to be one of his closest associates. Like Comey (and everyone else of note in DC), Mueller has made millions rotating between the public and private sectors. Unsurprisingly, to the MSM he’s our modern version of Eliot Ness. There’s no way this scumbag will act with impartial integrity. Image result for James Comey leaker The Republicans clearly don’t have the solidarity with Trump to put a stop to this insanity. Sure, they’re not as vocal as some of the Dems, but they’re going along with it. Just take a look at their record thus far. While they’ve managed to do nothing of substance for the Trump voters, the senate recently voted 97-2 to impose additional sanctions on Russia. These sanctions go far enough to threaten Western Europe’s energy supply, prompting protests from even the Trump-hating Merkel. It seems clear that the Republican leadership is willing to sacrifice all of their vulnerable seats in order to have Trump gone. That’s why they’re making zero effort to get things done to please the newfound voters that delivered such an unexpected electoral victory. Even simple stuff such as nationwide reciprocity for concealed carry permits is off the table. Another strong possibility to consider is that this probe isn’t about finding anything at all. Instead, it could be to release a manufactured scandal. Contrary to Clapper’s perjury mistaken congressional testimony, it’s been revealed that both the CIA and the NSA have developed redundant, rival capabilities that are truly Orwellian in nature. From WikiLeaks (the “Vault 7 <>” dump in particular), we’ve learned that these organizations have a wide set of malware enabling them to covertly hijack any device, put any communication they want on it, and then attribute the communication to wherever they want. Nothing incriminating or embarrassing need exist, it can simply be created. How else does Comey or James Clapper make the contradictory testimony that there’s no evidence of Russian interference, but then assert that they’re sure it happened? These guys are not as incompetent as the average congressman. They wouldn’t say something so stupid without the prospect of vindication later. What triggered this? It wasn’t rhetoric about peace with Russia. Obama did that aplenty, yet the military deployments to Eastern Europe and tensions steadily built. Hell, GW also tried to cosmetically ease relations with a chaotic Russia during his first term. A younger Putin asked him to stop sponsoring Islamic insurgents within the Russian Federation. This of course never happened. Now that the terror wars are winding down, maintaining visible tension with Russia is of supreme importance. The difference between his predecessor’s rhetoric about peace with Russia and The Donald’s is that he actually attempted it. When he entered office, directions were given to the State Department to end the sanctions on Russia as a precursor to a peace summit. He was refused. Former sanctions coordinator Dan Fried even bragged about thwarting the President to the press. Trump’s audacity must have truly aroused the animosity of the Deep State. What else explains the enmity towards a President who is trying to skyrocket military spending, and literally telling them they can take action without his approval? His olive branch to Russia was decisive. His ouster probably isn’t envisioned as impeachment. It’s optimal for him to leave on his own volition because any other scenario could provoke mass unrest. Thus, the goal is probably to manufacture a scandal, keep picking at it, then build the hysteria until he resigns. No existential issues facing the country will be addressed, rest assured. Trump has earnestly tried to do some of the stuff that he’d said he would do, to a disastrous end it seems. For that he deserves true credit. It’s unfortunate for Trump, but the looming instability his ouster could hasten might be priceless to our movement. The establishment clearly feels that it will be able to remove Trump and get things back to normal without further disrupting the country. Whatever form his exit might take, that will be impossible. -By Tom Shackleford and originally published on Identity Dixie <>.

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