Anonymous VCS

Jan 18 17:38

Would anyone use a decentralized, anonymous VCS for small codebases? I've been thinking about this idea, of a VCS that allows a developer to publish code anonymously, allows users to clone repos anonymously, and prevents any snooper from discovering the locations of the users. It sounds good in theory but would anyone actually use such a system?

[chan] linux
Feb 10 21:26

I think it could be useful in many cases like for publishing exploits and sensible code. For an anonymous VCS you could just run an https git service as a tor hidden service or somethink like that. To have that kind of service anonymous *and* decentralized is more tricky.

[chan] linux
Feb 11 08:03

What is a VCS?

[chan] linux
Feb 11 10:01

Version Control System, i.e. something that allows you to keep track how code/projects evolved over time, what changes were made when and by whom, etc. Exact features depend on the program used.

[chan] linux
Feb 11 10:02

You mean something like Git?

[chan] linux
Feb 11 10:09

Git, SVN and CVS are examples of a VCS, yes.

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