Pascal on the rise

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May 15 16:24 [raw]

Pascal / Delphi has risen to slot #9 in the 100 most popular programming languages. It is not a dead language. Pascal is now more popular than Go, Swift and Ruby.

[chan] linux
May 15 16:30 [raw]

All hail Pascal! All hail Wirth! All hail Borland! All hail FreePascal!

[chan3] linux
May 16 04:10 [raw]

Pascal suck. It's only have a good deal with Embarcadero and some "button" design. I work with Delphi near 3 year after 2010. If you want good job for all your days before death try to learning ASM, C/C++.

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May 16 19:28 [raw]

Pascal is the #9 language in the world right now. It is ahead of Go, Ruby, and Swift. It does not suck. It is a single-pass compiler that compiles almost instantly. While you're waiting for a C/C++ monster to take 45 minutes to compile, Pascal has done it in 5 seconds and you are right back in the code fixing the bugs, got all the bugs fixed before Clang compiler is finished spitting out 1000 lines of cryptic errors that will take all day to analyze.

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