UK Column News - 7th August 2018

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Aug 8 12:01 [raw]

Now I get it ... When UK Column News is posted to Bitmessage chans, the "deep state" posts active measures thread to distract. UK Column illustrates that all western governments are part of a satanic pedophile cult that is working feverishly to enslave humanity. American intelligence wants to distract from this fact, and feed us pap about Russia being behind all the evil in the world. But during the fake "cold war" the Soviet Union was built up and financed by American corporations. The resources of the Soviet Union were used to entrench this satanic pedophile cult in all western governments. The Soviet went mobile. When they gave McCarthy the axe, that is when we knew the satanic pedophile cult of communists had taken over America. Communists and Fascists always worked together to start wars, for depopulation and resource consolidation. American intelligence is covering all of this up instead of exposing it. American intelligence agencies are run by fascists and communists of the satanic cult that likes to fuck little children. They try to distract with fake cold war propaganda.

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