The best new linux softwares?

Jul 28 21:54 [raw]

Aug 8 17:56 [raw]

redshift a simple tool that is capable of automatically adjusts the screen’s colour temperature according to the time of day.

Aug 8 18:08 [raw]

you believe they put blue light intentionally, not to sell more, but to fuck your eyesight? you are right.

Aug 9 02:16 [raw]

Blue light doesn't fuck up your eyesight. It burns your melatonin and degrades your sleep quality (also increases risk of some cancers and mental health issues). You can wear amber tinted glasses, redshift your screens (unless you require color calibration) or supplement melatonin to compensate.

Aug 13 10:27 [raw]

Nope, I use redshift, and when you turn it off/on you can clearly see it turning red.

Aug 13 12:01 [raw]

They put blue light so that you can see colors the way they were intended. For movies, pictures, etc.. It's no conspiracy. That being said, I rarely bother turning off redshift to play a game or watch a movie. You get used to it, stuff still look nice even late at night.

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