Oy Vey

Mar 8 18:47 [raw]

I propose that we secretly plot to subjegate the goyim.

[chan] jews
Mar 8 18:57 [raw]

do you know who gave the jews their "ethnic" religion?

Mar 8 19:22 [raw]

I do not. By all means elucidate me.

[chan] jews
Mar 8 19:25 [raw]

I propose that you learn how to spell, "subjugate." Your proposal is rejected, since you really are a Jewish troll pretending to be anti-semitic for lulz. Grow up, Weev.

[chan] jews
Mar 9 00:00 [raw]

Talmudic and Kabbalistic Judaism come from the Babylonian Zohar and Egyptian mystery school. The Babylonian Zohar is the secret occult teaching of Rome. It is part of the Mithraic cult of the "illuminated" AKA "illuminati." Mithraism is a sun and moon worship cult that practices human sacrifice and child abuse. Notice "illuminati" is Latin. Rome's aristocracy was a continuation of Babylon's aristocracy through a merger with the Cilicians, relatives of the Khazars who came from the east. These Roman aristocrats, and their Khazar cohorts, intermarried with the Herodians, who EXTERMINATED all Judean children under age 2 just shortly after Christ was an infant. You will notice the Persian Magi (Aryans) came from the east to pay homage to Jesus. Why would Persian priests come to worship Jesus? Because up until that time the House of David, which became the house of Hyrcanus, was a house of Aryan nobles. "Abraham" means "father of aramani" or "father of Aryan nations." "Rama" or "Rome" is a contraction of this term. By claiming to be Romans, the Catholics are claiming to be the seed of Abraham, which is a lie. King Darius of Persia warned of this lie, and called it the Druh, or Drug. It was a form of witchcraft in which the Mithraist cult attacked their victims by claiming to be the victims and identifying with them so they could infiltrate. When the Herodians (Cilician Khazars related to the Romans) usurped the throne of Judea, the actual Judean aristocracy was exterminated--the line of the King of Judea, King Hyrcanus, and his relatives. The Khazars murdered them. Interestingly, the Judean King Hyrcanus, who was murdered by Herodians, bore the Persian name, Hyrcanus. Hyrcanus is the Hellenized from of Persian Haryasha -- the Aryan Sun. So the Judean king was titled "Aryan Sun" before the Romanized Herodians murdered him. The original Judean aristocracy were Aryans. All the Aryan nations around them were considered cousins, and could intermarry with Judeans after 4 generations of naturalization. We see this in the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Isaiah. They were not allowed to miscegenate with the non-Aryan peoples. Judea was supposed to be a monastery nation, a nation purely to preserve religious and moral truth. It was not intended to be a nation-state like other nations. The Romans were not Aryans. They were related to the Cilicians. The original Judeans and everyone else hated the Romans. The Persians, Parthians, Sodigians, Germans, Alans, Medes, all hated the Romans. None of these Aryan peoples ever hated the Judeans and even protected them, until the Romans/Cilicians infiltrated and took over the aristocracy of Judea. Then everyone hated the Jews, too. Because they were no longer Jews, but had become Romans. The religion of the Rabbis and the Roman Pontiff is the same religion. The Rabbis dress their version up by ripping off the Old Testament. The Pontiff dresses his version up by ripping off the New Testament. At their root they are the same cult of Mithras, who is Moloch, or Nimrod. The Queen Mother of Heaven, AKA Mary, is Semiramis, the mother of Nimrod. In the Rabbinical version, this is the Shekina, the moon goddess, the "feminine" aspect of God. A rose by any other name... Semiramis is a compound Semitic word of Persian derivation: Semi + ramas == Shami Ramas Shami = Queen Ramas = Romans "Queen of the Romans" "Queen of Abraham's nations" This is the whore of Revelation. The "god" of Judaism is none other than Nimrod and Semiramis, the same false god of Roman Catholicism. The people you call Jews are not Jews at all. They are Cilician Romans, also known as Khazars. They call themselves Romans, but none of them are real Romans either. The real Rama were the Persians and their kin. When these parasites infiltrate a society they take on the name of their host until they have destroyed their host. Then they continue to use the name they destroyed. The alt-right is run by the Romans, and doing their agenda. It has nothing to do with saving white people. It is all about bringing on conditions for another Hitler and another world war so the Romans can supervise the death of millions more people of Aryan descent. Those preaching loudest against white genocide are actually the ones setting the state for white genocide. The first dead giveaway is when they blame everything on the Jews when it is Rome, and not the Jews, that control the politics and religions of the world. All the major alt-right personalities--Breitbart crew, Bannon, Spencer, Enoch, ad nauseum are all Roman Jesuits. They want you focusing on "the Jews" when it is "the Whore of Babylon", AKA Rome, that gives the Jews their marching orders.

Mar 9 01:55 [raw]

Fuck. I'm found out. Well no matter. By the time we are done with you it will be spelled subjewgate.

[chan] jews
Mar 9 02:43 [raw]

Red pill, blue pill. They're still pills. You're still being medicated.

[chan] jews
Mar 9 08:10 [raw]

When I read what you have written, I get the impression that you are just making it up as you go along, and that you have no proof that any of it is true.

[chan] jews
Mar 9 15:51 [raw]

Your criticism shows you have never read these historical works and subjects: Zohar Mishnah Gemarrah Kabbalah Epic of Gilgamesh Behistun Rock Old Testament New Testament Gibbon's Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire Church Fathers Catechisms Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion Franklin's Freemason Constitutions Jesuit Oath Khole Nidra The works of Flavius Josephus Works of Philo of Alexandria Homer's works Theodorus Siculus works Against the Galileans by Julian the Apostate Papal bulls Rome's wars with the Cilician Pirates (this is when Rome and the Cilician Khazars intermarried) Greek, Roman, and Nordic Myths Vedas Eddas Gathas If you had studied any of these works, especially the Bible, Gathas, and the myths, you would realize not only am I not making anything up, but the thread of these sun-worshipping bastards has tained the entire history of man. You accuse me of not having any proof. But you are of the "memetard" generation, who can't handle examining anything longer than a short quip, let alone a whole body of historical works. That's too much to ask of you. If I can't prove it in a meme that appeals to your animal nature, you won't be able to think about it anyway. Yet no doubt you consider yourself well-informed, even erudite, when you don't know Jaque Schitt.

Mar 10 18:52 [raw]

Maybe just provide some references that arent whole books?

[chan] jews
Mar 10 19:28 [raw]

this isn't a fucking university class. The foregoing are original and ancient works, so there are no references. besides you're not interested in references and you would not bother with research anyway. you are merely trolling to waste my time. i am able to discern that much about you. go fuck yourself.

[chan] jews
Mar 10 20:27 [raw]

When groups of criminals use the same slogans and same gang signs what more do you want?

[chan] jews

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