Looking for advice in China

[chan] hello
Dec 5 23:56

Oh that's cool. I'm just about to set up i2p could I use your reseed file to save time connecting first time?

[chan] hello
Dec 5 23:56

Yes, first time connection should be fast with this file. base64 to zip decode in linux - base64 -d i2preseed.zip.txt > i2preseed.zip I am not sure about windows command, there is "certutil" or "certutils" console tool, it should do the decoding.

[chan] hello
Dec 5 23:56

Hi, got your message, BM connection might be ok. There is i2p bridge for bitmessage (use the experimental branch), you might need it in the future. I2P might be blocked in China too, idk. https://github.com/TheKysek/MiNode/tree/experimental

Dec 5 23:56

BM works fine as is. i2p is also unusable, get2ip.net is blocked so one can't download the list of peers.

[chan] hello
Dec 5 23:56

Or uploaded to an unofficial mirror you are allowed to connect to.

[chan] hello
Dec 5 23:56

I've done the decodeing and have my zip file but I can't see an option in the i2p router config panel to reseed from file!

[chan] hello
Dec 5 23:56

Thanks :)

Dec 5 23:56

I just moved to China and internet is a mess. Using my own server as a VPN worked for a week but now they managed to block it. Tor is also blocked (or at least I can't find a peer). Hopefully bitmessage is working here. Everything Google is blocked (including gmail). They allow github, wikipedia and reddit, that's something. The Great Firewall seems to always find a way to automatically block VPN. Any advices to get a fast and global internet again ?

[chan] hello
Dec 5 23:56

Can it be sent via BM?

[chan] hello
Dec 5 23:56

There is "reseed" option in i2p. Anyone can export list of i2p nodes he had connected before and upload it somewhere, and somebody else can import this list into his i2p config. "Create Reseed File" and "Reseed from File" will do the trick Will send my reseed file in separate message. It will be base64 encoded zip file, you will need to decode it from base64 and save result as i2preseed.zip and "Reseed from File" this zip.

[chan] hello
Dec 5 23:57

> I've done the decodeing and have my zip file but I can't see an option in the i2p router config panel to reseed from file! it should be there (press the "choose file" button first): <img src="data:..." />

Dec 6 07:24

This is awesome. i2p is working here with the preseed file. It's slow but working.

Dec 6 07:32

Thank you, it's working now thanks to the list of seed someone just posted on BM.

[chan] hello
Dec 6 08:06

To encode a file: certutil -encode inputFileName encodedOutputFileName To decode a file: certutil -decode encodedInputFileName decodedOutputFileName

[chan] hello
Dec 6 09:23

That is FANTASTIC news :D :D :D Well done everyone. Sticking it to da man, oh yeh!!

Dec 7 07:00

One of the downside of using tools like this is that I feel very unsafe in China lol. It just realized wll be much safer if I could still hide my ass behind a VPN :x But I guess the openVPN protocol is too easy to detect... Many people have some success using VPN service though, one guess could be that they only allow those which are friendly to the governement regarding surveillance.

[chan] hello
Dec 7 12:16

I'm no expert but what about a VPN that connects via UDP? Maybe they won't have this tied down? Also Freenet?

[chan] hello

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