Warning for New Bitmessage Users

May 7 00:43 [raw]

# Trolls and Disinfo Artists Many of the users on the public chans are trolls. They post their garbage and filth to discourage you from using Bitmessage. They try to encourage paranoia and fear, uncertainty, and doubt with outlandish and illegal statements. These people are scum and you should never interact with them. If everyone refuses to interact with them they will feel even worse about their futile efforts and this is torture for a troll to know he is wasting his time. Ignore trolls. Never respond to them. Never try to correct them. They cannot take correction because they are mentally defective and worthless people. Any response just fuels their ego and encourages them to continue. To minimize the and filter out troll messages, use your blacklist in the blacklist tab. Add the Bitmessage addresses of the public chans you use to that tab. This way you will only get messages posted from private addresses. Any message sent to the chan from the public chan address will be blacklisted. This way when a troll posts from a new address you can blacklist it, and he will need to create a new address to try trolling again. If you don't respond to him, he has no way of knowing if his trolling is effective. This refusal to respond will discourage the troll. Use a disposable private address when posting to the chans. Better than this is to form a secret chan and only invite those you know and trust to the discussion. If you use a secret chan the trolls cannot bother you at all. # Links in Messages Rarely should you open links from messages in public chans. Opening a link could allow the sender of the message to identify you through your IP address. When your web browser contacts the weblink server, that server then knows your IP address. If you do open a link, use the Tor Browser. Tor Browser hides your identity from eavesdroppers. Even if you are using Tor Browser you should hesitate to follow any link. Some deep state trolls will post links to worthless or nasy content and try to trick you into visiting it. Be especially wary of .onion sites. Most .onion sites are garbage and not worth visiting. If the link is sent to a clearnet site, read the link very carefully to make sure it is not a trick.

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