Nov 21 18:02 [raw]

Whats the point ? I don't think spamming Jesus into bitmessage will convert anyone. Also, why are christians more obsessed with "Jesus" and "God The Father". It seems bizzare cult about a single individual than about some kind of larger god.

Nov 21 18:15 [raw]

> It seems bizzare cult about a single individual hence monotheism = collectivism

Nov 21 18:26 [raw]

Your being a little bit too laconic. Your using the word collectivism in a non-standard way, and virtually no-one will understand what your crazy ass is talking about. What are you talking about?

Nov 21 23:42 [raw]

in both monotheism and collectivism leaders are rare exceptions and even the highest leader will escape from responsibility by subordination to an imaginary leader for individualists leadership is much more common, natural, stable as is subordination and leaders will claim full responsibility for their people no?

Nov 22 03:33 [raw]

Not really following you. Why do you think collectivists don't have leaders ? Surely every movement has a leader of somekind, if nothing else than to produce is ideology. The leaders of communist countries are known for having an iron grip on power: Stalin, Mao, etc. What does it even mean to be a 'leader' in monotheism ? If you mean decider of the ideologoy, The catholic church is a highly structurered an hierical entity with a clear leader. But other monotheist organization are not hierical at all (Cf. South Baptist Christian Churches. ) How can you compare individualism and monotheism , they seem drastically different domains and even among a single religion many positions can be taken. Some forms of christianty are highly individualistic, others extremely collectivist.

Nov 22 05:47 [raw]

> I don't think spamming Jesus into bitmessage will convert anyone. Conversion is not the point. Conviction and preparation for sentencing is the point. > Also, why are christians more obsessed with "Jesus" and "God The Father" What kind of person would be anything less than obsessed with the one who created him, gave him life, and opened the door to eternal life? Jesus Christ is the source of my existence, the sum and substance of everything I hope for in the world to come. If it were not for him, I would have no hope. Because of his suffering, I am saved from annihilation. That's something worth being "obsessed" about.

Nov 22 05:55 [raw]

You're wasting your time trying to reason with the kid. His brain is warped. The gay Nazis have already poisoned his mind with the Turanean leadership principle (fuhrerprinzip) which originated with the Turks and Khans, two historical enemies of the Aryan peoples. Hitler was wrong. He lead Germany to ruin.

Nov 22 13:03 [raw]

> the Turanean leadership principle (fuhrerprinzip) which originated with the Turks and Khans both of you are too smart for me we simply prefer born leaders with no need to hide behind some ideology / history talent is a matter of body type, visible in stigmata why we like to show our hand palms why civilization ignores physiognomy aka 'all shapes are beautiful' too often, ideology will only address symptoms and preserve real stress factors cos real solutions are 'too radical' talents are distributed by random so kids of kings are not always born kings neither are first-borns always born kings primitive culture, natural order individualism, as in respect the individual's inborn tendencies and adjust 'society' to serve one's needs and strongs. which also means to find 'better parents' and 'better siblings' if the small family peers dont match aka extended family the stuff that is destroyed by the 'civilization' hype jihadis might seem primitive but they are just soldiers of the empire

Nov 22 16:14 [raw]

I mean thats a cool story and all, but your kinda lying about the whole not trying to convert thing. Your god is an asshole. He needs no reason to 'convict' disproptionately to eternal torture anyone who did say uncle before there was evidence. You go around ranting about how violent he is in an effort to scare people into converting.

Nov 22 16:59 [raw]

Fanatical obsession like yours is a sure sign of mental illness, in your case, religious mania. Normal people don't obsess about religion like you do, they just get on with their lives. You need to snap out of it, and pull yourself together.

Nov 22 17:44 [raw]

I am actually convinced people do stuff like join the KKK, join social or political movements that are going nowhere, or yes, thus, become religious extremeists because it gives them a purpose. When you work minimium wage, have an unfulling life, or whatever normalacy you may face, you can fantastically remake your self as a holy warrior in larger tha reality battle between external good and evil. It honestly sounds quite enticing. Surely our zelout will not give it up, because shit posting jesus is almost certainly what gives his life meaning - otherwise, he is just an ordinary person.

Nov 23 00:34 [raw]

And when you are dead, what will your life be to you then? "Normal people" are on the road to death. "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." Jesus Christ is the gate to life. You are a wolf, come to devour the sheep.

Nov 23 00:34 [raw]

Actually you are the one who is "kinda lying about the whole" and you are trying to convert to atheism. > He needs no reason to 'convict' disproptionately to eternal torture He warns you to stop torturing your fellow man with your callousness. > You go around ranting about how violent he God is warning you that for the sake of your victims, you need to change, or for the sake of the victims of your selfishness, he will send wrath to teach you what you are doing to others. The scribes and pharisees considered themselves to be patriots who were protecting their nation from a revolutionary. In reality they were selfish murderers who murdered the one man who could save their nation from destruction. You seem to think of yourself as a "good person" who is "more compassionate than that violent, mean God." What a crock. You are insensitive, self-serving, and full of yourself and your own limited comprehension of things. The world is violent, full of violent people, who are cruel and heartless, but mighty fine in their own eyes. You ignore all of this and try to accuse God, when God has spent thousands of years sending men to tell you, and others like you, that you got it all wrong. But you are smarter and wiser than that desert deity, now aren't you? "... all men lay in wait for blood ..." You don't understand God at all. You have not studied his word. You don't comprehend how pointless and guttural your criticisms are. God has given you the space of your lifetime to see how evil human nature truly is, how faulty, how incomplete and incapable of justice the human heart is. But you put your human reasoning up on a pedestal. Nowhere in the scripture does God threaten man with eternal torture. He warns man that man will suffer wrath as a consequence of his own lawlessness if man does not hear and learn and believe. You are taking something you heard an idiot like Billy Graham or the Pope say, and applying that to all Christians, as if all Christians care what Billy Graham or some other Freemason faker has to say. God is just and true. Man is utterly depraved and full of selfishness and violence. Man is insensitive, greedy, lascivious, and nasty. The condition of society is proof of this. You see it everywhere. God calls all men everywhere to turn away from the world and its ways, and to seek Him out. Those who seek, will find Him, and will be set free from the death of the world. As long as you think you are God's judge, you will remain blind and lost in your lawlessness. God sent his own son to suffer a humiliating death so that you don't have to. God does not need you, yet he suffered for you. You call the redemption and resurrection of Jesus Christ a lie. There is no truth in you.

Nov 23 00:45 [raw]

> otherwise, he is just an ordinary person. you are a low-quality person

Nov 23 00:57 [raw]

So now believing in Jesus is compared to joining the KKK. Low rent logic at its finest, coming from a slumlord-level Socrates impersonator. You love your slavery. That does not make free-spirited people beneath you. It makes you nothing.

Nov 23 16:14 [raw]

>Actually you are the one who is "kinda lying about the whole" and you are trying to convert to atheism. Your the one who goes around spamming Jesus in random corners of the internet. I have lurked on this channel for monthes without posting a word about my religious ideas. Presumably, you deface every corner of the internet you can find with rants about Jesus. >... You actually just go on about a bunch with a bunch of non-sequiters every time you try to address a question. I asked you why is Christians focus so much on Jesus rather than "God The Father", and you completely missed the question , and effectively responded relgion is great. Thats fundamentally misunderstands the question. Someone says fantastic obsession with religion may be a sign of mental illness, and your response is a non-sequiter about wolves and hell, instead of explaining the correct intensity of religious belief. etc. The one question you have actually tried to answer is the god is violent objection. But, IMO, your answer isn't remotely convicing. Your answer is effectively that we deserve it, and we misunderstand the intensity, that it will not be "eternal torture", which is fine thats your perspective. But, why should I take the Brand of christianity you invent for the argument as christianity at large? The prevailing belief is that hell is a place of eternal anguish, that there is no repreive from. This hardly seems to match human ideas of Justice. You can respond about how gods justice is different, and we can't understand it; but I don't care. He has the judgement of stone age humans which has no place in our world today. Your god is wicked in immoral, and thankfully, doesn't exist. And you prefer him this way, because you go around emphasizing the violent nature of Jesus, rather than the compassionate side.

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