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BitText Help System If you reveiced this message in error, look at the subject. It was possibly invalid. Introduction ============ You need to store some data? Want to proof you did something at a specific time? Need a big message to reach multiple people? Want a message to stay forever? Use BitText! BitText allows you to store any amount of text using simple commands in the subject line. When you store content, you will get back an ID and can give it out to other people. The text is associated with your Bitmessage Address. You can also use the web interface at to view texts. Command Overview ================ Commands usually use the subject line only. Commands, that only use the subject line will ignore any content in the body, so it is safe (for example) to reply to this message and change the subject only. Commands must be sent to BM-GtkZoid3xpTUnwxezDfpWtYAfY6vgyHd. GET --- Returns the text with the speicified ID in the subject. For very long messages, the Part number has to be specified too. If you do not specify the part number, you will receive the first part. Parts start at 1. Each Part is 14000 chars long Format: GET <ID> [Part] Example: Subject: GET APdM3D+kr8 5 Body: None Returns: Text with the specific ID and title, or an Error message, if not possible. The subject will have the format: BitText <ID>: <title of the text> The Message body will be in the format: Date: <Date and 24h time, when the text was stored. Format: (dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss UTC)> From: <Address, that created the message> Part: <Part>/<Total parts> (empty Line) <Your content> LIST ---- Lists all texts, created by yor address. Has no arguments. You will get a list with ID, Upload time and title of each text you stored on the system. You must send this command from the address you used to create texts. Example: Subject: LIST Body: None Returns: A HTML list that might look like this: ID Address Date Title Parts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XXXXXXXXXX BM-Address... DD.MM.YYYY UTC Title_of_your_message Num_Parts YYYYYYYYYY BM-Address... DD.MM.YYYY UTC Title_of_your_message Num_Parts ... COPY ---- Copies a text to your own Address The Subject contains the text ID to copy from. Example: Subject: COPY APdM3D+kr8 Body: None Returns: The ID of the text DEL --- Deletes a text. Must be sent from the address, that was used to create the text you want to be deleted. Example: Subject: DEL APdM3D+kr8 Body: None Returns: A message, that tells you, if your text was deleted. ADD --- Adds a text to the system. The title can be up to 50 chars long. It is cut if too long. Example: Subject: ADD <text title goes here> Body: <Your text here> Returns: Returns a message with your ID and the number of parts, if storing was successfull, otherwise an error message. A Part is 14000 bytes long. MOD --- Modifies an existing text on the system. Must be used from the address, that created the text. This will also silently update the Date/Time to the current value. You always need to specify the title of the new text in the subject. If you do not plan on changing the title of the text, specify the same title as it already had. Example: Subject: MOD <ID> <text title goes here> Body: <Your text here> Returns: Returns a confirmation or error message. VAN --- Modifies the ID of a Text. Allows vanity text IDs to be generated, that can be easily remembered by users. (I call this process VAN-ing from here) A vanity ID must also match the ID criteria. The allowed charset is BM-GtkZoid3xpTUnwxezDfpWtYAfY6vgyHd The length must be 10 chars. IDs are case sensitive. Must be used from the address, that created the text. You can specify multiple ID entries in the order, they should be tried. This gives you a higher chance of finding a valid vanity ID. The first free ID you specify is taken as your new ID. You cannot specify more than 100 IDs per message. If more than 100 are present, only the first 100 are checked. IDs are specified in the body, not the subject and must be separated with line breaks (LF or CRLF). Changing the ID will not alter the Message or the date. Instead of just VAN-ing an ID, you should copy and VAN-ing the copy. This way, the old ID stays intact, if you already published it somewhere. Warning! Simple vanity generated ID's like '0123456789' can lead to a text being found out by pure luck more easily. Do not VAN-ing texts with critical content. Example: Subject: VAN <ID> Body: <Your proposed IDs seperated with a line break here> Returns: Returns a message, confirming the ID, that was set, or an error Message with the error description in it. HELP ---- This message. Also any invalid command will trigger this help This system runs on donations together with the service. If you like this service, consider making a donation via bitcoin: 1ML5aXvR3WTn2vB3ehTgqyZUhSGDjVWe4B

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