what spam problem

Oct 14 00:48 [raw]

what subscriptions/chans have this spam problem? I assume as a new user I haven't had time to be put on the spam lists yet? I do like the idea of using PoW as a way to fight spam.

Oct 14 03:01 [raw]

I suspect you are not a new user.

Oct 14 03:04 [raw]

all public chans have been getting hammered make a secret chan and share it only with your friends

Oct 14 06:51 [raw]

The majority of the spam message attack is being directed at [chan] general and [chan] bitmessage. I have disabled these two channels, and I no longer have any problems. I would be interested to know the purpose of the attack, and who is responsible for it.

Oct 14 07:16 [raw]

Subscribe to the 24x7 mailing list: BM-GuRLKDhQA5hAhE6PDQpkcvbtt1AuXAdQ It is the first and oldest DML on Bitmessage. You must add it in the 'Subscriptions' tab to subscribe. It is not a chan. It is a broadcast mailing list. When you send a message to it the message is broadcast to all subscribers. Sometimes the spammer floods many chans, not just general and bitmessage.

Oct 14 07:24 [raw]

> I would be interested to know the purpose of the attack, and who is responsible for it. Here is what I suspect. The purpose of the attack is to complete the process of decomissioning Bitmessage to return it to its original purpose of honeypot surveillance. These "privacy apps" are generally deep-state projects to funnel everyone with a secret into one bucket. The "developer team" has done the groundwork of stalling the project for over a year. So many users have been chased away that identifying who connects to the network is now a piece of cake. If the developers had wanted to allow users they could have at any time with just a few lines of source code. Instead they allowed it to go unabated for months. All normal users of public chans have been censored by the spammer with no response from the Bitmessage developers. We have suffered near 100% censorship on a protocol that is claimed to defeat censorship.

Oct 14 07:24 [raw]

Any guesses as to who is responsible for the spam attacks?

Oct 14 08:26 [raw]

My best guess is Boris, the teenage russian hacker. But it could be almost any mentally retarded script kiddie. I doubt that it is any nation's security agency. The NSA or GCHQ could easily do this, and more, but they have no reason to do so. It might possibly be the global elite illuminati, who want to stifle free speech.

Oct 14 17:14 [raw]

hello ^^ welcome to another chat roulette .... all public channels will be spammed over time if you want to contribute to discussions here post to chans from your own address, so others can whitelist you spammers will use anon sender = chan address or a new address for every post downside: spammers can spam your address workaround: raise your POW threshold just a urandom stranger haades -- South Park S14E04 You Have 0 Friends Cartman's room, later. Cartman is at his computer while Kyle sits on a chair looking on. Cartman Yep, finding new friends is easier today than ever before. We just set ourselves up on webcam, and then the computer will randomly put us with one of the fifty thousand people online also doing chatroulette. Kyle Hey, uh that's, that's kinda cool. Cartman Uh huh. Alright, let's see who our first chat partner is. Connect. Kyle [a look of disgust comes over him] Aww, that's some dude jacking off! [turns away quickly] Cartman Oh yeah, you get those sometimes. We'll just click to the next person. There we go. Hello? Kyle That's just a guy's penis too! Cartman Okay let's, let's try this one. Kyle [turns away quickly] Dude, I don't wanna see a bunch of guys' penises! Cartman Hold on, Kyle! This is seriously an amazing gathering place where people from all over the world can share their thoughts and ideas. [goes onto the next person] Okay, that's a dude jacking off, but... 'Kay, dude jacking off... Penis... Penis... Penis penis penis. Ah! Here's a guy! Hey dude, how's it going? Dude [waves] Hey. Cartman This is my friend Kyle. He's looking for some new friends. Dude Oh yeah? [leaves his chair and goes to the other end of his room, turns around, unzips his pants] Cartman Ohh, he's taking out his penis. Okay, next guy... Kyle Dude, screw this! I don't wanna see anymore! Cartman Kyle, this is the way the world works! If you wanna find some quality friends, you've gotta wade through all the dicks first!

Oct 14 20:36 [raw]

so when are all you blabbermouths going to post your personal broadcast addresses? the broadcast is the sure way around spamming.

Oct 14 20:47 [raw]

> "My best guess is Boris, the teenage russian hacker." It's likely Boris. Russian Hackers Indicted GRU Military Intelligence Officers Targeted Anti-Doping Organizations, Other International Agencies https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/russian-gru-officers-charged-with-hacking-100418 Seven Russian government operatives have been charged with hacking into the computer networks of organizations working to investigate and stop Russian athletic doping, just after Russia was banned from the Olympics due to state-sponsored doping revelations. The hackers also allegedly targeted other international entities seen as thwarting Russia’s strategic interests............

Oct 14 20:48 [raw]

You're wrong. It is not Boris. I'm sure it is Igor.

Oct 14 20:49 [raw]

What about the flat earthies?

Oct 15 01:32 [raw]

I'm surprised no one's suggested the Jews yet.

Oct 15 02:43 [raw]

> I'm surprised no one's suggested the Jews yet. JIDF here. You just did. We are watching.

Oct 21 17:53 [raw]

>But it could be almost any mentally retarded script kiddie.

Oct 25 02:19 [raw]

>>7BF5F054F except its much more tedious to use than a chan must add every user with 8 klicks or so

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