May 29 04:19 [raw]

Most of the users on Bitmessage are relatively normal people who just want privacy. Because the Bitmessage platform is seen as a dangerous tool of free speech, governments are try to suppress its use. One of the suppression methods they use is to employ an army of professional paid trolls. The paid trolls are tasked to drive the good users away from Bitmessage by harassing them. They do this by spoiling and polluting any sensible discussions. Other troll tactics include posting obscene content, insults, and aggressive messages. These manipulation tactics cause normal people to think Bitmessage is abnormal or dangerous. The intent of the trolls is to drive you away from Bitmessage. Just ignore them. Don't respond to trolls. When they question you or attack you, they are not trying to have a discussion. Remember they are evil and trying to derail real discussion. They will also provide ridiculous answers to questions. They will also pretend to be asking you questions, often stupid or snide questions. If someone asks a stupid or snide question it is probably a troll. Ignore them. They don't believe in anything so debating your beliefs with them is a fool's errand. The trolls have no moral compass. If their employer offered them $1000 per week to beat babies to death they would do it. If they were paid bonus money to insult the parents of the dead baby, they would do it. That is the kind of people these trolls are. They are subhuman. Don't respond to subhumans. Enjoy the privacy that Bitmessage affords.

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