What a young boy should tell in confession

Mar 14 10:55 [raw]

This is not porn, someone's actual religious beliefs, although I'm sure many a priest likes the confessions. "… What a young boy should tell in confession: I sometimes stroked myself or others, urged by disorderly pleasure; I fondled myself, in my bed and elsewhere, something I would not have dared to do if people had been there. Sometimes the priest cannot absolve such fondling. If they are not confessed and the details given, whatever the shame, one cannot be absolved, and the confession is worthless: one is destined to be damned for ever in Hell. The action and the way it has been done must be told." http://www.catholic-saints.net/kisses-and-touches/ They claim that kissing your wife for pleasure is a deadly sin, and that you may breed her only without feelings of lust, or you're committing a deadly sin. They say if you do anything with your wife you would feel is inappropriate to be done in public, you are a wild beast committing lustful sin. Have you ever known a man or woman who did not want to kiss passionately while having sex with their spouse?

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