A quiet kind of Fascism

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Aug 9 02:23

Unlearning the myth of American innocence - Suzy Hansen https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/08/unlearning-the-myth-of-american-innocence

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Aug 9 10:28

Fuck off snowflake.

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Aug 9 14:10

A Beautifully reasoned rebuttal and counter argument. Asshole. If that was a patriotic instant reaction then everyone has a problem. Not just YOU.

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Aug 9 21:58

You should treat the one person that replied with more respect. :D

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Aug 10 03:30

This was a carefully crafted piece of propaganda. Her bile about Americans having no identity is merely a reflection of her vacant psyche and worthless life. Millions of Americans have a deep cultural identity tied to this land and its history. The other nations who complain about "American dominance" and "American bullying" would be doing far worse to us if they had the power. It's argument from envy. They don't have the moral high ground to criticize America and they know it. White Americans are the salt of the earth, and her accusations of racism and white privilege are coming from a place of ignorance disguised as compassion. Surely, like all other regimes in the world without exception, our ruling regime is corrupt, calloused, and cynical, and hurting lots of innocent people. The difference is that Americans actually stand up to their corrupt government, and quite often enough to keep them anxious that we will one day rebel. So we still have freedoms the rest of the world has not. Not as a result of our government or constitution--we have these freedoms as a result of the character of the American people. Because her soul is vacant, the author projects that onto all Americans. America is innocent. Like other nations, America is held hostage to the worst kind of men. Most of her people are clueless about the depth of evil, because such evil ideas never entered into their hearts. For the author to twist that into some form of jingoism or "racism" shows that she never was an American. Because I know history I remember what the Turks did to my ancestors in Europe. They raped, slaughtered, and oppressed in ways NATO never dreamed of. This dumb bitch running off to Turkistan to slander the people of her nativity is a glaring betrayal.

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Aug 10 03:30


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Aug 11 00:51

Indeed. In later life I suspect she may see this as the same magnitude of Error as Jane Fonda did in her conduct: naive and being used for propaganda in visiting Vietnam and making similar public statement errors. Core Values established by the Founding Fathers are there to be embraced by All How many generations are needed before Immigrant turns into "American" ? Very Few, and that is one of the lasting things to be proud of. If critical thought and constructive criticism is necessary then I'd take the approach of someone like Gore Vidal (RIP) rather more seriously.

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Aug 11 22:03

> How many generations are needed before Immigrant turns into "American" ? Becoming an American was originally a spiritual transformation. It involved leaving the old world and entering the new world of different peoples working together as one for their common benefit. Only compatible people can become Americans. For example, most Jews are not, and never can be Americans. They always place their tribe above all other interests, even if it means hurting others. Their innate mentality is opposed to the American spirit of one for all, all for one. With the Jews it's "All for us, and you are our cattle." They prostrate themselves before a strong man, their "Kehila" of leaders. Another example is negroes. Negroes view virtually everything through a racial and tribal lens. They will rape and kill other people because those people are of another race. And while negroes rob, rape, and kill, they will call their victims, "racist." The Jews will be there to cheer the Negroes on. The negroes prostrate themselves before a strong man, the chieftain (or strongest gangster). With the exception of the Japanese, Asians have a innate sense of domineering that prevents them from having a free and open society. They are also highly tribalist. They feel it is fine to rape the neighbors if your tribe can profit from it. They can never become Americans. They also demand a strong man, a warlord leader. This leaves us with Europeans. Many European peoples, especially some Eastern Europeans, can never be Americans in spirit. They have the same attitude as Asians and negroes; tribe always comes first, even if you rob and cheat and rape the tribe next door. They demand a strongman, a Tsar, or a warlord, to control society. You can see this happening in Russia with Putin. That leaves us with the Western Europeans and North African Caucasians. Their innate attitude is to just get along and build stuff for the sake of building it. The idea of stealing from their neighbor or prostrating themselves before a strong man is more repugnant than death. These people hate all pretended authority because they have authority in their own hearts. You can see it in their eyes. Their eyes are very different than all other races, including Eastern and Asian white peoples. There's a spark there, a spark of something bigger than tribe, nation, or race. They already are Americans no matter where they live in the world. The American spirit is this: I love my people the most, yet my people will protect the tribe next door from injustice and punish the evildoer when the time for his punishment is ripe. The rest of the world: Russia, China, Africa, South America, and all their non-Aryan cohorts, are all working together to destroy the American people. They conspire to browbeat, brainwash, and batter our people with propaganda, hostile immigrants, crime, and then complain when our military industrial complex dishes out to them once a century what they do to their own people daily. The time for their punishment is nearly ripe. We Americans are not perfect. We know we are sinners. What separates us from other peoples is our confession that we are sinners. Every other tribe believes its own tribe can do no wrong. To accuse us of being sinners is not an argument for the accuser has three fingers pointing back at himself. The time for their punishment is nearly ripe.

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Aug 11 23:22

Very good. No group builds civilizations or large, complex, high-trust orginizations like White Europeans vs. low-trust, tribal clans retricted by those within the ingroup that have never built even a two-story building. NOTE: “White people are really nice, until they’re not”. We are capable of some truly terrible shit when you put us in a corner, right up to and including physical removal, so to speak. Do not turn us into those monsters again. We want to coexist in peace with the peoples of the world. We far prefer to operate within the confines of reason and negotiation. But we are beginning to conclude that reason is a thing beyond your capacity, and negotiation is impossible in its absence. So if you insist on nihilistic lunacy and societal suicide that punishes us for your stupidity, then we will do what is necessary to protect ourselves and our way of life. And make no mistake about it, we will win, like we always have, by.any.means.necessary.

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Aug 11 23:28

You are spot on. I hope you realize the alt-right and all forms of fascism are controlled opposition to misdirect Aryans. Real white resistance is ugly. It is not intellectual. It does not put on religious or intellectual garb. It says, "here I am, motherfucker, and fuck you. It does not negotiate. It does not back down. It burns." Christ never used "enlightenment" phraseology to argue for his people. He pointedly condemned our enemies in no uncertain terms. He pointed out their hypocrisy, called them devils and sons of devils, and prophesied the destruction they deserved. That's how you'll know it's the real deal. The leader won't make flowery speeches. He'll simply read the riot act and those who trust him will make heads roll. This is why I reject Hitler. He started a war that did not need to happen. Before the war half of Africa and the near east would have gladly let the Germans set up colonies. Why the fuck did Hitler need to invade the Ukraine and Russia? Because that's what his masters wanted. They planned that war out ten years in advance, just like they're planning the next world war with all the Russia-in-the-news propaganda. Please don't fall into the Hitler trap. He was a Catholic. Catholics serve the Pope. The swastika is a Roman Catholic symbol. It is the Sol Invictus / Mithras emblem of Babylon and ancient Judea. It's not Aryan! The CIA is run by Catholics. The state department is run by Jewish Catholics. Peas in a pod worship their sun god. You will find most Catholics are mongrelized. Very few pure Aryans will go near the Catholic, Orthodox, and Russian Orthodox cults. Hank Haanagraf is an idiot exception. The Church is Jewish. The church always was Jewish. It is Mithraic Judaism. It's the cult of the strong man. And all of those Jews, and most of the whites within it were mongrelized by the 3rd century AD. Judeans were white 2000 years ago. They looked just like the Goths in Nazareth and greater Galilee. You couldn't tell them apart. Then the Cilician Khazars emmigrated to Rome and Judea from Cilicia, intermarried with the nobility, and produced Constantine and his ilk. Christ never founded a church. He founded a Kingdom and granted all his sheep authority to build it whenever they were ready, where ever they happen to be. The kingdom itself is not racial, for the protection of its laws extend to all races who believe in it. But the called out ones, the Kings and Priests, the legislators, they come from one family. We know who that family is. That's the one out of many, the e pluribus unum. The rest are joined to it by faith, but not of it and not from it. This mongrelization is why America is in such a mess. All our legislators are mongrel Catholics and Jews! Some call themselves Presbyterians and Methodists, etc. but they're all cryptos. They are not capable of administering justice. It's not within them. You can explain it to them from a million angles and it is so foreign to their minds you are wasting your time. You can't even discuss these things with mongrels. They don't get it. I don't hate them, but I know what's in them, and they need to be brought back under our dominion if we are to avoid widespread calamity on earth.

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Aug 12 01:33

> “White people are really nice, until they’re not”. We are even like this with each other. I've seen white kids who could fight put up with someone pushing them around just to avoid greater violence. I put up with it a few times but by age 17 if anyone got in my face I just lambasted the fuck out of them. The white kid who tolerates the negro bully for three summers then in 9th grade breaks the bully's jaw and three of his ribs is an example of that tolerance and patience turned into white heat. Then the Jewish judge sends him to juvey jail for acting like a white teenager instead of putting up with the negro bully. I knew that kid. For the first two years of junior high he got bullied by the flunkies, who were always bigger and usually outnumbered him, and were usually niggers or spics. He was a small kid. Then in 9th grade he snapped. He started pounding the fuck out of these animals. He would work them over like fucking donkey kong. The first one he worked over with his boots, and after he put the nigger down he socker kicked him in the ribs several times. By that he realized it was so easy to punish these monsters that he went looking for the rest of them. He was smart; He always made sure they were alone, and he struck suddenly. Then their fellows came after him to get revenge for their "bros" and the white kid resorted to chains, bricks, and baseball bats. After a handful of broken faces and ribs, when he got out of juvie, they would find another hallway if he came walking down it. As you would expect, their nigger parents were outraged because Trayvon is never wrong, Trayvon never hurt nobody. The Jewish judge almost cries over her negro pets being put in their place by a white kid. She can't understand why white kids don't just bend over and receive all that black rubber hose with a smile. She likes black rubber hose. Why don't white boys?

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Aug 12 01:44

FWIW- #UniteTheRight: Charlottesville LIVE UPDATES https://www.dailystormer.com/unitetheright-charlottesville-live-updates/

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Aug 12 01:47

#UniteTheRight: Rebelutionary_Z's Live Perscope Feed https://www.pscp.tv/w/bF0ATjQ5NzE0OTJ8MW1uR2Vtblh2ckxHWKTUQy4813TWfj6kCwpI7MQyuPA-bMvIMs7GLaPnHXbt

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Aug 12 02:17

Unite The Right Another stream https://www.pscp.tv/w/1mrxmmzRaQwxy

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Aug 12 04:26

Andrew Anglin' for attention and money. He's about as white as Rabbi Kohaim Levine.

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Aug 12 04:31

What's your take on Alex Jones? Serious question.

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Aug 12 05:12

I'll just give you the facts. Alex Jones is a CIA cutout. His former stage name was Bill Hicks, one of the most worthless standup commedians on earth. He had a little plastic surgery to shrink his hymie nose and lips, then became the "tip of the spear" in the 9/11 half truth movement. His ex wife was a JAP / Coastie, too.

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Aug 12 05:57

Dead on. Have you noticed his never-ending fecal fetish lately?

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Aug 12 08:54

I haven't looked at an Alex Jones clip for years. I figured out his scam pretty quickly. He's part of the same troupe of actors that run the alt-right movement. They're all descendants of Cilician pirates. They look white, but they are devils indwelt with demonic love of play-acting and an obsession with deceiving people. It wouldn't surprise me that he would make inappropriate scat jokes. He is a turd.

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Aug 12 09:11

Andrew Anglin posted a childhood photo of Alex Jones. He wrote next to it that Jones had youthful, beautiful Aryan looks. Anyone seeing the photo could tell it was a young hymie with blonde hair. Anglin is a piece of shit. The whole neo-nazi / kkk/ alt-right scene is just a bunch of CIA cutouts play acting the public. Christ the Lord called the Scribes and Pharisees, "hypocrites." Hypocrite had a slightly different meaning in ancient Greek. In the original New Tesament Greek it is "hupocretes," and means, "stage actor." He knew their game. It's the same game their grandchildren play today. The Catholics, the Jews, the Brits, the USA bluebloods, the Russian oligarchs are all the same little brood of vipers. They have an international network of spies and professional actors to stir up people towards their agenda. The only solution is to exterminate them. It will happen. In fact they were exterminated once, except my ancestors allowed some of them to live, out of pity. Well, cockroaches breed and look at the world today. The day comes when Christ Himself will return. He will raise an army. That army will canvas the earth and dispatch everyone who worships the Sol Invictus idol. Every vestige of their cult will be turned to ashes. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Satanism, all the daughters of the harlot shall be wiped out. The very memory of freemasonry, kabbalah, catholicism and all their sister cults will be annihilated. The false Christian church will be revealed as a daughter of the whore and the whole world will marvel at how they were deceived into supporting the synagogue of satan in Jesus' name.. Christ will call forth the dead who hoped in loyalty to His word, and raise them to life. They will lead his armies to purge the earth of the wicked. Those who use authority as a cloak for robbery will find nowhere to hide. Those who lay a snare for the unwary will be caught in a worse snare.

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Aug 12 11:46


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Aug 12 12:13

No, you're the loon. Fuck off out of here atheist dirtbag.

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Aug 12 20:50

BTW, happy (albeit belated) National Burn A Confederate Flag Day! https://youtu.be/XOsplUOEvR0

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Aug 12 21:13

President Trump will fix this.

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Aug 12 22:32

Trump is just a symptom of the decline; he isn't gonna fix anything for anybody other than himself: http://www.salon.com/2012/12/26/8_striking_parallels_between_the_u_s_and_the_roman_empire/

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Aug 12 22:44

Tomorrow is National Burn a Faggot Rainbow Flag Day.

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Aug 12 22:48

The reason there are parallels between the US and Roman Empire is because it's the same vile race of devils running both rackets. I tried telling you but you just ignore it. It's the fucking Mithraists, the descendants of Cilician pirates. WTF do you think the "skull and bones" is? It's the emblem of the Cilician Khazar pirates. This skull and bones emblem is on the regalia and staffs of the pontiffs, the Orthodox metropolitans, and certain Rabbinical motifs. They are an evil race and when you let this evil race into your land this is what happens.

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Aug 13 18:29

Um, no. The problem is industrial civilization and empires in general. They can only exist by constant growth, which is only maintainable by enslaving the masses and the natural world to it's ends. I'm sure you know a wage slave or three; the lack of alternatives become more obvious the more you look at our current modes of getting by. Anyway, the oil will run out, solar and other "alternatives" won't come close to replacing it, the climate change will reduce crop outputs, leading to collapse. Actions taken now can possibly make the fall less painful but I don't have much faith in humanity waking up to what lies ahead. At least I'll be dead by then.

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