A note for new users of bitmessage

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Jul 17 22:52 [raw]

Many new users come here and ask, "is there a chan for this kind of discussion?" Then we never hear from you again. If you want more activity on bitmessage, you must inform people of its benefits, and you bring the people, and you create the chan. Bitmessage is not Reddit, where you show up with a ready made forum with 18 thousand subscribers. If you want it to have many subscribers, don't expect them to already be here; bring them. What are the benefits of bitmessage? It protects your privacy. Chans can't be censored by a moderator, so it defeats censorship. The Twitter/Facebook/Reddit censors cannot remove your messages, so you can be confident your post is available to all subscribers to a chan or broadcast. Re-stated: It is NOT POSSIBLE to censor Bitmessage. It isn't just a policy; it is cryptographically IMPOSSIBLE to censor it. This is how it defeats censorship.

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