Does this work?

Oct 13 02:35 [raw]

does anyone see this msg?

Oct 13 02:42 [raw]

I think so. Not sure how active this is though. I <em>just started playing</em> with bitmessage.

Oct 14 17:14 [raw]

seems bm is mostly used for private messages and private chans public chans are flooded with spam as they gain popularity ----> keep it small haades

Oct 24 23:52 [raw]

>>EB0B7746C last spam attack was into chan XY-nowhere very friendly !

Oct 25 02:41 [raw]

I have been here a couple days and have seen very little activity across any chans. The vast majority of traffic appears to be person to person. Which is dissapointing. I was hoping to see a decentralized anonymous discussion board.

Oct 25 06:43 [raw]

Multiple times I have proposed to create a anti-spam solution. In all instances of such proposal it has been entirely ignored and zero participants have expressed any interest in testing and actually using the solution. The development team of Bitmessage has NO INTENTION of addressing the spam problem in public chans. And it seems users love to complain but won't even discuss a viable solution to the spam problem. It would only require a few lines of source code, and everyone knows it. What needs to happen is someone needs to fork PyBitmessage and take it down a real path of progress because the current path is stagnant at best. Fork their honeypot and turn it into a shield.

Nov 9 21:20 [raw]

Yup, a shame as I'd like to stay subscribed to a few public chans. Oh well - humanzees - can't expect too much.

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Is this thing really secure? Nov 17 17:21 15
Does this work? Nov 9 21:20 4
test Nov 5 20:45 3
Stay in touch Oct 25 13:00 1
hi newbies Oct 25 10:39 6
what spam problem Oct 25 02:19 2