Aug 7 22:20 [raw]

GLBT is about raping your children. Perverts want to rape your youth. If the perverts come and directly rape them, that is risky for the perverts, who might get caught, punished, and killed in jail. Instead the perverts use propaganda to brainwash your youth so the youth will go to them and volunteer to be raped. The pervert propaganda is designed to make your children believe themselves to be perverts, so the youth will go and volunteer to be raped by perverts. After raping your children through brainwashing, they turn your children into perverts and teach them how to rape the next generation of children. This is the gist of all homosexual, gay, lesbian, transgendered propaganda. They want your children.

Aug 8 01:34 [raw]

Hehehee, this is actually pretty accurate if you replace "rape" by "consensual, mutually enjoyable sex", "brainwash" by "natural human sexual instinct", and "pervert" with "normal human being." Oh, and "children" has to be replaced by "sexually mature young person over 18."

Aug 8 11:42 [raw]

When he gets bungholed by black cock, does he slob the knob until it's clean?

Aug 8 11:42 [raw]

We knew you couldn't resist, pervert.

Aug 8 11:42 [raw]

> Hehehee, this is actually pretty accurate if you replace "rape" by "consensual, mutually enjoyable sex", "brainwash" by "natural human sexual instinct", and "pervert" with "normal human being." Oh, and "children" has to be replaced by "sexually mature young person over 18." Hmmm.... I don't think your idea pans out: GLBT is about "consensual, mutually enjoyable sex" your "sexually mature young person over 18." "normal human being" want to "consensual, mutually enjoyable sex" your youth. If the "normal human being" come and directly "consensual, mutually enjoyable sex" them, that is risky for the "normal human being", who might get caught, punished, and killed in jail. Instead the "normal human being" use propaganda to "natural human sexual instinct" your youth so the youth will go to them and volunteer to be "consensual, mutually enjoyable sex". The "normal human being" propaganda is designed to make your "sexually mature young person over 18" believe themselves to be "normal human being", so the youth will go and volunteer to be "consensual, mutually enjoyable sex" by "normal human being". After "consensual, mutually enjoyable sex" your "sexually mature young person over 18" through "natural human sexual instinct", they turn your "sexually mature young person over 18" into "normal human being" and teach them how to "consensual, mutually enjoyable sex" the next generation of "sexually mature young person over 18." This is the gist of all homosexual, gay, lesbian, transgendered propaganda. They want your "sexually mature young person over 18."

Aug 8 11:42 [raw]

Talmudic logic at its finest.

Aug 8 15:43 [raw]

Can't resist mutally enjoyable sex? True.

Aug 8 15:43 [raw]

Replace "Talmudic" by "basic biology" and you'd be right. And hey, if some people like being bungholed with subsequent cleaning, more power to 'em.

Aug 8 18:20 [raw]

You are correct in that a direct one-to-one replacement doesn't work (but does pretty well!), which is why I said it's "pretty accurate" not "completely accurate." The only wrong part is that "consensual, mutually enjoyable sex" risks jail, but see how this perfectly (i.e. in direct one-to-one analogy) points out the analogous flaw in the original treatise that "the youth" (i.e. "our children") will "volunteer to be raped." The logical impossibility of volunteering to be raped should be obvious now if it somehow wasn't before.

Aug 9 01:51 [raw]

I figured you liked black meat.

Aug 9 01:51 [raw]

questioning the beggar

Aug 9 01:51 [raw]

You just proved what was meant by "Talmudic logic." Talmudic logic is where you turn things over on their head, and redefine the meaning of something to negate what it really meant. So you just did that exact thing.

Aug 9 03:30 [raw]

Really? I've never heard of this and couldn't find it on google just now.

Aug 9 06:57 [raw]

Is Google how you define scholarship? Anyone with a classical education immediately understands the referent to "Talmudic logic." Even Supreme Court Justice Scalia commented on it in a court dissent ruling: "A Talmudic maxim instructs with respect to the Scripture: "Turn it over, and turn it over, for all is therein." The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Aboth, Ch. V, Mishnah 22 (I. Epstein ed. 1935). [Supreme Court Opinion: Caperton v. A. T. Massey Coal Co] Of course Scalia did not realize the Rabbinic method of "turn it over" refers to analyzing scripture from all angles to get the answer you want, rather than what the scripture plainly says, although he imbues it with that sense in reference to the Constitution, as a Quixotic fool's errand. Talmud is Aramaic / Hebrew, "Tha Lamda," often wrongly reconstructed as "Lamud," and means "The teaching" or "The tradition." It is referent to a program, or way of doing things, in the same sense we have a "Lamda function." You put the value you want into it, to get the desired value out. It was referred to as the Traditions of the Elders of the Pharisees. In Jesus' day, we read of the Talmud: ". . . making void the word of God by your ** traditional teaching ** which ye have delivered; and many such like things ye do . . ." Mark 7:13 The Rabbis turned the scripture over to make it "mean" what they wanted it to mean, to suit their preconcieved notions (prejudices) and agendas (generally sexual and fiscal immorality). The gay rights activists, pro-abortionists, feminists, neocons, war hawks, islamophobes, evangelicals, and other loons all live in a bubble of Talmudic logic. They bend "truth" to suit their own immoral agendas, rather than seeing the truth as it is. By now you should understand my former statement: "Talmudic logic is where you turn things over on their head, and redefine the meaning of something to negate what it really meant."

Aug 9 07:02 [raw]

There are endless references to Talmudic logic online. You didn't search. The Talmud is composed mainly of Mishnah and Gemarrah. Other parts of it are consider "outside" or "Bereita." There is the Jerusalem Talmud, of which much is still oral tradition taught in secret and not written down. This is where the religion of Jewish supremacy comes from, and where Askhenazi Jews learn of their true origins in the ancient Egyptian empire, and how they are the master race destined to rule the world. This is why you can find Jewish cemetaries with obelisks for headstones. Mishna is a bunch of pointless legal debates in which Rabbis often contradict the plain meaning of scripture. Gemarrah is a later interpretation of the Mishna, in which Rabbis debate ways to contradict both the Mishna and the scripture. The Talmud is a work of mostly lawlessness and uninspired human ambition. None of the men involved had any understanding of the Torah. They did the same thing modern Christians do with the Bible--read their own agendas into the text instead of letting the text define its own terms. This has been known and understood among Christians for centuries. Hence the reference to "Talmudic logic."

Aug 9 19:52 [raw]

I found references to Talmudic logic, yes, just not the part about it meaning turning things over on their head. I understand now what you meant by it, but it seems it is not a common interpretation, at least not outside certain circles, apparently. Turning things over to study them and turning them over on their head are two different things.

Aug 9 22:50 [raw]

You are being disingenuous. Christians have despised the talmud for centuries. Christians have referred to it in the sense I defined it since then. It is only recently, since the Jews infiltrated and took over the Christian churches, that the average Christian is stupefied. But those with classical education know better.

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