NSA doesn't joke, folks

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May 14 12:19 [raw]

NSA doesn't joke, folks: https://engineering.purdue.edu/~prints/public/papers/khanna_fsc.pdf http://www.ws.binghamton.edu/fridrich/Research/full_paper_02.pdf Child pornographers will soon have a harder time escaping prosecution thanks to a stunning new technology in development at Binghamton University, State University of New York, that can reliably link digital images to the camera with which they were taken, in much the same way that tell-tale scratches are used by forensic examiners to link bullets to the gun that fired them. "The defense in these kind of cases would often be that the images were not taken by this person's camera or that the images are not of real children," said Jessica Fridrich, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering. "Sometimes child pornographers will even cut and paste an image of an adult's head on the image of a child to try to avoid prosecution. "But if it can be shown that the original images were taken by the person's cell phone or camera, it becomes a much stronger case than if you just have a bunch of digital images that we all know are notoriously easy to manipulate." Fridrich and two members of her Binghamton University research team - Jan Lukas and Miroslav Goljan - are coinventors of the new technique, which can also be used to detect forged images. The three have applied for two patents related to their technique, which provides the most robust strategy for digital image forgery detection to date, even as it improves significantly on the accuracy of other approaches. Fridrich's technique is rooted in the discovery by her research group of this simple fact: Every original digital picture is overlaid by a weak noise-like pattern of pixel-to-pixel non-uniformity. Although these patterns are invisible to the human eye, the unique reference pattern or "fingerprint" of any camera can be electronically extracted by analyzing a number of images taken by a single camera. That means that as long as examiners have either the camera that took the image or multiple images they know were taken by the same camera, an algorithm developed by Fridrich and her co-inventors to extract and define the camera's unique pattern of pixel-to-pixel non-uniformity can be used to provide important information about the origins and authenticity of a single image. The limitation of the technique is that it requires either the camera or multiple images taken by the same camera, and isn't informative if only a single image is available for analysis. Like actual fingerprints, the digital "noise" in original images is stochastic in nature - that is, it contains random variables - which are inevitably created during the manufacturing process of the camera and its sensors. This virtually ensures that the noise imposed on the digital images from any particular camera will be consistent from one image to the next, even while it is distinctly different. In preliminary tests, Fridrich's lab analyzed 2,700 pictures taken by nine digital cameras and with 100 percent accuracy linked individual images with the camera that took them. Fridrich, who specializes in all aspects of information hiding in digital imagery, including watermarking for authentication, tamper detection, self-embedding, robust watermarking, steganography and steganalysis, as well as forensic analysis of digital images, says it is the absence of the expected digital fingerprint in any portion of an image that provides the most conclusive evidence of image tampering. In the near future, Fridrich's technique promises to find application in the analysis of scanned and video imagery. There it can be expected to make life more difficult for forgers, or any others whose criminal pursuits rely on the misuse of digital images.

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May 15 08:40 [raw]

yea this has existed for a while, each digital camera has a unique fingerprint. fuck cp fags anyway

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May 15 11:15 [raw]

If you're taking child porn on your cell phone then you are too stupid to be walking around.

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May 15 12:09 [raw]

Yeah, fuck child porn. Fuck it with a 10 foot pole. But what stops the same technology from being used to target, say, political protestors in Hong Kong? Well, if you're shooting *child porn and political protests in Hong Kong* on your phone you're too stupid to be walking around. Yeah, I'll give you that. What about pictures of flowers? Can you still shoot that on your phone? Depends on the type of flowers, and your location I guess... if the flowers are cannabis and you're in Malaysia, you may be in MORTAL danger. Yeah, play silly games, win silly prizes, I guess. What about child pornographers? Oh, they're actually OK. Consensual child porn is not a criminal offense in Malaysia. So you see, at the end of the day it's not the child pornographers that are threatened by this technology; it's every single person that the local thugs don't like for whatever reason. And like any public threat, it needs to be exposed, researched and mitigated rather than cheered. Think.

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May 15 12:15 [raw]


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May 15 14:03 [raw]

about 2 years ago when this was first posted on BM, some anon made a clever comment about a business model based on creating false camera fingerprints as a service, something involving kate upton and kim kardashian i think? trippy stuff any veterans have a copy?

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May 15 14:32 [raw]

I agree with all of that. I think a major problem is people share everything, including all of their pictures, with everyone on the damn planet. You won't find my pictures online anywhere, they are in my posession. So if they are examining my pictures, there won't be any debate they are mine because they only exist on my hardware, and they had to kick down my door to get them (digitally or physically). I also happen to think people that share their pictures online are also to stupid to be walking around. What is this obsession with "sharing" their entire fucking life with the world? Sorry Sally, your life is just not that damn important to anyone else.

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May 15 14:51 [raw]

This anon was late.

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May 15 17:00 [raw]

I too do not share any personal information online. No online bill pay, no online banking, no facebook, no twitter, no social media, no webmail. I lived the first half of my life with no Internet and I survived. I think I'll survive the rest of my life without sharing it with everybody.

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May 15 18:23 [raw]

Now you are online and you are fucked. NSA listens to your provate life, because PC-speaker attached to mainboard is also condenser microphone.

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May 15 21:40 [raw]

That's why I have a white noise generator running in the same room I'm in, it helps against the glass mics also. Besides, even if have time to listen to everyone's conversations, read everyone's emails, watch everyone's browsing history, I'm just a small blip in a big map. Huge number of dumbasses browsing kiddie porn, building bombs, and watching videos of the Gaza strip to worry about me here.

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May 15 23:22 [raw]

You probably mean a "dynamic microphone" (if you have a regular coil-and-membrane type pissy-squeaker) or a "piezoelectric microphone" (if you have a piezo buzzer like some industrial SBCs). It's NEVER a "condenser microphone".

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May 16 01:17 [raw]

He's just showing his age.

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May 16 01:42 [raw]

the beeper circuit cannot act as input, just PWM output you stupid fuck

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May 16 02:20 [raw]

> just PWM output you stupid fuck It's a well-known fact (with actual real-life applications) that both electromagnetic and piezoelectric speakers *can* be used as microphones *if* a suitable amount of amplification and filtering are applied, you stupid fuck. Of course, none of these elements are present by default in a normal mainboard design, but they can be added quickly and inexpensively as an aftermarket drop-in module, you retarded cunt maggot. One note though, if it gets to dropping modules into other people's computers, instead of repurposing the squeaker, might as well include a proper mic, even a condenser one to make the OP happy. KISS principle FTW :) you cocksucking cum rag. (fuck I love Bitmessage debate, reminds me of primary school... good times!)

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May 16 05:42 [raw]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microphone#Condenser The condenser microphone, invented at Western Electric in 1916 by E. C. Wente, is also called a capacitor microphone or electrostatic microphone—capacitors were historically called condensers. Here, the diaphragm acts as one plate of a capacitor, and the vibrations produce changes in the distance between the plates.

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May 16 05:47 [raw]

> the diaphragm acts as one plate of a capacitor, and the vibrations produce changes in the distance between the plates Exactly, you can never convert an existing speaker into that. There is simply no similar device anywhere in speaker world, let alone inside a PC.

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May 16 06:23 [raw]

It is possible. And it was done.

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May 16 06:27 [raw]

Convert a PC SPEAKER into a CONDENSER MICROPHONE? Source please, and thank you.

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May 16 06:57 [raw]


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May 16 07:01 [raw]

Convert a PENIS into a MICROPHONE.

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May 16 07:02 [raw]

Convert a ANUS into a PC SPEAKER.

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May 16 07:19 [raw]

Exactly. Please have another look at the entire thread below, focus on the highlighted lines. (OP) >>>> because PC-speaker attached to mainboard is also condenser microphone >>> It's NEVER a "condenser microphone". >> the diaphragm acts as one plate of a capacitor, and the vibrations produce changes > you can never convert an existing speaker into that Now say it with me: You can convert an electromagnetic speaker into a DYNAMIC microphone (widely done) You can convert a piezoelectric speaker into a PIEZOELECTRIC microphone (done before) You can NEVER convert ANY type of speaker into a CONDENSER microphone Hope it makes sense now. :)

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May 16 07:43 [raw]

Thank you, sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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May 16 17:45 [raw]

my rig has no speaker or mic.

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May 16 17:53 [raw]

'Because of this simple trick NSA hates him'

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May 16 19:28 [raw]

I found a really cool white noise generator for android. Install on a half dozen cheap android devices and place them around the room. Profit!

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May 19 01:52 [raw]

1) Connect speaker into microphone port of laptop 2) Start audio recoding 3) Shout loudly into speaker 4) Listen your recording

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May 19 05:29 [raw]

I don't own external speaker, so I used my headphones and it worked as microphone. My headphones are listening to me, like in Soviet Russia.

May 19 12:20 [raw]

Smart criminals will not be caught by fingerprinting of images. It has been known for decades that the output of printers are traceable, but that hasn't stopped death threats or prevented smart criminals from evolving. If criminals know that their camera or printer leaves a signature, they wil naturally dispose of it after commiting their crime. The only situations wherein I think that might aid the government is in the case of (1) stupid criminals or (2) criminals using the same camera or equipment for related crimes.

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May 19 12:24 [raw]

(3) normal people doing something the goverment doesn't like, but isn't illegal (yet), like thinking for themselves.

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May 19 12:37 [raw]

Hardware serial numbers are correlated with noise fingerprints, so the exact copy of camera can be identified from photo. Then, using data from producer, wholesalers or retails, more or less general geographical localisation of buyer can be traced. Then the usual stuff: cameras, tracing cellphones...

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May 19 12:58 [raw]

idiot. if u destroy ure cam but ure still on record buying it at amazon , ure fucked. nsa FUD troll asshole !

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May 20 03:30 [raw]

> What about child pornographers? Oh, they're actually OK. Consensual child porn is not a criminal offense in Malaysia. Ten bitmessage users just saw this and booked airline tickets. That's why it's so quiet in the chans.

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May 20 03:32 [raw]

Is there some kind of medication in your drinking water?

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13 hours ago [raw]

Convert a micropenis into a women's joke.

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13 hours ago [raw]

Don't your mean, plug a subwoofer up your anus ?

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