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D A T A R E C O V E R Y S O F T W A R E (C)Copyright 1991, Data Research Software, 1991 DRS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Version 1.01 JULY 1991 Contents : Section 1 .......................... General Information 1-1 ........................... Why DRS? 1-2 ........................... Where is it going? Section 2 .......................... Getting Started 2-1 ........................... Setup 2-2 ........................... Initial Disk read Section 3 .......................... Browse 3-1 ........................... Browse Information 3-2 ........................... Browse Mode Section 4 .......................... Mark and Save 4-1 ........................... Mark Command 4-2 ........................... Save Command Section 5 .......................... Print Mode 5-1 ........................... Print Features Section 6 .......................... Information 6-1 ........................... Received suggestions SECTION 1 GENERAL INFORMATION 1-1 WHY DRS First let me say that DRS will NOT help you with binary program disks YET! It is mainly for recovering DATA from bad disks! DRS is primarily for floppy disks all though I am currently working on a HARD DRIVE version which is for a COMMERCIAL MARKETING FIRM. JUNE 19, 1991 The need arose early in 1991 when I got out an old data disk and needed some instructional text off of it. I got the proverbial GENERAL FAILURE READING DRIVE A . Great, now what will I do? I can either shoot myself, laydown and cry or get out my assortment of fix anything utilities. I'll probably just injure myself if I go for the gun so I reach for the utilities. Now the fun really starts. The first thing I realize is that these utilities will not work unless they can read the disk first. Great! I put one bullet in the gun ..... then I remember a little sign I saw in a computer store that said, We Recover Data . I give them a call, after all, How much can it cost to recover one 360K disk? The last thing my wife heard before I kicked the dog and cocked the pistol was, $75! Your crazier than I am...and I do this garbage for a living! Not only that but I've been writing programs for years and I know the rules. #1 .. There are no programmers who are in touch with reality! They all think fixing something in 10 minutes means 2 weeks. I'm no exception to this rule ... I can clearly see in my mind how to get there! I've just forgotten how many dogs I kicked the last time I took on a simple fix! So you think I'm going to hand over $75 for a 10-minute fix? Better load your own gun! #2 .. Every programmer in the world thinks that 3:00 a.m. is almost the same as 11:00 p.m.! After I see the trouble this guy is having I can see 3:00 a.m. coming up quickly. By this time I'm sure this guy is one of the Bytebrothers and I'm going to be kidnapped and made to sit through a Wichita River Festival with them or worse yet have to attend one of their parties. By this time I'm sure he is a Bytebro and I'm backing for the door. Too late! It's $20 for looking at my disk and pronouncing, Tough Case, Sir! That Sir is always worth $10. All is not lost however because I left my pistol at home and can't pull the trigger from here. So I says to myself, just bypass the DOS and read the disk directly by absolute sector and then translate the data to a readable ASCII form. Forgetting about rule number 2 I begin this simple project. Two weeks later here it is. Here it is! Version 1.00 with upgrades following shortly. JULY 1991, Well, here's the first upgrade 1-2 WHERE IS IT GOING? Well, there should be a new release in about 60-days. Several people have already asked for the ability to name their own files and have the ability to save different areas of their disk to more than one file. One of the interesting characteristics of this program is that since "OS" is bypassed it will try to read your disk even when it is not there. Since I don't read your FAT you get ZEROS on unmounted disks and error areas as well as empty sectors. This also means that I am creating a different way for recovering binary files in the near future. The next release will also include an attempt at auto-repair. In other words if your disk returns the "GENERAL FAILURE READING DRIVE A" then my program will try to repair it for you by creating standard routines that must be there to mount your disk. I am also planning to let you change and write back to bad disks in the near future. JUNE 1991, This paragraph was added after the DRS software was completed. Before I even released this version friends who looked at it started coming up with GOOD ideas. Examples: Add a direct printer dump! Allow a person to open their own files and more than one so they can stack different data parts in different files also forward and backwards paging through the bad disk! These are good ideas and I will add these features right away. JULY 1991, Version 1.01, OK, here are the paging features, prints and your own file names. What's next? It looks like version 1.03 about August or September will have the disk repair. This will not fix everything of course but will auto repair track zero and solve some problems. A friend who once watched me remove some data from a hard drive with a broken head band by tilting the heads back and forth to allow them to read the spinning drive asked for a book section along with tips on recovering data and decoding data. Tables and trees that un-decipher coded data are so simple it would scare a spy into taking up baby sitting. So these things are in the works. I'll combine BROWSE, SAVE and PRINT into the same area next release to allow more space for more features and reduce size. Down the road you will be seeing graphic presen- tations of what's happening as well as a new package that will assist drive alignment, and give you a VGA look at what is happening in your machine. Looks like we need an install for color vs monochrome, drive path, printer type, etc. The commercial version for CDA, Computer Distributors of America has been eating a lot of time but I owe a lot back to the PC community so the shareware versions will get equal billing. This brings up a good point. There is actually always one newer version available at my BBS for registered users. This means if you got this from a BBS other than SHARELINK in KANSAS there is one newer version out. I release each previous version after the next new one is available to registered users. Since I am popping these out like aspirin going down a programmer one user asked if he needed to pay for each new release. Of course not! Your an adult are you not? If you registered a version take enough of the newer releases until things seem to be worth paying for an upgrade. Do it the way it seems best to you and don't bother me with that kind of junk. I'm not a policemen and am not responsible for what you think or the way you conduct your life. In any case I don't prosecute anyone and I LIKE writing programs! I have to spend 8-hours each day creating what someone else wants but at night I create what I want. I had no idea the response to DRS would be so spectacular! I want to thank everyone for their suggestions! One really DUMB one turned out to be fantastic for something else I was working on. SECTION 2 GETTING STARTED 2-1 SETUP Start by making a sub directory on your hard drive. I use C:\DRS next copy or unarchive the DRS software to that drive. DRS is started by type "DRS" You should be able to run from a 2-floppy system. However by keeping the DRS program disk in one drive (this drive will have to have enough storage to hold the other disk unless you do not use auto mode) and putting the bad disk in the other. 2-2 INITIAL DISK READ - N O T E - The FIRST task to be accomplished after loading DRS is to run the F2 (Initialize function). This allows DRS to configure for the type of drive in DRS does not rely on DOS for drive TYPE in- formation. BEGIN by placing a GOOD disk in the drive you will be using the bad disk in. Next activate F2. The first thing displayed is some brief instructions followed by a screen prompting for the drive LETTER. HIT an A, B, C, or D. This will be followed by an immediate DRS READ of the drive. If you did not put in a drive letter don't PANIC just run F2 again. Run F2 anytime you use a different disk drive. SEVERAL strange things can happen while utilizing DRS. Since DRS does not rely on machine BIOS for drive information it attempts to run under ALL CONDITIONS. Even if the drive door is OPEN, DRS will report what it finds, namely zeros. DRS has no FAT information and therefor has no information at all concerning file location. So what good is it? DRS WILL READ ANYTHING! Even if you ruin a disk as long as your drive spins it, DRS READS IT! SECTION 3 3-1 BROWSE INFORMATION Now that the drive type is established: 1) REMOVE the good disk from the drive. 2) INSERT the BAD disk into the SAME drive. NEXT select F3 and BROWSE around the disk. HINTS: you will find that in the first few sectors of a floppy are the formatting structure followed by the FAT (File Allocation Table, about sector 5 on a 360) and then the data your looking for around absolute sector 15. If you're in manual mode you may not want to recover any of the data below this area since when you stack that binary data in with your text it may make your file unreadable by your text editor or word processor. A good way to start out is to tell my program that you do not want to save anything and just look around on your disk for awhile. The BROWSE mode allows you to look around a disk and discover what is where before actually saving or printing out what's on the BAD disk. You will need to know how many sectors are on each type of floppy before you start. Since that information is not in your dictionary the next HELP PANEL will give you 360K, 720K, 1.2M, 1.4M and 2.88M logical drive sizes. Standard Drive Sizes: 360K 5.25 inch ........ 0 to 719 Sectors 720K 3.50 inch ........ 0 to 1438 Sectors 1.2M 5.25 inch ........ 0 to 2356 Sectors 1.4M 3.50 inch ........ 0 to 2747 Sectors 2.88M 3.50 inch ....... 0 to 5752 Sectors 3-2 BROWSE MODE (U)p - Hitting the U for UP key will increment the sector number you are viewing by 1. If you go out past the number of logical sectors for the drive in use, BROWSE will keep redisplaying the last good sector and not look at the drive. (D)own - Hitting the D for DOWN key will decrement the viewed sector by 1. DOWN will not go negative but stop on zero. Something else users should be aware of: It takes 2-key hits to display an entire screen since one sector does not fit entirely on the screen. (J)ump - J for JUMP is the best way to move long sector distances. Use JUMP to say hit sector 500 then UP or DOWN to BROWSE around the area. After a JUMP to a non-valid sector DRS will display the sector number you selected but will not actually be there. DRS will simply keep displaying the last valid sector. SECTION 4 MARK AND SAVE 4-1 MARK MODE (M) for MARK actually functions automatically but a simple understanding of it will be invaluable. When you press the MARK key the current sector is stored as the FIRST save sector. The next MARK hit stores that sector as the FINAL sector to be SAVED. A third hit CLEARS all marks. The second MARK sector MUST be larger than the FIRST. (Version 1.02 will correct this.) All marks are cleared when you save or print. 4-2 SAVE MODE (S) for SAVE will save all data between MARKS. Selecting SAVE prompts for a file name to be saved to. Save allows PATH names with the file name to allow your own storage location. DRS is rather slow at saving data. Each sector must be read then translated from raw data to hex then hex positions reversed and finally to the ASCII value so you can read it. SAVE will display the sector as it is written but not the data. Screen I/O would be REALLY slow on data display during the save but would be easy to add if requested. Many of the features in this second release were requested by users. DRS will not allow you to save over a file that already exists. If a FILE EXISTS warning is displayed, change the name to be saved to or specify a new path. (J) for Jump (D) for Down (U) for Up ALL function the same as explained in the BROWSE help section. SECTION 5 PRINT MODE 5-1 PRINT FEATURES The standard features of MARK, JUMP, UP and DOWN are the same in PRINT as in BROWSE and SAVE. (P) for PRINT works about the same as SAVE. First and Last sectors must be marked then PRINT may be selected. The printer should be online and attached to LPT1 or have print redirected via the DOS Mode statement before starting DRS. After PRINT is complete all MARKS are reset to zero. When MARKS are set in BROWSE, SAVE or PRINT they are valid in another screen until a SAVE or PRINT is accomplished. This means if a start and end MARKS are set in PRINT you may go to SAVE and perform SAVE on them. SECTION 6 INFORMATION 6-1 RECEIVED SUGGESTIONS Please bear with me as I do not normally write software for end users and will need a little practice. I generally write things to convert something, manipulate, translate or perform some task without having the necessary front end for the end user. If you have a need to recover data from something special, give me a shout via SHARELINK BBS, (316) 942-3021. I have a number of these kinds of things to extract data from tapes and even CD roms. I would like to mention that you can always find the latest versions of this and other software at SHARELINK or DEN-OF-INIQUITY BBS. The DEN is home of the Byte-Brothers and is online 24-hours at 300/1200/2400/4800/9600/14.4 via (316) 942-4080. SHARELINK is also 24 hours, 7-days and has the same baud rates. SHARELINK carries 400 download directories so you should know that DRS software is in #117 there. Last of all we all need to thank Bob Hogan of the Byte-Brothers BBS for his work on the documentation. With out which it would have been another month before I got around to finishing this software. Bill

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