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"This transfer of power from the mere musket and the little cannon to the H-bomb in a single lifetime is indicative of the things that have happened to us... How far the advances of science have outraced our social consciousness. How much more we have developed scientifically than we are capable of handling emotionally and intellectually." DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER The world has become more dependent on computers than ever before. This document is designed to help you survive the new world and the new war being waged on keyboards... THE SOFTWAR. Let me introduce you to your enemy and his weapons. WHAT IS A HACKER? Originally, a hacker was an assembler level or bit level programmer. The original term was in reference to "hacking" code much like a butcher would hack meat. Early programmers adopted this reference toward excellent or hard working team members. Today the term has taken on a more insidious meaning which is best described as computer vandals. This is the kind of person who destroys things for kicks. They commit pre-mediated destruction to people they will never meet and seek the publicity involved. Many HACKERS have even taken on names to give their twisted life style a sort of "super- hero/comic book" status. WHAT IS A PIRATE? Pirates, as their name implies, roam the computer seas looking for easy targets. Unlike their destructive cousin HACKERs, the PIRATE usually does no visible damage. Instead, they make a living selling data obtained from your computer on the black market. Items most valued to PIRATES are: PASSWORDS/LOGONS TO MAINFRAMES, PHONE NUMBERS, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, INSURANCE ACCOUNT NUMBERS, ADDRESS INFORMATION, FINANCIAL DATA (TAX, ACCOUNTING, AUDIT), PERSONAL LETTERS AND DIARIES, EMPLOYEE INFORMATION, HEALTH INFORMATION, MARKETING DATA, PROGRAM SOURCE CODE, AND FREE SOFTWARE AT YOUR EXPENSE. Pirates are dangerous to anyone with enemies. Anyone who invades your PC can also obtain numbers that control your life and thus invade your privacy. The pirate finds your enemy and sells this information which allows them to change your credit accounts, close insurance policies, refile your taxes, or worse... Commit crimes with your ID information. Many people have had their lives and businesses ruined by data pirates. The introduction of digital data phone systems has allowed pirates also to become phone-tappers, who are essentially voice data pirates. WHAT IS A VIRUS? A Computer program designed to do damage to software, data and potentially, hardware. Virus programs can be transmitted and infect computers much like their living brethren, passed via some form of social contact (disk or modem). Hardware damage such as head crashes can be induced. I have personally induced disk crashes which required replacement of whole drives and head systems. Very expensive. Most modern PCs will not allow this to happen because of advanced and logical designs. However, as we grow ever more dependent on computers to perform vital tasks in manufacture and control, even a small deviation from expected calibration could be disastrous. TOP TEN U.S. VIRUS - SOURCE "WORLDWIDE VIRUS PREVALENCE STUDY. NORMAN TECHNICAL REPORT #1 (C) 1993 NORMAN DATA DEFENSE SYSTEMS" 1 MICHELANGLEO 2 STONED.STANDARD 3 JERUSALEM 4 STONED B 5 FORM 6 JOSHI 7 DARK AVENGER 1.1 8 YANKEE DOODLE 44 9 CASCADE FAMILY 10 FRIDAY 13TH 416 THE AVERAGE COST TO REPAIR A COMPUTER AFTER A VIRUS ATTACK DURING 1993 WAS $800 - source National Computer Security Association. WHAT IS A TIME BOMB? A Virus program which is invoked on a time or date basis. Most mainframe programs use a "time bomb" technique for lease purposes. If you don't pay before the clock runs out, then the program simply stops functioning. Destructive time bombs have been used in military and civilian applications. For instance the famous MICHELANGLEO is keyed to explode on the artist's birthday each year. However, the most famous is the U.S. time bomb planted on a chip that was in a French built printer, smuggled into Iraq during the Gulf war. The virus brought down the entire Iraqi Air Defense at exactly X-hour. Seven seconds later a 2,000 lasar bomb, dropped by an F-117A Stealth jet, destroyed the CPU room. WHAT IS A TROJAN HORSE? The program that you simply couldn't refuse. It is flashy and many times is embedded inside PIRATE COPIES of popular game programs. One Trojan Horse was the "AIDS INFORMATION" disk which encrypted all your files and then left an address in Panama to send money if you wanted the password to get your data and programs back. The old axiom still applies: BEWARE OF GREEKS BEARING GIFTS! Keep in mind, several virus programs have been planted or seeded in stolen "pirate" software. This is the perfect computer crime because the victim was already illegal and therefore can not complain. S.P.A. RULES ARE FOR YOUR PROTECTION AS WELL AS THE MANUFACTURER. IF YOU FIND ILLEGAL COPIES OF SOFTWARE. REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY TO THE MANUFACTURER OR TO THE S.P.A. IN WASHINGTON D.C. WHAT IS A TAPE WORM? This kind of virus program is quite different from the self contained variety described before. Instead, these programs fragment themselves across whole files, even disks, hiding in worm like fashion as they eat their way through. Each time they chew through one area they randomly jump to another, chewing through it, tearing holes in your data. Many simply gobble up usable disk, others ruin data or system control areas on your disk. The programs operate in a chain like fashion with one element or segment of the worm pointing to the next. Some even mutate as they eat their way around your disk, making them much harder to find and correct. WHAT IS A POLYMORPHIC ENCRYPTED VIRUS (PEV)? This type of Virus program is capable of mutation therefore the POLYMORPHIC and utilizes encryption to mask itself in an unrecognizable form. The latest, SATAN BUG, was developed by a 15 year old in California, utilizes both methods in various file destructive ways. Described as boring in it's effects in comparison to other virus programs the SATAN BUG is a combination of genius and deadly most feared. This method allows the virus to hide from standard dictionary scan type of anti-virus software and even if found then it may also exist in several other "mutation" forms elsewhere. Another PEV making the rounds is TREMOR which came from Germany. It's basic symptom, other than increasing your COMMAND.COM by 2 to 4K, is to cause the letters on your CRT to shake or tremble. WHAT IS A TYLENOL VIRUS? This is a planted virus for retail or the local store shelf using boxed formatted bulk disks or popular low price software. WHAT IS A NIGHTMARE VIRUS? A Virus program that uses subliminal techniques such as suggestive messages that pass by the human eye so fast that the conscious mind does not detect it. These programs are designed not to attack your PC but your mind. Each message is displayed then quickly overlaid with normal program displays such as menus or clock screens. The targets are unstable people, children or the ordinary office worker who must stare at the same screen 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. WHAT IS SINS (SOFTWARE INDUCED NEUROSIS SYNDROME)? SINS is psychotic or bizarre behavior caused by suggestive messages from NIGHTMARE type subliminal techniques. WHAT ARE BUGS? Not to be confused with virus programs, bugs are leftover errors inside existing programs. In many cases these errors are both known and well published. Because of the difficulty involved in upgrades many companies choose to remain at downlevel code proven in operation and may sacrifice the risk of encountering a known bug. Most bugs are data induced errors, only encountered when a series of very specific data is processed by a infested program. The use of a known bug by hackers has brought whole systems to a halt such as DIGITAL networks, or has been used as penetration areas considered vulnerable in known programs by data pirates. This problem is compounded by the need to inform users of such errors and the fact that the larger the system the greater the number of bugs. WHAT IS A DATA BUG? Under some circumstances data streams control your system. For example, AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS are data streams used to modify and start a PC system. Insert a SORT *.* into any AUTOEXEC.BAT and witness the destruction as a known program (SORT) works over your COMMAND.COM and any other file it can grab. Modern 4th generation Data Base systems are much like early interpreter (BASIC) in that they do not directly execute code but act upon instructions fed into them as data. Again, simply by changing the required input command streams one can cause even well written modern systems to crash. WHAT IS A BACK DOOR? Passwords left over by the original designers of programs that bypass most or all security. In many cases people on Networked systems leave known back doors in the system, such as "SUPERUSER" and then are dismayed to find their system has been penetrated by a HACKER. Rule number one: IF THE PROGRAM DEPENDS ON SOME SORT OF PASSWORD SECURITY - CHECK IT OUT. CAN YOU GUESS, BREAK OR SEE THE PASSWORD IN THE PROGRAM/DATA WITH A SIMPLE DUMP? WHAT IS THE "WARGAMES" PHONE PROGRAM? This program works as billed in the popular movie. Simply: You select an entire area code and the program will dial every valid number searching for computer log ons. If a computer is found to be at the other end then the program saves the logon screen and phone number for later review by the human operator and continues to the next number. Although, almost killed by CALLER ID, the program has found new life with ID BLOCKER systems. Now let me introduce you to your defensive weapons: WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMS? Dictionary base: These programs use a known dictionary of virus programs which they recognize. These are the cheapest of the defenses against viral programs. If not updated on a regular basis these programs can quickly become obsolete and unable to find modern virus programs. Over 1,000 new virus programs are created each year. Formula base: These programs recognize a virus signature. More broadly written than a dictionary scan, these programs range from alarm types which look for suspicious commands or command series, to logic types which examine the effects of any given software. Well written forms such as those employed by Norman Data Defense or McAfee Associates provide excellent defense against virus attacks. Execute base: These programs run along side of your current software, checking to make sure areas on your disk are not violated and watching for certain CPU activities. Executive security programs are active watch dogs and in some environments, such as networks, almost the only way you can keep anti-virus barriers. Vault base: Instead of scanning for known virus activities these types of programs allow you to lock known "good" programs and data on your disk with encryption techniques. Therefore, if a virus attempts to work or add it's way into the locked program it will not decrypt, nor execute. These programs combine great power with data program analysis to confirm the locked program is not violated by a virus before use, during use and after use. PCYPHER by SOFTWAR is one example of a powerful vault system. Diagnosis and Repair: These programs are designed to find and remove virus programs from your system. Several of the companies already mentioned have such programs for those of you who have already been hit. WHAT IS ENCRYPTION? Mathematical operation performed on data and programs in order to render it unavailable to unauthorized users. CRYPTO as it is referred to in the "intelligence" community is something we use and see every day. Ever watch a baseball or football game? Next time watch the pitcher and catcher send coded signals or watch a quarter-back bark out an "audible" coded play. These are common and simple examples where security requires a special code. On the computer there are various methods which can be used. These range from breakable operations such as DES or KEREBOS which use an operation called XOR overlay, to unbreakable in both theory and practice such as PCYPHER which uses the one-time pad. WHAT IS KEREBOS? The latest high tech encryption system developed by MIT, and named after the three headed dog that guarded the gates of hell, KEREBOS is actually a poodle in the guise of a hellhound. The basic flaw on this NETWORK designed system is that it generates a token code based on a user password. Password security has failed in both theory and in practice since day one. Dictionary scan programs, stupid passwords, stupid users who write down their passwords in easy to find places, and simple eyeball observation can reveal a password. Even the sounds of your keys being tapped can be reproduced by high tech electronic recording equipment. KEREBOS, once revealed, is just as billed, a dog with much bark but little bite. WHAT IS DES? Data Encryption Standard. This is the system the U.S. government rams down everyone's throat. All agencies, federal, state and local, are given high pressure to go DES. The current DES system is an eight byte random XOR overlay key. The proposed SUPER DES for the year 2000 is an eighty byte key. The XOR overlay system was broken in 1939 by the german Navy and later during the war by the British and the Americans, under the code names of MAGIC, PURPLE and ENIGMNA. WHAT IS CLIPPER/CAPSTONE? These super high speed chips with a special back-door password are the new U.S. standard which allows the government to tap your phone with software only. No warrant, no legal requirements. Just move the old mouse to the big ear box and listen in on anything, anywhere, anytime. The Federal government is currently trying very hard to put these chips on every phone, computer and modem available. This program, not a law, was invoked by executive mandate from President Bill Clinton. It is designed to be part of the new INFORMATION HIGHWAY to be shared by every american household in the next century. However, if the requirement is to have CLIPPER/CAPSTONE chips (and big brother listening in) then it had better be advertised as the "INFORMATION SPYWAY". WHAT IS AN E BREAKER? Dictionary type scan designed to defeat XOR overlay crypto systems by searching for repeating type data such as the character "E" in english text, which appears statistically more often than other characters. WHAT IS THE XOR OVERLAY? Current base system for most encryption because it is fast. The idea is simply a math operation that uses a random number to mask or overlay the original data. The operation called XOR for eXclusive OR, compares bit by bit the data input against the random overlay. If they are the same then the result is an on (or 1). If they are different then the result is an off (or 0). Please see below: XOR OVERLAY APPLY RANDOM CODE BYTE VALUE IN BINARY ------------------------------ DATA INPUT 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 <--- data in XOR OVERLAY 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 <--- code key CODE RESULT 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 <--- garbage out XOR OVERLAY REMOVE RANDOM CODE BYTE VALUE IN BINARY ------------------------------ CODE INPUT 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 <--- garbage in XOR OVERLAY 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 <--- code key DATA OUTPUT 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 <--- data out Most data security producers use the XOR system and put out wild calculations on how long a super computer would take to work out any code. Of course, the real flaw in the XOR system is not the random overlay but the data underneath. The XOR can actually produce inverse "negative" images when large amounts of binary zeros are passed as data. Any security system that uses the XOR overlay (such as MIT's KEREBOS) and does not take into account this problem is vulnerable. WHAT IS THE ONE-TIME PAD? The only system known to be un- breakable in theory as well as practice. The pad system has been used by various military organizations as far back as the Civil War. The idea is simple but devastating. Take a deck of cards and shuffle them. Then lay out the first 27, one for each character of the alphabet and a space, and write them down. Repeat the process as needed (see below): wheel 1 wheel 2 wheel 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------- A 5 HEARTS ACE HEARTS 2 HEARTS B 3 DIAMONDS 7 SPADES JACK CLUBS C 2 HEARTS JACK HEARTS 2 DIAMONDS D 8 HEARTS 8 DIAMONDS 10 CLUBS E 10 DIAMONDS -->QUEEN HEARTS 7 CLUBS F ACE SPADES QUEEN DIAMONDS ACE DIAMONDS G KING HEARTS 4 SPADES 6 SPADES H QUEEN HEARTS 10 HEARTS KING SPADES J 4 CLUBS 2 CLUBS 8 HEARTS K 6 CLUBS 2 HEARTS 10 DIAMONDS L 3 HEARTS 8 HEARTS ACE CLUBS M QUEEN SPADES KING HEARTS 8 CLUBS N JACK SPADES ACE CLUBS 3 SPADES O 5 CLUBS 8 CLUBS 7 HEARTS P 6 HEARTS 7 CLUBS 4 DIAMONDS Q 3 SPADES 9 SPADES 6 CLUBS R 10 SPADES 4 CLUBS 2 SPADES S QUEEN CLUBS 4 HEARTS -->7 DIAMONDS T ACE DIAMONDS 8 SPADES 5 DIAMONDS U 9 SPADES 5 CLUBS JACK SPADES V 2 SPADES 6 HEARTS 3 CLUBS W KING CLUBS 3 SPADES KING DIAMONDS X JACK CLUBS 2 DIAMONDS 8 DIAMONDS Y -->KING SPADES 4 DIAMONDS 4 CLUBS Z 9 CLUBS KING CLUBS 5 HEARTS SPACE QUEEN DIAMONDS JACK CLUBS 10 HEARTS The message "YES" is above encrypted using a deck of cards and 3 one-time pad "wheels". Each wheel here represents powers of 52 where only 27 characters are used. Common military uses of the one time pad include: Diplomatic messages, nuclear FAIL SAFE codes, tactical battle orders, and espionage (spies). Obviously, the pad is now in civilian use. Sample applications appear in PCYPHER by SOFTWAR where the pad system is used for voice/text communications, file security, copyright protection and anti-virus features. Here are some common sense rules to follow: RULE #1 - BACK UP. IF YOU THINK IT'S TIME TO BACK UP THEN IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE. First rule of thumb on any system is back up, back up and back up. Create and follow a regular back up schedule. STORE YOUR BACK UP COPIES OFF SITE AT A SAFE PLACE. The best is a bank deposit box. Keep in mind... Companies without an emergency back up off site are quickly left behind after earth quakes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks and other events beyond individual control. RULE #2 - MAKE A DISASTER PLAN. You know the old axiom... In case of emergency. Plan ahead. If your area is prone to flooding, move your PC to an area where it cannot get wet. Locate systems away from water sources like sprinklers. Take great care with electrical outlets and do not overload them. Place important documents, disks and other items in a secure area. Always have a plan to quickly remove equipment or important items. RULE #3 - WATCH WHAT YOU SAY - LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS! When is your phone tapped? A better question is when should you suspect your phone is tapped? First, let's look at legal issues. You cannot tap a phone or communication line owned by someone else. However, you can tap your own line. Here in Virginia, it is quite legal for a business to tap it's own lines. In fact, it is legal not to even inform your employees that their lines are being monitored! You may use that information for hiring, promotion, firing, and if necessary, turn it over to law enforcement for prosecution. Yes, your conversations at the office can be used against you in criminal court. Employees do have the right to ask. If your employer lies about tapping your office phone then you now have some legal right to contest it. However, we are talking about the same person who signs your paycheck. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT POWER! Power over people, to control, monitor, and destroy if necessary. Information is power. One need only look at WATERGATE to understand the importance of secure information and power. The more dependent we become on electronic devices to control, monitor and create things in our lives the more these very same devices can be used against us. RULE #4 - CHECK YOUR PHONE LINES. Have a trusted technical person check your phone systems on a regular basis. This is especially important if you telecompute or use your PC to logon to main frame systems. This may sound like paranoia but why risk big damage using YOUR logon that someone acquired with a $50 phone bug? Legal wire taps will not be so easy to find, nor will the big boys with national technical means at their disposal (satellites, planes, field agents, and the such). OVER 1.7 MILLION PHONE LINES WERE LEGALLY TAPPED IN 1993 - source U.S. Justice Department. Remember, this does not include illegal and independent phone taps which outnumber the legal ones at a minimum of three to one. Don't be too surprised to find that several government agencies also engage in illegal activities. The power of government to assume more power is natural as well as the deep set paranoia that comes with such responsibility. I mean, they are there to protect us, right? RULE #5 - ALWAYS CHECK AN UNKNOWN DISK. I prefer the bait system. Boot your system from a diskette and use a RAM drive to download and examine the questionable disk. If a virus is going to infect anything it will hit the boot disk or the ram drive both of which can be checked before allowing the material a more permanent status on my hard drive. In conclusion, what are the best ways to protect oneself in the coming years? A good cross section of hardware, software, proper security and common sense are all in order. First and foremost, do not panic. Second, communicate with others. Seek out user groups, and bulletin boards to exchange open ideas and information. Third, stay aware, watch your own traffic and data like a hawk and don't give out any information that can be used against you. Finally, make others aware. Spread the word of info theft and Pirates. How all of us pay. So the laws can be changed to allow personal security and privacy while protecting the public. COMPANIES/ORGANIZATIONS - COMMUNIQUE 2649 Peaceful Way Lancaster, CA 93535 (805)946-3932. Makers of CODEWORD encryption system for both digital and voice communication. JAS Technology (320)762-7333. Makers of ANTI-VIRUS hardware. Best known for STEALTH IDE cards. Protection for disk and computer systems beyond software. McAFEE Associates (408)988-3832. Makers of ANTI-VIRUS scan and repair software. Makes the most popular anti-virus software to date. NCSA NATIONAL COMPUTER SECURITY ASSOCIATION (717)258-1816. National organization dedicated to providing information and program security. NORMAN DATA DEFENSE (703)573-8802. Makers of Information security/ANTI-VIRUS software. Best known for Anti-virus systems for Networks and repair of infected systems. SECURITY FEATURES 3202 CLAYBORNE AVE. ALEXANDRIA, VA 22306- 1405. Makers of Dolphin Encryption system and security specialists for a wide variety of physical systems. Best known for providing OBJECT level link modules for integration into existing software. SOFTWAR (804)275-7472. Makers of Information security/ANTI-VIRUS software. Best known for vault type anti-virus software as well as sound board security software for encrypted phone calls. SPA SOFTWARE PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION - WASHINGTON, D.C. Just a small group of software manufacturers who have been known to bring U.S. Marshals and raid companies using pirate or stolen software. These include: Microsoft, IBM, Honeywell, Lotus, Apple and a few others (about 2000+). FOR YOUR CREDIT REPORT INFORMATION: TRW, (800)392-1122. EQUIFAX (800)685-1111. TRANS UNION (800)851-2674. FOR YOUR MEDICAL INFORMATION: MEDICAL INFORMATION BUREAU (617)426-3660. TELEMARKETING LISTS: DIRECT MARKETING ASSOCIATION P.O. BOX 9008, FARMINGDALE, NY 11735. TELEPHONE PREFERENCE SERVICE, DMA, P.O. BOX 9014, FARMINGDALE, NY 11735. 

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> "This transfer of power from the mere musket and the little cannon to the H-bomb in a single lifetime is indicative of the things that have happened to us..." The problem with this spiel is that the H-bomb does not exist. There is no such thing as an H-bomb. It is a social engineering scare tactic. I have videos of earlier H-bomb testing showing tractor-trailer loads of dynamite being piled up for the "nuclear" test. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed like Dresden in a swarm pass of thousands of tons of incendiaries. There was no nuclear bomb and there still is no nuclear bomb. When I was a little child they brainwashed us into the nuclear hoax by having regular nuclear drills in school, sounding an alarm and air raid siren and having the students hide and cower under the desks. This was social engineering and predictive programming to make people believe in the existence of the H-bomb. The purpose of this brainwashing was to break down our inherent belief in national sovereignty, to allow the propogation of an international tyranny of the deep state and its funding mechanisms. > "How far the advances of science have outraced our social consciousness." More like: how far the tactics of deep-state pseudo-science have programmed our social consciousness.

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