In need of muliplatform commandline file encryption tool

Apr 17 18:20 [raw]

Ladies, gentlemen, I am in need of muliplatform commandline file encryption tool. GPG excluded for being too bloated nowadays. OpenSSL CLI tools excluded for having too many security fuckups in past. I need something light, small, portable and self-contained. <---- This is crucial. Must work under Linux and Windows 32/64 bit - data will be exchanged between these platforms - without absurd dependencies like mono/dotnet/python/perl <---- This is crucial, too. Already found bcrypt and ccrypt These are nice but symmetric only. Anything similar with asymmetric aka public key encryption? Truly yours, Fellow BM user

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Apr 17 23:30 [raw]

It's all a bloated mess now. If you want minimalism you may have to program it yourself. Thankfully, there are minimalist crypto libraries. A modern one like might be a good place to start, but it's not been officially audited as of now.

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Apr 18 15:16 [raw]

> If you want minimalism you may have to program it yourself. DO NOT DO THIS. You will make a mistake and compromise your security.

Apr 18 15:34 [raw]

I know it and I won't do it. This is why I am asking for help here. I need minimal tool with trusted crypto-engine.

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Apr 18 18:57 [raw]

don't listen to these fagmasons.

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Apr 18 22:11 [raw]

You can do it, you just need to have trusted people review it. If no one ever did it, security software would never be made. Anyway there's a little CLI tool called AESCrypt that *might* be what your looking for.

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Apr 20 02:14 [raw]

I mean.. I wrote a CLI encryption tool myself, using Bitcoin public keys. It's completely shitty code and one of the first things I wrote, and I'm truly embarrased to show it because of how god-awful the code is.... but it does work. It's in Python though and requires PyCrypto and my own bitcoin library, so there are those dependencies. I suppose you could use something like PyInstaller or something to generate a single cli executable for various platforms and that would work. Anyway, here it is: If you can't compile it yourself and want me to try and compile it into a CLI for Linx/Mac and Windows I can do that for you. Obviously, you'd be trusting an executable from a stranger on the internet, but I will do it if you want me to.

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Apr 20 02:22 [raw]

Do you have a private address or a broadcast address I could subscribe to?

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Apr 20 02:45 [raw]

> Obviously, you'd be trusting an executable from a stranger on the internet Isn't Linux a pile of executables from strangers on the Internet?

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Apr 20 07:47 [raw]

You seem to have a lot of arbitrary requirements that point toward using either GnuPG or Openssl, yet discount them right out of the gate. Why? Nothing else out there is going to be as hardened as these. If you find some snowflake tool, you're just using something with holes that you don't know about. "security fuckups in the past" can also an indicator that software has been audited and holes fixed. If you want something light/small, it sounds like using GnuPG or Openssl simply for the core function of encrypting will suffice. Seriously, you'll be fine. Whatever problem you are trying to solve, just use either of these and move on. PS, don't use Bitcoin ECDSA keys to encrypt files.

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Apr 20 10:43 [raw]

------------------------------------------------------ Do you have a private address or a broadcast address I could subscribe to?

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Apr 20 12:54 [raw]

Not just Linux, most OS's. You're just not going to spend your days reading source code for literally everything, so you have to place your trust somewhere. And I'd rather trust my Linux install than most other things, especially given that I do read the source for a fair number of my programs before compilation.

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Apr 20 13:16 [raw]

To OP: Stop worrying and love the OTP.

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Apr 20 14:47 [raw]

I was going to wonder the same... why bitcoin keys? I mean, frankly, the key generation is the most difficult part and the thing most crucial to getting right. If you don't, the rest is automatically tainted. The rest, however, there are plenty of libraries for. And using BTC keys means you're openly and freely promoting key reuse out of the gate...

Apr 20 15:00 [raw]

I need small and simple tool and without long history of security holes. OpenSSL and GPG are not qualifying in these categories.

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Apr 20 16:10 [raw]

What grandparent said. A bug-free past is no indication of a bug-free future. Often it's only an indication of insufficient peer review. Also, if you're planning to stick to standard formats, your choice of software shouldn't matter. You can use what's available now (probably OpenSSL) and sidegrade when practical.

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Apr 21 03:08 [raw]

No, I run Gentoo. Binary distros suck.

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2 hours ago [raw]

And you read every line of source before you compile, and your hardware was made by you in your own machine shop...??? No? Well then you're trusting somebody too. Compiling from source does not add nearly as much security as you apparently think. The main benefit of a source idstro is a percent or two of speedup. That's it.

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2 hours ago [raw]

It's not an on/off switch, it's a full mixing desk where you fine-tune the amount of trust that you place in each developer or group. You don't read every line of code, only those that matter to you. You don't recompile every single binary, but still avoid running unsigned binaries acquired through less trusted channels. You don't audit your hardware, but you may choose to buy it from a trusted supplier. And so on. Suum cuique, basically.

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1 hour ago [raw]

Safety in open source lies in a whole community of people reviewing the code. With many more or less independent people involved, mostly in transparent bug trackers and forums, it's that much harder to corrupt the process and sneak in evil lines of code.

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16 minutes ago [raw]

> Safety in open source lies in a whole community of people reviewing the code. Which does not happen 99% of the time since the number of applications is immense while the people with time to review code is very small. Thus your religion is false. Open source is not a guarantee of good code or of security. It's a myth. > it's that much harder to corrupt the process and sneak in evil lines of code. No, it's not much harder. It's much easier. In a corporate environment there is strict access control and LEGAL LIABILITY which does not constrain open source. Every time a corporation messes up and an exploit makes its way into the product, the highly expensive lawsuits come rolling in. When this happens with open source the developers ignore you and treat you with contempt. You are smoking dope to worship at the altar of open source. > With many more or less independent people involved You mean like all the CIA's handpicked directors at Tor Project? GTFOOH.

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