Wifi is totally insecure

Oct 16 23:44 [raw]

http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/16/technology/wi-fi-flaw-krack-security/index.html but of course

Oct 16 23:45 [raw]

"Android 6.0 and Linux are the most at risk, the report said."

Oct 16 23:50 [raw]

... awaiting flurry of linux cultists to claim otherwise while calling the researcher, "Satan incarnate" or "Microsoft shill" or something like that.

Oct 16 23:57 [raw]

WPA2 encryption for wifi is completely broken, basically it becomes as bad as using public wifi. This problem can be solved only with software patches for your phone and gadgets, so any gadget which will not be updated in the future - will have wifi traffic open to hackers. This includes old Iphones and Androids too, some old models will never receive required software update. Any information sent without additional encryption over such wifi can be listened by hackers. Basic example: login to webpage which does not have enabled https will reveal your password to hackers.

Oct 16 23:58 [raw]

Tor users not affected.

Oct 17 00:03 [raw]

> ... awaiting flurry of linux cultists to claim otherwise while calling the researcher, "Satan incarnate" or "Microsoft shill" or something like that. WPA2 specification for Linux and Windows is the same, devices running both these OS are affected the same way. If some article says otherwise - it is Microsoft shill indeed.

Oct 17 00:08 [raw]

le differance: microsoft and apple patch it. linux patch might take ten years + you couldn't resist, could you, FSF/GNU/Hurd/Shitnix/open sores shill?

Oct 17 00:32 [raw]

Quote from http://money.cnn.com/2017/10/16/technology/wi-fi-flaw-krack-security/index.html : Android 6.0 and Linux are the most at risk, the report said. "We're aware of the issue, and we will be patching any affected devices in the coming weeks," a Google spokesperson told CNN Tech. Meanwhile, Microsoft said customers who have the latest Windows Update, launched last week, and applied the security updates, are automatically protected. Apple confirmed the flaw has been patched on all its products and a fix will be available for everyone in the next few weeks. In other words - Android, Linux, Microsoft, Apple initially were affected the same way. Microsoft patched this only for devices with latest Windows Update (is it Windows 10 only? Are win7 and win8 affected? this information is very important, but not mentioned at all). "Apple confirmed the flaw has been patched on all its products and a fix will be available for everyone in the next few weeks" How can flaw been patched on all its products if it will be available for everyone only after few weeks? Does not logic. This means that there will be no patch for next few weeks. As I know Apple does not update outdated devices, so the word "all its products" is misleading too. Is should be "all its still supported products". Most popular Linux distributuves are already pathed, however there are no words about this in the article. Some discussion about Debian and Ubuntu distros: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/76r8q4/is_ubuntu_krack_wpa2_vulnerable/ In conclusion - this article is written by Apple shills. Popular Linux distributives are already pathed, Microsoft have pathed _something_ with latest windows update, but Apple will patch something in few weeks. Comments from Apple are provided in confused manner to make impression that EVERYTHING is patched ALREADY, when actually only the latest devices will be patched in few weeks.

Oct 17 08:21 [raw]

The patch for linux already ran through. That about "ten years".

Oct 17 14:27 [raw]

Notice the specific version on Android, at least. Folks can upgrade.

Oct 17 14:28 [raw]

Except when your phone is from some company that doesn't care about their shit and makes the phone basically obsolete the second you bought it, never receiving updates.

Oct 17 14:29 [raw]

Time to retire WPA2. New wifi crypto is needed ASAP.

Oct 17 14:29 [raw]

Sure they are. Data in the pipe isn't the only concern, necessarily. Consuming your wifi session could present additional risk to you, tor or not.

Oct 17 14:30 [raw]

While spec may be the same, implementations of that spec needn't be. While Android/Linux may be the same, go figure... and it'd make sense that MS wouldn't be using the Linux wpa supplicant.

Oct 17 14:35 [raw]

So you made a poor consumer choice and you want to blame everybody else? Fucking libtard.

Oct 17 14:36 [raw]

Can't retire it until we have a better solution.

Oct 17 15:08 [raw]

use djb's stream encryption algo like Salsa and profit

Oct 17 15:23 [raw]

The problem here is not the ENCRYPTION, it's the HANDSHAKE. Swapping the encryption won't do jack shit.

Oct 17 15:25 [raw]

I stand corrected.

Oct 17 15:32 [raw]

NaCl lib could be a good start.

Oct 17 19:29 [raw]


Oct 17 19:29 [raw]

Does any of those contain something that addresses the problem at hand?

Oct 17 19:42 [raw]

No. Because nothing we can do with wifi itself. The only thing we left with is lulzing. > If you use only secure websites -- that is, those that use HTTPS, instead of HTTP with a lock icon in the address bar -- you're protected from this vulnerability, according to the report. ... And yes, use VPN.

Oct 19 00:12 [raw]

Well, good security practice says you should always consider your next hop as owned by Hitler. From this perspective, the KRACK attack only gets you more pregnant.

Oct 19 04:23 [raw]

Silly rabit, the internet is insecure. Use VPN etc. The moment your packet goes to the internet router at your house etc, its available for sniffing/spoofing etc. SecDNS anyone? This just means you are not safer at your house than at a coffee shop.

Oct 19 04:26 [raw]

use Qubes, it assumes the WIFI driver its self is hacked, zero day. So by the time your on the air interface, is no worse off.

Oct 19 10:54 [raw]

Hitler did nothing wrong.

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