Bitmessage = pedo exchange

Oct 20 17:18 [raw]

Welcome to easy and secure Bitmessage * send messages to other people * send broadcast messages like twitter or * discuss in chan(nel)s with other people Yeah! A great place to exchange illegal stuff.

Oct 20 17:47 [raw]

But BM is not secure. It is only p2p proxy without any anonimization.

Oct 20 18:53 [raw]

who gives a shit about what some fucker deems illegal ? what a joke

Oct 20 19:23 [raw]

Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Oct 20 20:44 [raw]

it already is in the world of rich fucks like in Saudi Arabia

Oct 20 22:54 [raw]

> who gives a shit about what some fucker deems illegal ? what a joke What a dick fuck.

Oct 21 06:51 [raw]

It was slightly secure because too many people were using it, enabling anonymity. That's why the spam attacks occurred, to drive away the userbase and defeat the anonymity. Now with too few peers there is no anonymity.

Oct 21 06:59 [raw]

> What a dick fuck. 'what a dick fuck' is vernacular from one small part of the world. you just doxed your general location with that phrase. i know where you are from! i suppose now you know where i originate.

Oct 21 07:00 [raw]

stick it up your arse, occult devil fag

Oct 21 07:54 [raw]

point being : the term "illlegal" does not make sense to us. no point bringing it up.

Oct 21 08:59 [raw]

120 months in BOP supermax will help the term, "illegal" to make perfect sense to you. The idea is already dawning on you, isn't it?

Oct 21 10:09 [raw]

I don't understand the point nor the target of your threat. The Bitmessage network and underlying technology are by design neutral to any political rules or constraints. If you have a problem with some people breaking the local rules of your political group, feel free to raise the issue within your group. No point taking it to the Internet and acting threatening towards an entire community. It's also a bit rude. So, what's your tribe, stranger? Judging by your accent, I'd guess United States central government?

Oct 21 10:38 [raw]

I don't see what the problem is. So-called CP is just a bunch of 1's and 0's on a hard drive.

Oct 21 10:52 [raw]

LOL We have many proxies arount the world. Are there anonymous? No! BM isn't anonymous. It is only p2p proxy. You can build anonimity communication with only 3 peers. Number of peers doesn't matter.

Oct 21 11:08 [raw]

So-called CP is just a number. When has a number been unlawful?

Oct 21 13:13 [raw]

Quite a few times in quite a few places, it would seem.

Oct 21 14:10 [raw]

zionist empire in defense mode .... they simply occupy intellectual territory to have a perfect excuse to destroy anyone who doubts their rule just like the name Adolf Hitler is occupied or you cant name your child Jihad or you cant show the Swastika symbol in public or the numbers 13 or 7 some tall buildings will not number the 13th floor idiots, they must leave floor 13 complete emtpy to leave room for the evil spirits otherwise the evil spirits just live in floor number 14 -aa- -- In 2012, it was reported that the numbers 89, 6, and 4 each became banned search terms on search engines in China, because of the date (1989-06-04) of the June Fourth Massacre in Tiananmen Square. [haha, how they even ban single digits] In 2017, far-right Slovak politician Marian Kotleba was criminally charged for donating 1488 euro to a charity. -- 'racial and ethnic religions, opposition to universal religions (such as Christianity), his opposition to miscegenation, his anti-Americanism,[5] and support for racial separatism.' [yea, natural order is so evil. he only forgot to advocate murder] Fourteen Words, 14, or 14/88, is a reference to slogans coined by white supremacist David Lane,[1] a founding member of the terrorist organization The Order.[2] The terms were coined while he was serving a 190-year sentence in federal prison for his role in violating the civil rights of Jewish talk show host Alan Berg, who was murdered in June 1984.[3] The slogans were publicized through now-defunct 14 Word Press, founded in 1995 by Lane's wife to disseminate her husband's writings.[4][5] Lane also used the phrasing in other pamphlets including the "14 points" of his White Genocide Manifesto and further in his 88 Precepts essay, stressing his support for racial and ethnic religions, opposition to universal religions (such as Christianity), his opposition to miscegenation, his anti-Americanism,[5] and support for racial separatism.[2][6][7] Many of his concepts, ideology and values, particularly the Fourteen Words slogan, are either inspired by or derived from Adolf Hitler's autobiographical book Mein Kampf.[8] Phrasing The terms were later adopted by white supremacists[2] and neo-Nazis,[2] white nationalists and identitarians, members of the far-right and alt-right, the most widely used variation being: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.[9][10][11][12] Another less commonly used variation is: Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.[13] It is sometimes combined with 88, as in "14/88" or "1488" with the 8s representing the eighth letter of the alphabet (H), with "HH" standing for "Heil Hitler,"[12] or simply as a reference to Lane's 88 Precepts,[14] which when combined with "14" refer to Lane's white supremacist neo-Pagan religion, Wotansvolk.[15] In 2018, although dismissed by the US government as a coincidence,[16] the Trump administration's United States Department of Homeland Security were accused of referencing both "88" in a document,[17] and the Fourteen Words by creating a similar fourteen-worded title,[18] starting with the same first three words ("We must secure"), in relation to illegal immigration and border control: We Must Secure The Border And Build The Wall To Make America Safe Again.[19] The slogan has been used in acts of white supremacist terrorism and violence.[2] It was central to the symbolism of 2008's Barack Obama assassination plot,[20] which intended to kill 88 African Americans, including future President Barack Obama (at that time the Democratic Party nominee), 14 of whom were to be beheaded.[21][22] Skinhead Curtis Allgier notably tattooed the words on to his body after his murder of corrections officer Stephen Anderson,[23] and Dylan Roof's race war-inspired Charleston church shooting was influenced by the slogan. -- nazi over

Oct 21 15:11 [raw]

Mailer-daemon is busy burning your message in hell.

Oct 21 16:17 [raw]

Pedo pervs, die in agony.

Oct 21 16:21 [raw]

Someone's tie is caught in the printer, and if anything else gets printed, he'll be in it too.

Oct 21 16:21 [raw]

Even the Pope would wince at the thought of exposure. Dirty filthy bastards.

Oct 21 16:36 [raw]

Dipshit. Pedo perv faggot.

Oct 21 16:40 [raw]

> who gives a shit about what some fucker deems illegal ? what a joke Go on then. Ya stupid pedo faggot. What are you gonna do about it? Go fuck your 7 year old nephew.

Oct 21 16:40 [raw]

Please translate.

Oct 21 19:50 [raw]

>>55309C391 not actually where I was heading for. I will kill any pedo scumbag upon sighting, yet not because some arse called it "illegal". there are far better reasons for killing pedo scum.

Oct 21 19:58 [raw]

>>2D70F7958 maybe one or two of them, not more

Oct 21 20:09 [raw]

LOL Also Cameras are great tool to build illegal pedo. Internet is a great to build illegal pedo. Electricity is a great to build illegal pedo. Samsung is a great comapany to build illegal pedo, because build smartphones. Cars are great to build illegal pedo, because transports smartphones to many people. Power plants are great to build illegal pedo, because give electricity. Rivers and winter are great to build illegal pedo, because give electricity. What is responsible for pedo? Brain, education, power in governments.

Oct 21 23:58 [raw]

Now you're making more sense than the US guy making prison threats. At least you have a personal belief that you're prepared to kill and die for.

Oct 22 04:09 [raw]

>>4D1A1371A what "guy" ure talkin´ bout ?

Oct 24 04:11 [raw]

Insecure in secure tor: traffic corelation: Someone use only BM and attacker sends to BM 277 KB messages every 3 minutes and 145 KB every 7 minutes. After that FBI, CIA, NSA, GOVs know that you are using BM. If you send one message 200 KB to BM and no one send 200 KB then FBI, CIA, govs know that you are the sender. Tor users should add good noise traffic to every tor client/server. Have you got any idea?

Oct 24 04:12 [raw]

All packets must be of uniform size and individually encrypted and sent in random order. We've already explained these weaknesses to the Bitmessage developers. They know. And they have no intention of remedying these glaring security holes. Where is Yasha Levine when you need him?

Oct 24 04:16 [raw]

secure for who? secure against which threat model? bm is a brute force multicast much like a DHT publish bm can only hide the receivers -- a large attacker can guess the sender from a timing attack .... why tor recommends to senders to run a tor relay node for 'cover noise' to better hide their upload = hidden signal or their tor hidden service but then a large attacker still can see your upload cos your relay sends more than it receives -- it would have to drop some other send packets and replace them with its own upload .... so only the original sender can see his packet dropped at your node -- tor relays could also by default regularly send 'dummy uploads' and wait for a 'real upload' to replace dummy paks with real paks so there is no need to randomly drop other real paks if the attacker controls enough tor nodes he can guess which uploads are real -- to hide even better you need large random delays before relaying of messages = high latency relay network tor why you not allow me to set large random delays for each hop? cos one cant force relays to comply? while were at it i also want to choose more hops : P tor pleez be more like mixminion to offer both TCP and SMTP -- also read section == Vulnerabilities == in http://m6su7s3ir7dxggwg.onion/haades/darknet/raw/branch/master/ which is a mirror of -- > Mixmaster remailers, also called Type II > In Mixmaster, .. email .. > .. is relayed through each node in the network using SMTP, > until it finally arrives at the final recipient. > Mixmaster can only send emails one way. > An email is sent anonymously to an individual, > but for them to be able to respond, > a reply address must be included in the body of the email. > Mixminion remailers, also called Type III > A Mixminion remailer attempts to address > the following challenges in Mixmaster remailers: > replies > forward anonymity > replay prevention and key rotation > exit policies > integrated directory servers > dummy traffic > Random padding of messages, > random delays before forwarding, > and encryption of forwarding information > between forwarding remailers, > increases the degree of difficulty for attackers still further > as message size and timing > can be largely eliminated as traffic analysis clues, > and lack of easily readable forwarding information > renders ineffective simple automated traffic analysis algorithms. from http://m6su7s3ir7dxggwg.onion/haades/darknet/raw/branch/master/wiki.anon-remailer.txt which is a mirror of also http://m6su7s3ir7dxggwg.onion/haades/darknet/raw/branch/master/wiki.mixminion-anon-remailer.txt which is a mirror of -- i beg to wonder why bm still has no 'security audit' if bm really was a game changer it would attract more interest from crypto researchers, no? or it would be banned .... like the defcad '3d print your own gun' project now on > Defense Distributed, > after legally committing its files to the public domain > through a license from the U.S. Department of State, > has been ordered to shut down its DEFCAD file repository > by a federal judge in the Western District of Washington. -- > It was slightly secure .... That's why the spam attacks occurred spam attacks dont prove anything -- > easy and secure Bitmessage easy and secure are mutually excluse i heard? -- you can always only reduce attack surface and construct plausible deniability hide better + distract more also remember the first mile problem aka van egg phreaking you want real security? death and taxes -aa-

Oct 24 04:16 [raw]

CP faggot. DIE!

Oct 24 04:16 [raw]

go back to kindergarten and "see spot run"

Oct 24 04:17 [raw]

you will be a hero on BOP supermax cellblock 'G' those who kill pedos get significantly shorter sentences than pedos because judge look like a real donkey if he give hard sentence

Oct 24 04:17 [raw]

wind* and mills

Oct 24 04:17 [raw]


Oct 24 04:21 [raw]

winter? pedo == ageism

Oct 24 04:21 [raw]

> So, what's your tribe, stranger? Judging by your accent, I'd guess United States central government? You mean the same government that runs child prostitution rackets?

Oct 24 12:28 [raw]

> We've already explained these weaknesses to the Bitmessage developers. > They know. > And they have no intention of remedying these glaring security holes. this only confirms my guess that bitmessage is a honeypot or open source spyware or NSA hiding in plain sight > Tor users should add good noise traffic to every tor client/server. > Have you got any idea? nothing concrete the idea should be clear to generate a constant stream of input and output into which you can inject your signals via steganography so no one* can time your signals no one, except the receiver .... this is why you also need random delays aka high latency relaying Sneakernet is another way to do super high latency relaying = using solid memory as transport medium for example with 4GB DVD which are cheap and can also be easily destroyed this would reduce attack surface significantly cos you no longer had to use hostile channels Tor only offers weak security cos it only allows low latency relaying of TCP and does not offer high latency SMTP relaying .... like Mixminion or Mixmaster were/are trying to do but never gained the popularity of Tor cos just too many fools dont get that low latency == corelation surface lets quote Nick Mathewson 'core developer' of Tor and Mixminion nickm in 2015: IMO the problems that keep mixnets for getting commonly used for communication are fundamental, and need far more research than they've gotten. Basically, almost nobody seems to want unreliable delivery without a strong reply channel. tcr in 2007: For an increase in cover traffic mixminion should automatically generate dummy messages, similar to mixmaster's INDUMMYP and OUTDUMMYP. nickm: Is there any evidence that these automatically generated dummies actually improve anonymity? The experimental results in "Practical Traffic Analysis: Extending and Resisting Statistical Disclosure" (Mathewson and Dingledine, 2004) suggests that they actually don't help against traffic analysis. this is so ridiculous of course cover noise does help if you just do it right 'go read my study where i prove that my version of cover noise dont help in securty' fu nickm this is sabotage in plain sight but hey, what did i expect? real security has a very high price and will never be found in any public software -aa-

Oct 24 12:39 [raw]

We should create high latency servers/network in tor, bm or whatever p2p.

Oct 24 14:16 [raw]

We've already explained these glaring security holes: easily destroyed this only offers weak security cos you also be of TCP and no intention of course cover noise traffic corelation. We've already explained these glaring security holes: much like of remedying these weaknesses to every Tor. They have no one can only Bm can only bm and only offers weak security holes? The receiver this only users should add good noise does not offer high latency SMTP relaying of remedying these weaknesses to the Bitmessage developers. Secure tor only allows low latency relaying of course cover noise traffic to want unreliable delivery without a strong reply channel. Someone use only confirms my guess that keep mixnets For cover noise traffic to do super high latency relaying of Tor and they know. If you are the problems that low latency relaying of input and they have know that bitmessage developers. We've already explained these weaknesses to the experimental results in Practical Traffic to generate a very high latency relaying using solid memory as transport medium for communication are using solid of cover noise does not offer high latency relaying of Tor client Have you no one can inject your signals no intention of cover noise traffic to bm is so there any idea? Secure tor users should add good noise traffic to the popularity of course cover noise traffic Mixminion or open source spyware or NSA hiding in cover noise traffic Mixminion should add good noise Traffic noise traffic does can inject your signals no intention of remedying these weaknesses to want unreliable delivery without a honeypot constant stream of TCP and sent in any idea? -aa-

Oct 25 06:57 [raw]

Mr. -aa-, Are you a satanist, or what is your religion? (serious question)

Oct 25 07:22 [raw]

> real security has a very high price > and will never be found in any public software I am glad to burst your bubble. I am working on such software. It will be publicly released. I will also market a enterprise version with some features businesses will like. The shekels from the enterprise version will fund the continued maintenance of both versions. What is your personal BM-broadcast address?

Oct 25 08:15 [raw]


Oct 25 08:17 [raw]

recently s.o. posted a link that tried to say BM is unsafe but it had lil substrance but much click bait nature I mean if u ask for 100% perfection always, u'll get nowhere Tor + BM are good paths to follow

Oct 26 11:19 [raw]

> what is your religion? paranoid pedantism : P -aa-

Oct 26 11:29 [raw]

> what is your religion? paranoid pedophileism : P -aa-

Oct 26 11:32 [raw]

> what is your religion? prolific pedophileism : P -aa-

Oct 26 20:01 [raw]

in other words you are paranoid and not able to honestly connect with other people so you will avoid anything real or important in discussion

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