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anonymous writer posted essay many months past title was something like """cult of the little girl""" was a good essay about hegemony, slavish decline of power due to slavish worship of females i lost old messages, would like to read it again if anyone has article please repost

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Search in your backup :)

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DEFINITION OF EMPIRE EMPIRE is a human social structure in which everything- from resources and commodities, to human beings and their thoughts, ideas, relationships, deeds, and actions- is controlled by a single, centralized governmental "authority", either political, religious, or corporate in nature. It is an entirely unnatural format, obsessed and infested with GUACACIQ, or power-lust. Empire creates a power-pyramid, with the ruling elite on top, and the enslaved on the bottom. This occurs in both political and religious sectors, and depending on who is at the top and currently in power, creates a matriarchal or patriarchal society. The ways, means, and desires of the empire are ensured and enforced by direct force, violence, torture, and threats. Empire rules by fear. There is no dissenting opinion allowed in empire, and punishment is doled out liberally and severely to those guilty of any thought or action that challenges the empire's stranglehold on power. Unfortunately, those trying to change empire "legally" by using the system quickly become part of the empire itself. Empire is imperfect and paranoid, so much that the definition of what is a challenge to it's power is quite arbitrary, and is based on it's insanity and fears. Empire is by it's nature entirely and unreparably corrupt, and therefore has a limited lifespan. The cycle of empire has been displayed before- Egypt, Rome, China, the Nazis, the Soviets, Spain, Britain, and now the EEUU/ USA. The end time of the EEUU/ USA empire is coming quickly. It is well past it's prime, and deep into it's self-destruction phase, and one only has time to wait. A DESCRIPTION OF THE MODERN EMPIRE RELIGION: All empires have a zealous state religion to promote the guilt, shame, fear, and to "inspire" the vassals into submission. Religion is not faith or spirituality, it is an imperial way to control every aspect of human existence. No matter how much it seems spiritual, the minute you have money or politics or power involved, you have an imperial religion. All religions claim to be the "one true way", and that their followers are "the chosen people", and that all others are damned infidels who must be forced to convert or die. The ruling religious powers also respond to any criticism or exposure of their hypocrisy by loudly proclaiming that they are being oppressed. This is hilarious, as the biggest oppressors in modern empire are the state religious zealots! People originally join the religion out of fear of military threat and social ostracization, not out of respect or belief. ECONOMY: All empires are based on an artificial economy, since there is the forced centralization of resources. Imperial currency has no actual value, as it needs to have value instilled by the missionaries and militias, overriding true free trade and barter with force and coercion. In this system, all but the ruling elite are enslaved. It must be adapted slavery, though, as outright owned slaves would require the elite to provide the minimal of nutrition, medical care, and shelter. The modern subjugated vassals can "work their way to the top", and "provide for themselves and their families", all while making a fat profit for the elite. They can even "own their own home", although the government will quickly take it if sufficient tribute is not forthcoming. (So much for "private property".) All members of the society at large must be mass consumers their entire lives, or as the recent empire has stated: "the terrorists have already won." This slanted economic structure based on credit and status objects ensure that the participation is mandatory. Fierce marketing campaigns provide the enticement for the reluctant. Capitalism encourages (and needs for it's continued survival) the worker-breeder-soldier-unit fiefdoms. Fratrifocal societies are bad for capitalism, as the sworn brothers share what they have; only one of something is needed. Imperial societies (particularly matriarchal) are healthy for capitalism, as each tiny control unit ("household") needs it's own copy of the given commodity or status object. Matriarchal societies also discourage artists and craftsmen. In fratrifocal societies, artists and craftsmen, as well as improvisation and adaptability are encouraged, which leads to less consumption. LIST OF MODERN IMPERIAL CULTS Any control system claiming a "chosen people", featuring forced "by-the-sword" conversions, recruitment, a long list of restrictive sins, a concept of a punishing hell, a centralized authority, or the objectification of genders and the Cult of the Little Girl are imperial societies and cults. Below is a partial list. The empire currently consists of any and all forms of: Judaism; Christianity; Islam; Baha'i; Wiccans/ Pagans/ Goddess-Worship; Rosicrucian; Zoroastrian; Masonic traditions; Hermetic traditions; Scientology; Vedic or Buddhist traditions featuring reincarnation and a caste system, both being used as a punishment and reward system to provide obedient followers; Capitalism; Communism; Marxist/ Maoist; UFO-Abducted cults; GAIA theory/ Crystal worship; 2012 Harmonic Convergence; Kabbalah; "Radical" political groups or special interests that promote violence and mayhem, including: feminism, environmentalists, Lesbian Avengers, Radical Fairies, ELF, ALF, PETA, and all other animal-rights groups of that ilk. Basically, anything that does not support an egalitarian, holistic traditional pre-imperial tribal worldview. Which side are you on THE CULT OF THE LITTLE GIRL In all imperial systems (especially the religions), males are demonized, and the female sanctified. This unbalanced dichotomy allows for a female-dominant, mass-consumer, easily centralized and controlled social structure to emerge. The easiest way to demonstrate this tremendous misandric bias is to simply look at three entrenched imperial ideals: - Women and children first. This automatically invokes somehow non-males are more important and precious. This is a throwback to medieval romantic chivalry, when the worker-breeder-soldier unit programming was being perfected. - Infant male circumcision. This barbaric practice continues under falsified data of unspecified "health benefits". It started as a practice in ancient Hebraic weddings- the bride would cut her groom's foreskin to "mark" him that he was married, so that it would be harder for him to "cheat" on her. It only benefits the worker-breeder-soldier unit, and the matriarchal society that encourages it. - The Victorian nursery rhyme: What are little girls made of, made of? What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of. What are little boys made of, made of? What are little boys made of? Snakes and snails, and puppy-dog tails, that's what little boys are made of. It is no wonder then that there is so much pathological misandry (hatred of men) in empire. It's deliberately built that way. The worship of the little girl is rampant and prevalent in the empire, and heavily sanctioned in it's religions. Stories of sainted mothers and virgin births are not all- the endorsed and encouraged sexualization of children- particularly girls- is an important aspect of the Babylonian Talmud, Judaism's main book of teachings on the Torah. Rabbi Dr. Isidore Epstein's 1935 English translation of the Babylonian Talmud, as published by Soncino Press, London, speaks repeatedly about how a girl is sexually mature at three years and a day old, (boys are legal at 9 years and a day old), and even to have intercourse with a girl younger that three years and a day old is only equal to "a stick poking her in the eye". It also states that at such a young age, a girl's hymen will grow back. Don't believe me? Read it yourself: Tractate Kethuboth; 6a, 11a, 11b Tractate Sanhedrin; 54a, 54b, 55a, 69b Tractate Niddah; 44b, 45a Tractate Yebamoth; 60b Tractate Abodah Zarah; 36b, 37a This is also the book set that promotes infantile male circumcision, and the moihel has to suck blood out of the wound on the infant boy's penis (a practice still in effect in conservative sects): Tractate Shabbath; 133a, 133b Tractate Nedarim; 31b Remember, too, that according to Talmudic law (as well as Islamic Sharia law, and Christian teachings as well), that any adult male who is affectionate or erotic with other adult males should be put to death, preferably by a public stoning, but fucking kids is all right. Just ask any Farsi Xi'paal Guatiaos in Iran. All of this twisted pathology directly creates and then promotes the non-existent, undefinable abstract of a "female's virtue/ honor". This quaint notion is quite serious, since the majority of EEUU/ USA lynchings of African-American males were "validated" by charges that he had "violated a (white) woman's virtue/ honor". He would then be escorted to a blind date with a hangman's noose, stripped naked, castrated, hung up, and then his corpse would be torched for good measure, while all the good Christian white folk smiled, laughed, took pictures, and tried to hide their erotic arousal. So, what exactly is this "womanly virtue/ honor"? I state that it is saying "no" to a female's demands; of not filling her whims and fancies quickly enough.   Rape was rarely if ever bandied about as a charge at a lynching, it was used only when there was overwhelming evidence of intercourse (ie, multiple witness-participants of an interracial gang-bang, or a "mulatto" baby being born). This is unlike today, when any and all sexual penetration has been labeled rape by feminist hero Andrea Dworkin. Instead of rape meaning true violence and harm, it is now invoked when any female changes her mind about having had consensual sex any time previously. It's her "woman's prerogative", even though, like in the Duke Lacrosse rape case, it is always male, not female lives, that are being destroyed. This highly flexible and undefinable "violation" paradigm gives females an insane, unchecked power- they only need to claim rape, and they no longer have any responsibility for any decision they have made: they are eternal victims who can do no wrong. They are absolved of any of their actions and misdeeds, simply by claiming that a male "violated their virtue/ honor". The recent three waves of feminism have exploited this insanity to a deeply criminal end. (See Timeline section, below) The Cult of the Little Girl continued and grew in mythos and strength, from medieval virgin saints and queens, and reached a pinnacle in Victorian England that continues on to today. Boys could do no right in Victorian England, unless they were in the military serving the elite, or "defending a woman's virtue/ honor" from another male. Guatiaos, when they occurred, were severely punished. We have, in this period, the beginning of our modern pathology and obsession with sexualized children and pedophilia. Lewis Carroll and his fellow drug-addled, dandy writers were famously obsessed underage twat worshipers, and by their "children's stories" and ribald poetry, they spread the Little Girl gospel well. The Cult of the Little Girl continues unbroken from then until now- Betty Boop naked every third frame; Shirley Temple dancing with her panties showing to "raise spirits" during the depression and World War II; right on through Brooke Shields and the Calvin Klein ads; Britney Spears the Mouseketeer; Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; and now JonBenet Ramsey, America's favorite little 5 year old whore.. The Ramsey case is the most revealing of all- not only was she exploited by her mom in "child beauty pageants", but in her death, she became a sex symbol for, and an obsession of the multitudes. She has become even more erotic and desirable to the imperial American zeitgeist now that she is dead. My Secret Garden has gone necrophilic. This is not to say that young boys have not suffered from these pathologies as well- the Roman Catholic priests and Haredi rebbis seem to have a taste for underage penises, as witnessed by the recent and continuing scandals. One gets the feeling, however, that while the little girls are being worshiped as pure and perfect, the little boys are being molested to break them, so that they can be controlled later on. This is endorsed by the fact that most churchgoers in Catholicism are females. Adolescent boys are challengers to imperial authority, it is why the imperial militias uses them instead of adult males. Revolutions are always caused by younger males, and never females. As a Calvinist minister once told me, "God can only work on a broken spirit". Therefore, the priests and rebbis try and break as many boys as possible to ensure they become followers when they are older. OBJECTIFICATION OF GENDERS IN EMPIRE This Cult of the Little Girl has created much pathology in empire, and has resulted in the negative objectification of everyone living under empire. For the non-males, it has led them to be viewed either as sainted mothers or sacred whores, or a toxic combination of the two. In many instances, it is manifested in Little Girl imagery, as with JonBenet Ramsey or Japanese sexpot schoolgirl images. Non-males are also infected with bad body image, which results in them mutilating themselves by starvation or surgery. Psychologically, they can no longer be self-actualized, and require endless outside reassurances that they are "good enough", or even outside validation for their own existence. The hatred and scorn of boys and men, both physical and psychological, continues onward and damages all males. All males are objectified in empire into either workers, breeders, soldiers, or a triplet trying to fill all three at once. This worker-breeder-soldier unit paradigm limits males to situations and expressions only beneficial to non-males and the controlling imperial elite. In other words, a male is only truly tolerated if he is serving a non-male, or one of the non-male approved imperial masters, or if he surrenders his masculinity, and becomes a non-male (gurrumiao or eyeri). A male's masculinity in empire is defined by non-males, and how he can serve and provide for them. It is a horrific, twisted, no-win situation. This impossible insanity was not always the case, however. And it doesn't need to be now. We CAN and MUST make the choices and changes in our lives NOW. BIOLOGICAL REALITY: A LITTLE PREHISTORY OF OUR SPECIES In 1967, a rabidly misandric feminist named Valerie Solanas published the SCUM Manifesto, SCUM being an acronym for "Society to Cut Up Men". Aside from the oft-spouted insanity that all men are useless rapists and should be killed, this polemic featured a new fantasy- that males are mutated females, and that because they are mutants, they should be destroyed. Instead of this idea falling by the wayside and becoming a forgotten fallacy, the imperial academic world jumped on it, and began endlessly promoting it. Textbooks taught it as science, adding that in the womb, we all start off as females. It has been added to, and twisted around so much, that the effects are widespread and chilling. It has helped put a pseudo-scientific, yet acceptable edge on the misandry of the modern empire. Coupled with the fantasy of the matriarchal pre-history, it has resulted in gendercide worldwide. (see Timeline section, below) It has also led to falsifications and fabrications like "Lucy", the "Eve" proving that "we all had one ancestor- and it was a FEMALE". So, what does REAL science show? Let's go for a little tour: - The species Homo sapiens (that's us) has been around in functioning current form for ~135,000 to ~140,000 years. - The species Homo sapiens has THREE kinds of chromosomes- x, y, and z. x is base human, y is male, and z is female. Features and traits on the y chromosome are quite stable, and can be traced for thousands of years without variance. Features on the z chromosome are highly variable, and mutate so much, that they cannot be traced after five generations at the most. x stays the relatively stable, and creates variations at a predictable rate. - mtDNA, which is from cell organelles in humans that have their own genome, are tied to the gender-chromosomes in patterns, and last longer than human traits are discernible. mtDNA can be used to date males to the beginning of our species, and females to ~18,700 BCE. That leaves a ~120,000 year plus time period when the modern female format was non-existent. As Esteban Sarmiento and crew write in The Last Human: A Guide to Twenty-Two Species of Extinct Humans (Yale University Press, New Haven CT, 2007): "It is not clear how far back in our ancestry the modern human male and female skeletal differences developed, and how far back in our evolutionary lineage they still served to distinguish the two sexes apart". THE GOLDEN AGE: A TIME BEFORE NON-MALES Any indigenous culture that is intact and not back-washed and contaminated by imperial religions has one interesting thing in common: a "golden age" of men created by gods, and gods and men directly interacting, including erotically and genetically. In this time, it is always made clear that there are no non-males in existence in any way shape or form. It is an entirely all-male creation and existence, and fratrifocal Guatiao type bonds flourish. Indeed, fratrifocal social bonds are an earmark of these cultures and their origins. The following cultures all prominently feature this all-male "golden age" in their classic mythology: Inuit, Ojibwa, Owasco, Haudenosaunee, Matouac, Taino, Carib, Maya, Korubo, Xingu, Tupi, Trobriand Islanders, Hawai'ians, Maori, Asmat, Queensland Aboriginal, Ainu, Cantonese, Miao Tsu, Nuba, Masai, Kara-Hamar, Zulu, !Kung, Norse, Sami, Classical Egyptian, Classical Greek, Sumerian, El-Al Semites. DEM BONES AND MODERN IMPLICATIONS Our species, Homo sapiens, has existed for ~135,000 to ~140,000 years or so. Non-males enter both the fossil and the mythological records at about 20,000 BCE. All previously dated humanoid fossil finds, both pre-Homo and Homo genus, have never yielded a provable non-male skeleton.(According to Sarmiento, a skeleton of the genus Homo would need the following features to be correctly declared non-male: a rounded mastoid complex, small hyoid bone, wide hips and a bony birth canal feature, as well as several pelvic details.) Anthropologist Robert Braidwood readily admits fossil finds are dubbed "her" (as a female) to "make the finds more interesting to modern sensibilities." That means for the first ~115,000 years of our species' existence, there were no females. Therefore, it is impossible for there to be an inborn attraction towards females in a human male. Any attraction a male feels towards a female is simply a learned (by force) and enforced behavior, and is not natural. As author David Leddick argues, afemale does not turn a male on, (indeed, she is incapable of turning a male on). He turns himself on by the ideas he has based on his programming and conditioning. In empire, that conditioning is misandric, feminist, and selfish. Any claims made by the paleontologists or fossil hunters are always quite suspect, as are their conclusions. Their track records full of deliberate and manipulative errors speak for themselves: Chinese feathered and flying dinosaurs that the National Geographic had to profusely apologize for; sauropods with the wrong mounting, and even the wrong skull attached for over 80 years, and then on the wrong end- Apatosaurus is the best example. The hominid hoaxes Piltdown man and the Cardiff Giant both came with the highest academic endorsement. Currently, composite Australopithecene skeletons (or actually, the "averaged" skeleton- the famous "Lucy" is now admitted to be a composite of at least 8 fossils-all which are "believed to be" of the same species) are used to "prove" human origins and evolution are matrilineal and African in origin.The craziest part of this is how a fragment of bone- a tooth, a piece of cranium, or a knuckle-bone can be used to re-construct an entire being, and then including detail of gender and skin color. Remember these are mineralized fossils, with no DNA or other identifying proteins still available. Indeed, the correct and natural human male bonding pattern is that of Guatiao type bonds, and a fratrifocal society.

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How could you possibly forget to mention Cult of the Swimming Elephant?

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