naked tag game in Polish Nazi camp - cool !

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Nov 30 10:14

'Art' video of naked tag game in Polish ex-Nazi camp has Jewish groups demanding answers Outraged Jewish rights groups have penned a letter to the Polish president, demanding an explanation for a bizarre naked “game of tag” art performance inside a former concentration camp's gas chamber.

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Nov 30 10:16

Wiesenthal himslef clearly was a pro nazi snitch like so many jews he worked for germany The Nazi German concentration camp, KL Stutthof in Sztutowo © Michal Fludra / Global Look Press Outraged Jewish rights groups have penned a letter to the Polish president, demanding an explanation for a bizarre naked “game of tag” art performance inside a former concentration camp's gas chamber. The 5-minute video (WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT), titled “Game of Tag,” shows several men and women, all stark naked, running and laughing in a concrete dungeon resembling a gas chamber. The title on the video says that it was filmed in “two different locations: in the basement of a private home and in a gas chamber of one of the former concentration camps.” The video was filmed in 1999 by Artur Zmijewski, but has returned to the headlines after activists tracked down the exact location of the filming: the Stutthof concentration camp, east of the city of Gdansk. Read more Parts of the Holocaust memorial project 2 former Nazi camp guards charged with hundreds of Holocaust killings In 2015, the "performance" courted controversy when it became a part of an exhibition reflecting on the impact the concentration camps left on Polish, Jewish and German societies. The exhibition was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow and was endorsed by the Israeli embassy in Poland, which requested the removal of the controversial “art piece” shortly after it sparked outrage. The call was supported by numerous Jewish groups, who denounced the film as “revolting” and the “most disgusting” and immoral thing, according to the Wiesenthal Center’s Efraim Zuroff. The video “causes extraordinary anguish to Auschwitz survivors to whom the Holocaust is not a remote event in history, but rather serves as an enduring warning about the dangers of anti-Semitism, racial hatred and xenophobia,” The Times of Israel cited World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder as saying at the time. However, while the museum initially pledged to pull the video, the only thing it did was limit access to the work, which remained a part of the exhibition being displayed in a specially built enclosure with the disclaimer, “Only for adult viewers.” Read more © han_side Pose with Hitler?! Indonesian museum offers happy snaps in front of Auschwitz display for ‘fun’ Defending its decision, the museum said that visitors should decide for themselves if they want to watch the performance, arguing that the video should not be taken as an insult, and is just a way to rekindle a discussion about the suffering of the Jews at the hands of Nazis. A number of prominent Jewish groups, including the Organization of Holocaust Survivors in Israel and the Simon Wiesenthal center, appealed to Polish President Andrzej Duda on Wednesday to reveal if the Polish government was aware of the filming and whether the artist was given the go-ahead by the local authorities, the Times of Israel reported, citing a letter they sent to Duda’s office. The activists also asked if there are applicable rules that regulate proper conduct at the site and whether the circumstances of the filming were subject to investigation by the authorities. The Stutthof concentration camp was established in September 1939 and functioned until it was liberated by the Allies on Victory Day: May 9, 1945. Between 1939 and 1945, some 65,000 people, including 28,000 Jews, were exterminated there or died due to the dire conditions in the camp.

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Nov 30 10:19

Pose with Hitler?! Indonesian museum offers happy snaps in front of Auschwitz display for ‘fun’ gotta travel there !

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Nov 30 11:15

> The call was supported by numerous Jewish groups, who denounced the film as “revolting” and the “most disgusting” and immoral thing, according to the Wiesenthal Center’s Efraim Zuroff. But all the scat and kiddie porn, and female-degrading xxx pornography produced by jews is never mentioned as "revolting" or "most disgusting and immoral thing." Whether or not they are victims, the Jews are unregenerate.

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Nov 30 11:23

the Organization of Holocaust Survivors in Israel funny how there are more of them every year ! lets wait another 5 years and we have more survivors than jews in 1938 !

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Nov 30 11:32

I did not qualify for welfare. Then I found out I was a holocaust survivor. The reparations are better than welfare. Thank you USA. You did not do enough to prevent the holocaust, so you must pay me.

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Nov 30 11:39

in fact, "I was told that I was a holohoax survivor". still cant believe it myself , while LOLing all the way to the bank

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Nov 30 11:46

I did not realize I was a holocaust survivor. Then Rabbi Herschel showed me the size of his monthly reparations payment checks. I immediately was cured of amnesia, and I remembered surviving the holocaust.

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even the Cjinese freal out on this jew scum shit

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Dec 16 12:19

china cool

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