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#!/usr/bin/env python2.7 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- ''' ### TOR IRC ### Fully anonymous text chat. Launch it using your python language interpreter in a bash shell / Konsole. ### TorTextChat (TTC) ### release home site TorTextChat version 1.981 find chat partners, see also : rendez-vous site : referral, see also stem : UBF = Ultimate BM Forum : UBF release thread : original Project homepage : new Project homepage : wiki : project alias name : TTC = TorTextChat don't forget: set executable bit ! use python2 not python3 use correct port numbers above 1030 ! have from sourceforge "socksipy" in the same subdirectory as torIRC ! works with tor Tor but maybe not with TBB using tor version > 3.0 The project simply consists of this very file - a single python script. No additional file is needed from to run torIRC . Very handy and kewl ! TorIRC is also published on Bitmessage, chan "general" as a torIRC.tar archive file to avoid indentation problems after text-copy-paste. Right-click, "save BM as file" named "torIRC.tar" and untar the .py scriptfile. Else, save this whole text as a file named " " --- it is a python v2.7 executable script Actually, 'torIRC' is a bit of a misnomer (taken over the original project name) since no IRC protocol is involved at all. torIRC uses very simple raw text exchange without any protocol as such on the python level. It works with both python2.7 and pypy. Maybe this project will later be renamed 'TTC' = TorTextChat . With TOR running, run torIRC as ./ --server MY-CHAT --- this will start a chat server, now you need clients to connect to it The server will tell you how to connect , such as : [I] Adding hidden service... hit CTRL-C to stop your chat server [C] Hostname is savjd7h4riras2aq.onion [I] Server Active [I] Connect with the command ./ --connect=savjd7h4riras2aq.onion #################### ./ --connect will run the client mode, so you can actually chat #################### ./ --server will run the server mode, to which the clients must connect. CTRL-C will stop server. In the Client window, you'll see sth. like: ~$./ -c x6nz4zuolgq5hhkr.onion Trying to connect to x6nz4zuolgq5hhkr.onion:11009 clientConnection: Connected to x6nz4zuolgq5hhkr.onion Now you can start to text chat ! In the client window, type /help for a documentation help text. It takes ca. one minute, then you have a chat server going ! So kewl ! No need to edit /etc/tor/torrc - except sometimes. Make sure the port numbers match up between this file (user var section) and torrc . Test TOR-IRC by opening 3 Konsole-windows, then run 1 server and also run 2 clients. Then you can chat with yourself in the 2 client windows. Expect 2-5 seconds of delay for every chat line. STEM is located at Full auto mode with STEM library, install STEM and all other prerequisites beforehand with your package manager. Run -a inside STEM lib dir from downloaded to see if anything is reported missing , e.g. : socksiPy ### stem needs: mock pyflakes pep8 pycrypto tox don't forget stem itself ! TO DO: use re-usable onions like in the mini Tor-WebServer at ### to reduce the torIRC project into this single one .py-file, the original README file is attached below: ### no additional files needed, tor-IRC is now an "all-in-one-file project" :-) TorIRC Anonymous IRC-like multiuser chat using TOR hidden services, with emphasis in network-analysis protection. This is a simple client/server chat using TOR hidden services and the python Stem controller library, implemented in a single python file. License is GNU-GPL Usage: [options] Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -c CONNECT, --connect=some-Server Acts as client, connect to server -s, --server Acts as server Example use: This is a console-only application. You need a recent version of TOR configured and in your path. Also the time of the computer needs to be correct or else TOR won't connect. In the Server: ~$ sudo -u debian-tor ./ -s #EXAMPLESRV [I] Connecting to TOR via Stem [I] Tor relay is alive. 369347 bytes read, 317787 bytes written. [C] Tor Version: (git-4a0c70a817797420) [C] Socks port is: 9050 [I] Adding hidden service... [C] Hostname is x6nz4zuolgq5hhkr.onion [I] Server Active [I] Connect with the command "./ --connect=x6nz4zuolgq5hhkr.onion" In the Client: ~$./ -c x6nz4zuolgq5hhkr.onion Trying to connect to x6nz4zuolgq5hhkr.onion:11009 clientConnection: Connected to x6nz4zuolgq5hhkr.onion You will be assigned a randomly generated nick. You need to set your nick with '/nick' and you are good to go. If you want multiple chatrooms, start multiple servers, each one will auto-generate their own hidden-service url. Objectives Anonymous/Encrypted chat resistant to: Network analysis techniques Exploits Crypto attacks Trust minimization To reach those objectives the design of torirc follows: Simplicity: Small means less bugs and easier to audit Interpreted language: Avoid most memory corruption bugs Minimize library use: Again, less code susceptible to bugs Entropy maximization: When possible, random delays and useless data is transmitted. Discussion of choices Python: I selected python because it's what I know, and the interpreter is relatively small. Second choice would have been Java, but the JRE is too big and cumbersome. Also Python usually comes installed in most Linux distros. Also TOR has Stem, a very nice python-controller lib. TOR: big ugly chunk of C code that I do not trust entirely, but at this time is the only software that provides the functionality that I need, that is, hidden services and onion routing. Also, the current version of torirc doesn't have his own cryptography routines and uses TOR for it, but this may change in the future. Alternatives Here are alternative software and why I do not like it: IRC over tor: This is the best alternative, but only if you don't use any public server. Anyway this is vulnerable to exploits as IRC servers and clients tend to be huge pieces of C code. Also Network analysis is trivial with this protocol. MSN/Gtalk/Pidgin: Horrible choices, huge codebases, hundreds of libraries riddled with bugs, vulnerable to exploits, central server sees all your (often plaintext) messages, etc. Some plugins like OTR fix some shortcomings, but network analysis is also trivial. Silc: They wrote their own crypto, that's a big mistake. Also, it's written in C. I do believe they also don't protect against network analysis. torchat: Nice alternative but only P2P, latest versions started to creep with unsafe functionality like emoticons, etc. Network analysis protections This still is experimental software so no strong network-analysis-proof must be assumed. At this moment: Thanks to TOR, nobody, the server or the clients, known the IP address of nobody else. However, the server knows when a client is connected. The client periodically sends random data at random intervals. Every message is padded to minimum_message_len (currently 256 bytes) The server doesn't accurately report the number of clients in the chatroom, it only erases a nick approximately a day after it disconnects (this delay is also random) Network analysis is a hard problem and there are hundreds of side-channels that can be used to determine if a user is connected or not. This information can be the difference between life and death for some people, so it's a useful problem to tackle IMHO. Stem Latest tor-irc version uses the Stem python library to connect and control TOR, and now it makes uses of the system TOR daemon instead of spawning it's own TOR process. This is more clean but it requires you to install the Stem library and configure the TOR control port. If you do not want to do this, the script doesn't uses Stem, but it's bigger and uglier. still TO DO: Authentication # to restrict access to the tor process Network-timing analysis graph errors TODO [E] Ephemeral hidden services were added in tor version [notice] debian jessie : Tor v0.2.5.12 (git-e7d9695a6fd06d08) running on Linux with Libevent 2.0.21-stable, OpenSSL 1.0.1t has the needed 0.2.8 with ephemerals :-) ### python source part below fixed June 19th, 2016 by some BitMessage person Copyright (C) 2012-2013, Alfredo Ortega <> All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA, or google it. licence see: ''' __author__="alfred" __date__ ="$Jul 30, 2013$" import curses from threading import Thread from optparse import OptionParser import time,os,subprocess import socket,select,random,sys import tempfile ## ---------- Start of user-configurable variables ---------------- minimum_message_len=256 # Network-related variables tor_server='' # Used if can't load it from configuration tor_server_control_port=9051 # 9051 TBB / TOR ControlPort 9051 tor_server_socks_port=9050 # 9050 9150 TBB SOCKSPort 9050 # Default: Bind to localhost:9050 for local connections. ######################################################################################################## adjust this if you want hidden_service_interface='' hidden_service_port=11009 # 1109 is original port no. #11801 # # #HiddenServicePort 11801 # in torrc: HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/ # 11801 remote ....: ## Time "noise". Increase this value in dire situations clientRandomWait=1 # Random wait before sending messages clientRandomNoise=10 # Random wait before sending the "noise message" to the server serverRandomWait=1 # Random wait before sending messages ## Gui buddywidth=20 ## ---------- End of user-configurable variables ----------------- # lists for the gui chantext=[] roster=[] ## Tor stem glue class class torStem(): def connect(self,addr='',cport=9051): print "[I] Connecting to TOR via Stem library" # Load Stem lib try: from stem.control import Controller except: print "[E] Cannot load stem module." print "[E] Try installing python-stem with the package manager of your distro ('pacman' or whatever)" exit(0) # Connect to TOR self.controller = Controller.from_port(address=addr,port=cport) self.controller.authenticate() # provide the password here if you set one bytes_read = self.controller.get_info("traffic/read") bytes_written = self.controller.get_info("traffic/written") print "[I] Tor relay is alive. %s bytes read, %s bytes written." % (bytes_read, bytes_written) print "[C] Tor Version: %s" % str(self.controller.get_version()) # Get socks port try: self.SocksPort=self.controller.get_conf("SocksPort") if self.SocksPort==None: self.SocksPort=9050 else: self.SocksPort=int(self.SocksPort) print "[C] Socks port is: %d" % self.SocksPort except: print "[E] Failed to get Socks port, trying" self.SocksPort=9050 pass # Add hidden service ----------------------------------------------- error fixed now in 2016 print "[I] Adding hidden service. Hit CTRL-C to stop server afterwards. Please wait ca. one minute until hidden service is ready." self.hostname = self.controller.create_ephemeral_hidden_service({hidden_service_port: '%s:%d' % (hidden_service_interface, hidden_service_port)}, await_publication = True).service_id + '.onion' print "[C] Hostname is %s" % self.hostname def disconnect(self): # Remove hidden service print "Removing hidden service and shutting down torIRC." self.controller.remove_ephemeral_hidden_service(self.hostname.replace('.onion', '')) # stuff from 2013 not working any longer : #newHiddenServiceDir=tempfile.mkdtemp() #self.origConfmap = self.controller.get_conf_map("HiddenServiceOptions") #self.controller.set_options([ #('HiddenServiceDir' ,self.origConfmap["HiddenServiceDir"]), #('HiddenServicePort',self.origConfmap["HiddenServicePort"]), #('HiddenServiceDir',newHiddenServiceDir), #('HiddenServicePort',"%d %s:%d" % (hidden_service_port,hidden_service_interface,hidden_service_port)) #]) #self.hostname=open("%s/hostname" % newHiddenServiceDir,"rb").read().strip() #def disconnect(self): ## Remove hidden service #print "Removing hidden service..." #self.controller.set_options([ #('HiddenServiceDir',self.origConfmap["HiddenServiceDir"]), #('HiddenServicePort',self.origConfmap["HiddenServicePort"]) #]) ## Log Mode (Server logs to stdout, client do not) STDoutLog=False # Add padding to a message up to minimum_message_len def addpadding(message): if len(message)<minimum_message_len: message+=chr(0) for i in range(minimum_message_len-len(message)): message+=chr(random.randint(ord('a'),ord('z'))) return message ## Return sanitized version of input string def sanitize(string): out="" for c in string: if (ord(c)==0): break # char(0) marks start of padding if (ord(c)>=0x20) and (ord(c)<0x80): out+=c return out ## Log function ## Logs to STDOut or to the chantext channel list def log(text): if (STDOutLog): print text else: maxlen=width-buddywidth-1 while (True): if (len(text[:maxlen])>0): chantext.append(text[:maxlen]) text=text[maxlen:] if text=='': break redraw(stdscr) stdscr.refresh() ### Server class # Contains the server socket listener/writer class Server(): # Server roster dictionary: nick->timestamp serverRoster={} ## List of message queues to send to clients servermsgs=[] ## channel name channelname="" ## Eliminate all nicks more than a day old def serverRosterCleanThread(self): while True: time.sleep(10) current=time.time() waittime = random.randint(60*60*10,60*60*36) # 10 hours to 1.5 days for b in self.serverRoster: if current-self.serverRoster[b]>waittime: # Idle for more than the time limit self.serverRoster.pop(b) # eliminate nick waittime = random.randint(60*60*10,60*60*36) ## Thread attending a single client def serverThread(self,conn,addr,msg,nick): log("(ServerThread): Received connection - a buddy connected !") conn.setblocking(0) randomwait=random.randint(1,serverRandomWait) while (True): try: time.sleep(1) ready =[conn], [], [], 1.0) if ready[0]: data=sanitize(conn.recv(minimum_message_len)) if len(data)==0: continue message="%s: %s" % (nick,data) # Received PING, send PONG if data.startswith("/PING"): message="" msg.append(data) continue # Change nick. Note that we do not add to roster before this operation if data.startswith("/nick "): newnick=data[6:].strip() if newnick.startswith("--"):continue log("Nick change: %s->%s" % (nick,newnick)) nick=newnick self.serverRoster[newnick]=time.time() # save/refresh timestamp message="Nick changed to %s" % newnick msg.append(message) continue # Return roster if data.startswith("/roster"): message = "--roster" message+=" %s" % self.channelname totalbuddies=len(self.servermsgs) for r in self.serverRoster: message+=" %s" % r totalbuddies-=1 message+=" --anonymous:%d" % totalbuddies msg.append(message) continue if data.startswith("/serverhelp"): msg.append("These are the commands which are supported:") msg.append(" /serverhelp : Send this help text") msg.append(" /roster : Send the list of connected buddies") msg.append(" /nick <my-new-name> : Changes your nickname") continue # refresh timestamp self.serverRoster[nick]=time.time() # Send 'message' to all queues for m in self.servermsgs: m.append(message) # We need to send a message if len(msg)>0: randomwait-=1 # Wait some random time to add noise if randomwait==0: m = addpadding(msg.pop(0)) conn.sendall(m) randomwait=random.randint(1,serverRandomWait) # Random wait before sending noise to the client if random.randint(0,clientRandomNoise)==0: ping="/PING " for i in range(120): ping+="%02X" % random.randint(ord('a'),ord('z')) msg.append(ping) except: self.servermsgs.remove(msg) conn.close() print "exiting: msgs %d" % len(self.servermsgs) raise ## Server main thread def serverMain(self,channel_name): global STDOutLog STDOutLog=True self.channelname=channel_name # Connects to TOR and create hidden service self.ts=torStem() try: self.ts.connect(tor_server,tor_server_control_port) except Exception as e: log("[E] %s" % e) log("[E] Check if the control port is activated in /etc/tor/torrc") log("[E] Try to run as the same user as tor, i.e. sudo -u debian-tor ./ -s MY-CHAT (maybe useful or not) ") exit(0) ## advice is not useful in Arch Linux with user "tor" # Start server socket s=socket.socket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM) s.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1) s.bind((hidden_service_interface,hidden_service_port)) log('[I] chat Server now Active') log('[I] Connect in order to chat typing the command "%s --connect=%s"' % (sys.argv[0],self.ts.hostname)) s.listen(5) # Create server roster cleanup thread t = Thread(target=self.serverRosterCleanThread, args=()) t.daemon = True t.start() while True: try: conn,addr = s.accept() cmsg=[] nick="anon_%d" % random.randint(0,10000) cmsg.append("Welcome %s, this is %s" % (nick,self.channelname)) self.servermsgs.append(cmsg) t = Thread(target=self.serverThread, args=(conn,addr,cmsg,nick)) t.daemon = True t.start() except KeyboardInterrupt: self.ts.disconnect() log("[I] (Main chat Server Thread): Exiting") exit(0) except: pass ## Client commands commands =[] def chat_help(): pass # Client Help def chat_help(args): chantext.append("\ttor-IRC, %s %s" % (__author__,__date__)) chantext.append("\tCommands available:") for c in commands: chantext.append("\t\t/%s: %s" % (c[0],c[2])) return "" commands.append(("help",chat_help,"Local help")) # Server help def chat_server_help(args): return "/serverhelp" commands.append(("serverhelp",chat_server_help,"Request server commands help text")) # Quit def chat_quit(args): exit(0) commands.append(("quit",chat_quit,"Exit the python application 'TOR-IRC'")) ## --- end client commands ## Client GUI functions count=0 cmdline="" inspoint=0 pagepoint=0 def changeSize(stdscr): global width,height size = stdscr.getmaxyx() width=size[1] height=size[0] def redraw(stdscr): global textpad global roster stdscr.clear() # draw Text line=height-3 for i in reversed(range(len(chantext)-pagepoint)): try: stdscr.addstr(line,0,chantext[i],0) if line==0: break else: line-=1 except: pass # draw roster for i in range(len(roster)): buddy=roster[i] stdscr.addstr(i,width-buddywidth+1,str(buddy),0) # draw lines stdscr.hline(height-2,0,curses.ACS_HLINE,width) stdscr.vline(0,width-buddywidth,curses.ACS_VLINE,height-2) # prompt prompt="~ " stdscr.addstr(height-1,0,"%s%s" % (prompt,cmdline),0) stdscr.move(height-1,len(prompt)+inspoint) # Process command line # Returns string to send to server def processLine(command): if command.startswith("/"): comm=command[1:].split(' ') for t in commands: if comm[0].startswith(t[0]): func=t[1] return func(comm) return command # Client connection thread def clientConnectionThread(stdscr,ServerOnionURL,msgs): global roster # Try to load Socksipy try: import socks except: print "[E] Cannot load socksiPy module." print "[E] Try installing python-socksiPy with package manager of your distro : " exit(0) while(True): try: log("Trying to connect to %s:%d" % (ServerOnionURL,hidden_service_port)) ## Connects to TOR via Socks s=socks.socksocket(socket.AF_INET,socket.SOCK_STREAM) s.setproxy(socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS5,tor_server,tor_server_socks_port) s.settimeout(100) s.connect((ServerOnionURL,hidden_service_port)) s.setblocking(0) log("clientConnection: Connected to %s" % ServerOnionURL) log("clientConnection: Autorequesting roster...") msgs.append("/roster") randomwait=random.randint(1,clientRandomWait) except: log("clientConnection: Cannot connect! retrying...") time.sleep(1) continue try: while(True): time.sleep(1) ready =[s], [], [], 1.0) # received data from server if ready[0]: data=sanitize(s.recv(minimum_message_len)) # received pong (ignore) if data.find("/PING ")>-1: continue # received roster list if data.startswith("--roster"): roster=[] for i in data.split(' ')[1:]: roster.append(i) # Write received data to channel log(data) # We need to send a message if len(msgs)>0: randomwait-=1 # Wait some random time to add noise if randomwait==0: m = addpadding(msgs.pop(0)) s.sendall(m) randomwait=random.randint(1,clientRandomWait) # send noise in form of PINGs if random.randint(0,clientRandomNoise)==0: ping="/PING " for i in range(120): ping+="%02X" % random.randint(0,255) #log("Sending %s" % ping) msgs.append(ping) except: s.close() pass ## Client main procedure def clientMain(stdscr,ServerOnionURL): global cmdline global inspoint global pagepoint global width,height changeSize(stdscr) redraw(stdscr) ## Message queue to send to server msgs=[] t = Thread(target=clientConnectionThread, args=(stdscr,ServerOnionURL,msgs)) t.daemon = True t.start() # Main Loop while True: input=stdscr.getch() # event processing if (input == curses.KEY_RESIZE): changeSize(stdscr) # Basic line editor if (input == curses.KEY_LEFT) and (inspoint>0): inspoint-=1 if (input == curses.KEY_RIGHT) and (inspoint<len(cmdline)): inspoint+=1 if (input == curses.KEY_BACKSPACE) and (inspoint>0): cmdline=cmdline[:inspoint-1]+cmdline[inspoint:] inspoint-=1 if (input == curses.KEY_DC) and (inspoint<len(cmdline)): cmdline=cmdline[:inspoint]+cmdline[inspoint+1:] if (input == curses.KEY_HOME): inspoint=0 if (input == curses.KEY_END): inspoint=len(cmdline) #PgUp/PgDown if (input == curses.KEY_PPAGE): pagepoint+=height-2 if len(chantext)-pagepoint<0: pagepoint=len(chantext) if (input == curses.KEY_NPAGE): pagepoint-=height-2 if pagepoint<0: pagepoint=0 #History: TODO """ if (input == curses.KEY_UP): if (input == curses.KEY_DOWN): """ if (input == 10): tosend=processLine(cmdline) if len(tosend)>0: msgs.append(tosend) cmdline="" inspoint=0 # Ascii key if input>31 and input<128: if len(cmdline)<(width-5): cmdline=cmdline[:inspoint]+chr(input)+cmdline[inspoint:] inspoint+=1 redraw(stdscr) # Client # Init/deinit curses def Client(ServerOnionURL): global stdscr global STDOutLog STDOutLog=False try: # Initialize curses stdscr=curses.initscr() curses.noecho() curses.cbreak() stdscr.keypad(1) # Enter the main loop clientMain(stdscr,ServerOnionURL) # Set everything back to normal stdscr.keypad(0) curses.echo() curses.nocbreak() # Terminate curses curses.endwin() exit(0) except: # In event of error, restore terminal to sane state. stdscr.keypad(0) curses.echo() curses.nocbreak() curses.endwin() # Main proc: # Parse options, invoke Server or Client if __name__=='__main__': parser = OptionParser() parser.add_option("-c", "--connect", action="store", type="string", dest="connect", help="Acts as client, connect to server") parser.add_option("-s", "--server" , action="store", type="string", dest="channel_name", help="Acts as server") # no arguments->bail if len(sys.argv)==1: parser.print_help() exit(0) (options, args) = parser.parse_args() if options.channel_name: s=Server() s.serverMain(options.channel_name) else: if len(options.connect)>0: Client(options.connect) else: parser.print_help()

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