Your Fake Universe

Nov 2 20:55 [raw]

Your Fake Universe According to NASA the earth is moving through the cosmos at 560 million miles per hour. Thus they claim the earth is moving 300 thousand times faster than a rifle bullet. And you feel none of that motion. The truth is the earth is flat and stationary and the heavenly bodies are merely lights that circle the plane of the sky. Man never went to the moon. Satellites are a hoax. The ISS is a hoax done with green screens and augmented virtual reality computers.

Nov 2 23:29 [raw]

Right. And what 'planet' are you on? There's no amount of tellin you flat pedo weirdos that your nuts. Look up Scientology, another 'nut case' unbelievable pedo belief.

Nov 2 23:33 [raw]

>Look up Scientology Oh look, the ballist is trying to induct people here into yet another cult. What a suprise.

Nov 2 23:44 [raw]

Have to admit "ballist" isn't bad at all. The short actor it cetainly well indocrinated.

Nov 3 07:48 [raw]

No accurate flat earth map. If Earth were relatively 2-dimensional geometry, then well-established geographical dimensions should appear proportionately correct on a 2-dimensional map. But they do not at all. The flat brain map grossly distorts continents, and inexplicably stretches longitude and latitude lines to fit. Russia is known to be 6,000 miles long, and Australia is about 2,500 miles long, but on the flat map, Australia is as large as Russia! How would you account for this discrepancy? It is geometrically impossible to accurately fit Earth geography into a 2D disc shape, because Earth is a sphere. It is like trying to make a deflated basketball lay flat with all of the skin facing up.

Nov 3 08:02 [raw]

> The flat brain map There is no flat earth map. The map commonly used by flat earthers is the old naval azimuthal equidistant map. This map was not produced by flat earthers. Any inaccuracies in that map are from the map makers, not the flat earthers. The azimuthal equidistant map is also the official logo of the United Nations and the very emblem on the United Nations flag. Will the critic take his criticism to the United Nations, where it belongs? This is just one example of how ball riders prop up scarecrows to suppor their delusions. They take a map that was not made by flat earthers, then blame the map and its inaccuracies on the flat earth hypothesis. That's not how scientific debate works.

Nov 3 08:15 [raw]

The tidal locked Moon. According to flat brain consensus, the Moon circles 3,000 miles above a flat Earth. In which case we would have to see every side of the Moon each day, and the phases would cycle every 24 hours. On flat earth, Africans could simultaneously see the opposite side of the Moon from South Americans. And when the Moon is over the same time zone as Quebec, Canadians above the Tropic of Cancer would see the front of a nearly full moon, while Chileans in the same time zone below the Tropic of Capricorn would simultaneously see the dark backside of the Moon. But here in reality, we all only ever see the same side of the Moon, with an insignificant change in orbital viewing angle because it is 238,900 miles away. This point alone is an irrefutable debunk of flat Earth.

Nov 3 08:23 [raw]

Examples of Flat Brain Beliefs To bring you up to speed on this topic, here is a list of just some of the things flat-brainers teach. Note that not all flat-brainers agree on everything here, but everything listed below are arguments I have heard from flat-brainers: "The Earth is a flat round disk and not a sphere, just like the Bible teaches." "Look at the horizon: it's flat! It would be curved if we were on a globe." "Antarctica is not the 'south pole'; it is the ice wall around the edges keeping the oceans in." "The Sun revolves around the Earth (above it), much nearer than the accepted 93 million miles away." "Night can still happen because the Sun's light works like a flashlight illuminating only one part of the disk at once." "Gravity is a lie. It is the Earth moving upward that pulls us down." "Photos of a round Earth from space are almost all photo-shopped composites." "A great conspiracy of NASA, other space agencies, astronauts, pilots and others is responsible for faking evidence of a globe and hiding the true (flat) nature of the Earth from us." At this point you're either laughing hysterically or your head is spinning as you try to remember the other reasons (not contradicted above) for why you know (...think...believe...or is it assume?) the Earth to be a ball. Don't bother. The flat-brainers have a rebuttal for every single proof you can think of...and (literally) hundreds more that you cannot. Basically, they say everything you have been taught is false and every proof you accepted—that you did not prove yourself—was fabricated by the conspiracy. In other words, flat-brainers think you should trust only what your own eyes see, not photos, videos, pseudo-science and other things created by outside untrustworthy sources...and you, too, will arrive at the inescapable conclusion of a flat Earth.

Nov 3 21:11 [raw]

Of special note is also the official NATO emblem, which is also on the NATO flag. The four-pointed star in the circle is a very ancient symbol of the flat earth. It signifies the four corners of the world and the rotation of the cosmos over its surface. So we have both NATO and the UN using symbols or maps that depict the earth as a plane circumscribed by a round heaven.

Nov 3 21:23 [raw]

This assumes the moon is a sphere reflecting sunlight. Two assumptions to prop up your scarecrow argument. All your heliocentric arguments are based on assumptions that defy actual observation. The opposite of scientific method. You have a religion.

Nov 3 22:55 [raw]

They're dumbasses

Nov 3 23:09 [raw]

It doesn't matter what you say to these dumbass 'flat brain' (as you describe) believers. They're on par with the untrustworthy cripple types who seem to think their life is at the disposal of able bodied individuals. Not long ago they would have simply died because of natural selction. Of course now everyone has the right to survive. Hey! My dog is sick! I'll have it put down. Period.

Nov 4 02:00 [raw]

you are a sick and satanic scumfuck murder is in your twisted heart

Nov 4 11:59 [raw]

Even a monkey can observe the shape of the shadow on the face of the moon changing day by day, and correctly conclude that the moon really is a sphere. But flat-brains aren't as intelligent as monkeys!

Nov 4 17:50 [raw]

These flat earth weirdos can't be told. They are beyone reproach. Ballists know they are nuts and belong in an assylum.

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