BitMessage Secure Station's architecture security review : White Papers & Publications about Designing Secure Hardware and fighting Hardware Backdoors.

Sep 17 03:37

Air Gap computers security procedures - Schneier on Security : An automobile security protocol: Side-channel security against timing and relay attacks : Glitching and Side-Channel hardware analysis for All : Introduction to Hardware Security justifying the need for Free Integrated Circuits (This article is interesting to compare with my work on the BitMessage Secure Station design) : Designing Trustworthy Hardware (Another interesting article to compare with my work on the BitMessage Secure Station) : Security Against Hardware Trojan Attack via Novel Chaos FSM & Delay Chains Array PUF Based Design Obfuscation Scheme (Another very interesting article to compare with my work on the BitMessage Secure Station) : Integrated Circuits Trojan Detection using IC Fingerprinting :

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Sep 18 22:18

Air gaps have been breached. Stuxnet was a breach of an airgap. Unusual and absolutely more sophisticated than nearly any other actor in the world, but a breach none the less... in the real world... not controlled environment and conditions. USB key was brought in, air gap was fucked.

Sep 18 22:19

And if I publish those article, it's because there are many usefull secure design tips. It's to self-educate script kiddies about real challenges we face in cyber security. Most folks ignore just everything about hardware, while it is the most important thing to integrate, as long as software runs on hardware, and if hardware is compromized, what ever you do in software will be. That all. I published those article for educational purpose. Spreading knowledge. Now, if people want to push up to true TEMPEST grade security design tips, let's go.

Sep 18 22:19

Well, I am perfectly aware of malware of the kind "BRUTAL KANGAROO" of the CIA. Many other agencies must have developped similar things. Still, there are many things that can be done to restore air-gapped computers their true isolations. It's mainly security procedure to apply and understand. But there is also another approach consisting in developping accessories, like this project : This project I tried to develop in partnership with wikilkeaks (The partnership failed due to spyshit interferences) is solving the problem of how to extract / inject safely data from or to an air-gapped computer. In the BitMessage Secure Station I am developping, I am using other technics to garantee a safe transmission of information between non-air-gapped Raspberry Pi and an air-gapped one. Details can be found here : Now, I am also aware of the risk and the danger that new kind of secret covert channel within recent microprocessors (Like an undocument RF transmitter/receiver) could make air-gapping computers much more complicated : Maybe it will require that air-gapped computers shall be completely isolated from the outside world within a TEMPEST shielding case, so that any undocument secret RF covert channel within some integrated circuits could not be exploited. In the "FPGA version" of the BitMessage Secure Station, we will implement a few basic known tricks to prevent such covert/side channels to operate properly : - TEMPEST shielding. - Usage of Opto-couplers on data lines of the SPI port used to interconnect the two Raspberry Pi through the FPGA dedicated to this, placing opto-couplers on all signal lines. Then, there is another thing that must be taken into consideration : When using the BitMessage Secure Station, one could have the "air-gapped" security features broken if they would, for example, use a USB keyboard and/or mouse that would contain such RF backdoor. For this reason, I am planning creating a custom made supplementary PCB with an FPGA to replace a standard PCB board in a choosen low cost USB keyboard, by my own safe electronic PCB to manage the keyboard : One would just have to buy de specific model of USB keyboard, open it, get rid of its original PCB, and replace it with our own secure and trusted one. Doing so woulf fuck agencies like NSA with their fucking TAO program. But let's do improve things one step at a time not to discourage ourselves to move forward. For the time being, I am working on the simple "Devleoper version" that is going to be produced in very low quantity, and exclusively sent to BitMessage software Core developers & contributors to help them speed up the adaptation of the BitMessage software so that it can run on the splitted architecture of the BitMessage Secure Station with its two Raspberry Pi. Kind regards, Stman.

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Sep 18 22:19

> Still, there are many things that can be done to restore air-gapped computers their true isolations. Problem #1, first and foremost is that NO, you can not guarantee the absolute isolation of an airgap. Even surrounded by a faraday cage of lead, somebody will find a way. Is your power being generated inside of the cage? Do you have ANY KIND of ingress/egress of air or power? Noise? People? The mechanism you're using between the green and red networks... will be an attacker's target. Air gaps are a line of defense, but they're by no means a guarantee.

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Sep 19 00:47

Yes. I am a skilled electronician, and I know all the power analysis side/covert channels issues. Having the Air-gapped Raspberry pi Powers by rechargeable batteries within the TEMPEST shielding is a MILITARY GRADE measure of protection to fight SIGINT and TEMPEST captation of electromagnetic signals. Military usually add jammer outside the TEMPEST cage, to ensure that the very few signals that manage to escape the cage will me diluted into the noise generated by the jammer. But hey, here you are pushing me up to military grade TEMPEST protection design. What we are seeking with the BitMessage Secure Station project is to be able to block ALL remote hack attacks, including those who could exploit secret RF transmitters. We have never said we would go up to a perfect TEMPEST shielding. Still, the hardware we are designing is "ready" to me pushed to such military grade protection, but this will not be in the standard version, because it is out of scope of the goals we were reaching. I just wanna be able to block massive automated or targeted hack attacks. But not make the device 100% TEMPEST proof. Imagine that in our of the keyboard you would use, there would be a secret BLuetooth LE transmitters, we want to block such attack, but this is the highest level of protection we were seeking. It's a matter of ballance between cost / protection and simplicity of the security procedure to use the station. I have a small military background regarding those matters, I know what I am talking about. So I agree with you, true air-gapping is hard, it's technical speciality, TEMPEST, that military know by heart. We clearly, in full transparency, defined the security level we were seeking to obtain. We never pretended to have a fully TEMPEST proof system.

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Sep 19 00:48

Air baps have been bridged. All of these are commodity articles. What's your point?

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Sep 19 00:48

Air gaps have been attacked under carefully controlled conditions in carefully controlled environments in very close proximity, with predictable and carefully designed use of the key generation software. It's success only in highly controlled and favorable circumstances with a stacked deck. It would be easier for the spooks to break in and install a physical logger inside the machine.

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