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GNG is not GNU. Welcome to the GNG site Website Updated in 2016. The idea of GNG was originally proposed around year 2007. GNG is not GNU. Where does your DONATION to GNU end up? Who gets compensated the most for free software in GNU? Not you, a hard worker. About GNG On this website you will find information on the scam known as Mr. Richard Stallman and the fallacious Free Software foundation. Richard Stallman is a very talented and intelligent programmer, but he is seriously confused about freedom. GNU software is simply subsidized software. 1984 The movie 1984 describes a world where freedom = slavery. In other words, freedom equals restriction, also known as doublespeak. "Software development began on January 5, 1984, when Stallman quit his job at the Lab" --Wikipedia Note: George Orwell introduced newspeak and doublethink in the book and movie, 1984. GNU software was started 1984. How convenient. Quotes "Live cheaply," he said, offering some free advice. "Don't buy a house, a car or have children. The problem is they're expensive and you have to spend all your time making money to pay for them." --FSF's Richard Stallman So my first goal was "source must be available and it must be free (as in beer)". Which my first copyright license reflects very directly. -- Linus Torvalds, speaking about his free software license before moving to GPL New Articles in 2015/2016 Stallman Speaks on Security (is he dumb?) September 2016 FSF Restricting Information (what else is new) Stallman Wants to Tax You Big Time Moving the Goalposts, Double Standards - Pretending That Only Software Can Be Free 1984 By Orwell Warned us about Doublethink and Newspeak Stallman whines about calling it "GNU/Linux" when really it should be called "BSD Gnu Linux" Common Criticisms of this Web Site about GNG/GNU 90 percent of Linux users are using CPanel, more costly/restricted/proprietary than MS Windows Alternative Simple License instead of GPL Another Alternative Simple License instead of GPL Must read quotes from Intelligent People regarding free software Hidden Costs: bandwidth Bills $30,000 for smaller "free" software projects (and free speech projects, even though wikipedia censors your speech and deletes pages 99 percent of the time) Thinks I do like about Stallman (but not all GNG folk would agree) Don't Use Android or MacOS? The ethics of Richard Stallman Modified GPL and LGPL licenses are a joke Many of the old articles from 2007 have also been updated. This site has many links interspersed and at the bottom of pages. Check them out. Oldies but goodies GPL Written by a Monkey Hey now, that's an insult to all monkeys. Monkeys are smarter than that. It's not about Free Beer? If it's not about free cost, why does Stallman continually say things like "live cheaply" and "don't buy a house"? It obviously is very much about money. One of the main claims of Richard Stallman is that GNU software is not about "free beer" or "free cost", but about freedom in general. He (his entire organization) contradicts himself on his free software website several times when he claims free software is indeed something about money after all. GPL Quote From Section 11: "11. BECAUSE THE PROGRAM IS LICENSED FREE OF CHARGE, THERE IS NO WARRANTY FOR THE PROGRAM, TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW." Legally, GPL software is in fact free in cost, as it states right in the license. Not free as in freedom, free as in COST. This gets dangerous in the court of law, when you move the goal posts and pretend you weren't charging for the GPL software itself, you were just charging for the "copying" of the software (which is a lie, since really you were charging for the software that is useful to the person who needs the software). Depending on the Judge, he may find that you violated GPL by charging money for copying the software, since that is simply moving the goal posts via a loophole. The idea that one should get reimbursed for the copying of the software, but the programmer who created the software should be left to starve, is absurd communist confusion (people are not equal: programmers should not get paid, only the copiers of the software should get paid - a twisted distorted communist view that makes no sense). Why isn't Stallman a twisted distorted capitalist? A GNUtard will counter this and say, no no, you can still get paid as a GPL developer, you simply charge for copying your software instead of charging for the source directly. This proves my point: it's moving the goal posts, restricting one form, while freeing the other. GNUtard will also say you can instead charge for consulting about the software, instead of for the code (but MIT opencourseware proves that consulting (education) can be digitally replicated just as easily as software, so consulting should be made open and free too). What's left to charge for? nothing, because if you continue moving the goal posts... you can't move them to infinity. Other GNUtards will use doublespeak and say "you've misunderstood the license, you can charge for software code even though the license says you can't! You just don't understand the license!" (brainwashed gnutard missing basic boolean logic skills) Stallman claims free software is not about free cost, but Stallman makes money a big issue on his websites. In some places he claims GNU users and programmers can make as much money as they want. Other places he claims free software is about sharing with your communes that don't have money (see below screenshot, implying GNU software is about free cost after all!). How can he say proprietary softare developers have the advantage of money, when GNU GPL developers are supposed to have that advantage too? (answer: GPL developers release FREE OF CHARGE software and don't have any money, except for loophole systems that allow one to twist and destort GPL to charge for charging) Free cost is in fact deeply tied into GNU software, but all GNU followers will deny it and pretend it is not about free cost at all. This contradiction is evidence of brainwashing, as anyone using logic can figure out that "free software" is tied to "cost" in many ways. The above quote from Stallman clearly indicates he wants free of charge (free of cost) software to be shared with his communes without hefty fees. The joke is that Stallman charges hefty proprietary consulting fees on cruise ships, even though consulting and education could be made free too via an MIT OpenCourseware style system (digitally replicating courses, consulting, via microphone and digital video camera). So Stallman is out of luck (no hand holding, Stallman), he's now out of making a living. No, no, come on now - Stallman will just move the goal posts and charge for something else, like maybe he'll start selling hardware. This website mostly discusses GPL version 2. Discussion of GPL 3 will continue as this site is updated another day (Stallman keeps redefining his blind view of freedom with more exceptions every other year). What is GNG? GNG is a derecursive recursive derecursion which pwns GNU since it can be infinitely looped as GNGNGNGNG...NGNGNG... and can be said backwards too, whereas GNU cannot. Notice: as this is the official GNG website, we are not affiliated with the official GNG website! We are also not in affiliation with the GNG OS or GNG Foundation. The GNG acronym is a joke acronym. Mostly only programmers understand recursive jokes like above. GNG is pronounced "going". Going in circles around Stallman with logic... gngngngngng. Going going going going... Speaking of going gngngngng, use Go which is released under BSD, not GPL GCC crippleware. The GNG license is called GNGL Serious Content This website contains some jokes like the GNG acronym. However, it contains important serious facts about GNU and FSF proving it is a dangerous modern cult like organization. It is not a violent organization or anything like that. It is a cult that brainwashes software programmers and users virally. GNU constantly contradicts itself. By contradicting itself, it confuses humanity and manipulates people. Sadly, the GNU followers don't even know they are confused - they are very sure about their philosophy. Followers pretty much listen to whatever Stallman has to say, and are overly protective of his obvious contradictions. Using simple logic one can see Stallman's free software website is full of flaws and paradoxes. Programmers are good at logic, and yet for some reason, GNU followers are not using logic to read the free software foundation website. We (GNG) want to find out why GNU followers are so cultish and brainwashed. We want to demonstrate to you the contradictions using logic and evidence. "GNG" is anyone who understands the contradictions and extreme flaws of GNU philosophy. Alternative Free Software As GNG is not GNU, the website for GNG operating systems can be found below: 1 2 3 You can also check out other free operating systems such as Minix who felt a BSD like license was more appropriate. Or you can even look into Microsoft Windows (they give away certain copies free with the purchase of hardware, via their Bing program). Technical Merits of Linux We are not arguing Linux is technically inferior just because a religious like cult is behind the software. If it is technically inferior to other operating systems that's another issue. Linux is still a unix like operating system and powerful like any unix. You pragmatically probably cannot stop using GNU outright (it would be nice to) since it has infected so much of our society already. Just be aware of the cult behind it. If you are a corporation considering donating to GNU, beware of your donations and where they are going (you are supporting anti-logic and confusion galore - literally the 1984 movie is occurring right now and has been since 1984 - Free software started in 1984). Linus Torvalds is not really a hardcore cult member, he makes it clear that he released linux as free beer and doesn't fall for Stallman's nonsense. Linus still ended up releasing his software under GNU (bad decision) even though he wasn't a full cult member (he was only partly one). We're not attacking linux or Linus as much as we are attacking Stallman and GNU. Linus has his faults and anti logic too, though. Using GNU software is kind of like buying clothes from a religious organized store if you are non-religious. People still support religious organizations even if they disagree with the religion behind it. It's a compromise. Another example would be if a brain surgeon just happened to be the best one available, who was also a nutcase scientologist (not scientist)... would you still accept surgery from him if he was going to do the best job? Ideally you'd find one who wasn't a lunatic.. but in some cases we make compromises and give in. Ideally we'd eventually find a way to stop supporting nonsense and funding it, but in the mean time some people still have to make compromises (many BSD systems still regretfully use GCC). Being aware of the cult like system behind it is important even if you still have to end up using GNU begrudgingly. You can minimize your use of it if there are alternatives, but still use it where you absolutely have to. Linux is everywhere and anywhere, similar to religious organizations in USA (churches). Linux is all over the place, whereas BSD is rare and hard to come by. GCC is also everywhere. Linux and GNU are taking over because of Argumentum ad populum, rather than sensible logic. One has to consider though, if GNU users are brainwashed cult members that don't understand basic logic when it comes to reading websites (they read through Stallman's sites and don't see any paradoxes or contradictions, or outright lies), are they also missing some logic in their programs too, since logic is a general skill? I.e. does being a cult member mean that you are not as good of a programmer? Maybe. Sometimes religious cults inspire people to do wonderful things (more often bad things, but sometimes good).. so there are two sides to the religion of GNU. Just because GNU inspires some fairly good software (a lot of it is absolute crap) doesn't mean we should just pull the wool over our eyes and ignore the fact that it is a cult. Joining GNU is like someone joining a religious cult that does some good things for society, but ends up making the person lose their mind in the process; we should still fight the cult even if it does some good things. Ultimately, the cult would hopefully drop its nonsense and change to be more reasonable and no longer be a cult (this is unlikely to happen, but cult members of religions do become unbrainwashed, so it is possible). The Problem In short: GNU and FSF are a cult. Where does your DONATION to GNU end up? Who gets compensated the most for free software in GNU? Not you, a hard worker. GNU and FSF is a contradicting and confusing mind game and legally troublesome scam. All one has to do is read the GNU website, philosophy, and license.. and soon the skeptical reader will be twisting in his grave for hours trying to figure out what FREE means, according to one man - Richard Stallman. Had he only pulled out his dictionary, and realized he is not one. GnuTards are not skeptics. Unfortunately, many people that fall for Stallmanism do not even know they are falling for Stallmanism. Free: "Not under control or power of one another" -- dictionary Once you release software under GPL, the GNU and FSF (and its members) own you and your code - you have given it up to the cult. Free: "Not burdened by obligations" -- dictionary Obligations, hey. How about the obligation to include long cult like licenses with your source code, with the mailing address of Stallman's donation center embedded into all your sources to make him and his lawyers famous and rich. How about the obligation to not charge money for source or software under GPL, as it says so clearly in Stallman's license (even if you can fraudulently charge for other services, directly or indirectly related to the software - making those services un-free and unethical - which no one seems to ever acknowledge since only software itself must be ethical (religious cult focus, remember, on a few points - but not the whole picture)). Free: "With no cost or charge" -- dictionary This is obvious. Navigation: | Home | Stallman Cult | Stallmanism Explanation | Stallmanism (Alternate) | Free Table Foundation | Free Gardening | Free Hair Dressing | Songs | Free Books | Free Food | Charge For Source Code | Free Consulting (hippo critter) | More Articles | GNG Testimonials | About GNG

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