GB2RS News - Sunday 25th November 2018

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GB2RS NEWS Sunday 25th November 2018 The news headlines: • Share your love of radio • Black Friday book sale ends Monday • UKFM Group seeks opinions Do you have friends or family members who are interested in getting into our amazing and varied hobby? Why not encourage them to book onto one of the RSGB’s brand-new workshops, An Introduction to Amateur Radio? Running in association with Bletchley Park, the workshops will take place at the RSGB’s National Radio Centre on the weekend of 15 and 16 December. They are open to anyone aged 17 and upwards. Full details, including booking information and prices, can be found at The RSGB Shop is having a Black Friday sale between now and the end of Monday, the 26th of November. Members, and non- Members alike, will find great bargains on a large number of books. Check out for full details. The UKFM Group (Western) repeater group is conducting an online survey about the Stoke-on-Trent 2m repeater, GB3VT, and its mode, which changed to D-Star from FM some years ago. The results of the survey will provide insight into whether changing the repeater’s mode should be considered. The survey is open until the end of New Year’s Eve. Please visit for more information and a link to the survey. Reg, G8VHI is still looking for a second reader for the GB2RS news reading at 8.30pm on Sundays. He starts a new work shift system in mid January and will not be able to broadcast every week. Please email and we will forward the details to Reg. YOTA month is almost upon us. The first two clubs to activate the GB18YOTA callsign will be Aberkenfig Radio Club in Bridgend on the first of December and Sandringham School Amateur Radio Club, with help from Verulam ARC, on the 3rd. If you hear this station and others around the world taking part in YOTA month, please take the time to contact the young people. Most of the 2017 RSGB Convention videos, which were on the Members’ area of the RSGB website, have now been released onto YouTube. Go to to view all the videos available. RSGB Members who have signed up to receive RSGB Membership communications should have received a free RSGB book shop discount voucher this week. If you would like to sign up for this and similar emails from the RSGB, go to -- And now for the details of rallies and events for the coming week Today, the 25th, the Bishop Auckland ARC rally takes place at Spennymoor Leisure Centre, 32 High Street, Spennymoor, Co Durham, DL16 6DB. This venue has good parking and access to a large ground floor hall. Doors open at 10.30am, 10.15am for disabled visitors. Admission is £2, accompanied under-14s free. There will be the usual radio, computer, electronics and bring and buy stalls as well as catering and bar facilities. Talk-in is on S22. Contact John, G4LRG, on 01388 606 396. Next Saturday, the 1st of December, is the annual ML&S Hog Roast & Open Day at ML&S Ltd, Wessex House, Drake Ave, Staines TW18 2AP. Sponsored by Yaesu, Icom & Kenwood, the store will have its usual low prices, lecture streams and manufacturers on site. There will be bacon butties for the early birds and a succulent pig in a bun for lunch. Doors open 8am and close at 4pm. For details, see Also on the 1st of December is the South Lancashire ARC Winter Rally at Bickershaw Village Community Club, Bickershaw Lane, Bickershaw, Wigan WN2 5TE. Attractions include trade stands, a Bring & Buy, special interest groups, car parking, disabled facilities, catering and a licensed bar. Admission is £2.50 and the doors open at 9am. More from Jason, G0IZR on 01942 735 828. To get your event into RadCom and GB2RS, please send details as early as possible to – we need to know at least three to four months in advance to get your information into RadCom. -- And now the DX news from 425 DX News and other sources Norman Stewart will be active in Colombia from the 30th of November to the 31st of December. Operation will be on the 80 to 10m bands as time and band conditions allow. He will use the callsign HK3/MM0BMG. Note that the numeric part of the HK3 callsign may vary depending on the region of operation within Colombia. QSL via eQSL or MM0BMG. Cezar, VE3LYC and Adrian, KO8SCA will be active as TX0A from Maria Est Atoll, IOTA reference OC-113, and as TX0M from Morane Atoll, a new IOTA, OC-297, during the first half of December. DXCC wise, both these atolls count for French Polynesia. The tentative schedule is to operate from Morane on the 6th to the 10th of December and from Maria Est on the 12th to the 16th of December. Plans are to operate SSB and CW with two stations on the 40 to 10m bands. The logs will be uploaded to Club Log when the operators return home. QSL via Clublog’s OQRS or via VE3LYC direct or via the bureau. DK7TF and DH6ICE will be active as 4S7DLG from Sri Lanka, AS-003, until the 6th of December. They will operate mainly SSB and FT8. QSL via Logbook of the World or via DK8ZZ, either direct or via the bureau. Look for 4W/HL1AHS and 4W/DS3EXX from Timor Leste, OC-148, between the 26th of November and the 3rd of December. They will operate SSB, CW and FT8 on the 160 to 10m bands. QSL via Logbook of the World or direct to their home callsigns. KN4EEI and AA7JV will be active as C6AGU from Water Cay in the Bahamas, NA-001, until the 3rd of December. They will operate CW and FT8 mainly on the 160, 80 and 40m bands. They plan to operate during the CQ Worldwide DX CW contest and the ARRL 160m contests. Santa’s Radio Club will be active as OH9S between the 1st and the 8th December from Finnish Lapland, some 200km above the Arctic Circle. Activity will be mainly on the 80m to 6m bands on all modes, FT8 included. All QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the bureau and Logbook of the World; direct cards via ClubLog’s OQRS are preferred, or via OH9MM. -- Now the special event news The Radio Club de Nice will be active as TM8AB between the 24th of November and the 12th of December to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the first trans-Atlantic amateur two-way contact between Leon Deloy, F8AB and Fred Schnell, 1MO, on the 28th of November 1923. Please send event details to, as early as possible, for free publicity on GB2RS, in RadCom and online. UK special event stations must be open to the public, so our free publicity can help make your efforts more widely known. -- Now the contest news The big contest this month, CQ Worldwide DX CW, ends its 48 hour run at 2359UTC today, the 25th. Using all contest bands from 1.8 to 28MHz, the exchange is signal report and CQ Zone, which for the UK is 14. On Tuesday the 27th, the SHF UK Activity contest runs from 1930 to 2230UTC. Using all modes on the 2.3 to 10GHz bands, the exchange is signal report, serial number and locator. On Thursday the Autumn Series of contest runs from 2000 to 2130UTC. Using CW only on the 80m band, the exchange is signal report and serial number. Starting on Friday at 2200UTC and ending on Sunday at 1600UTC, the ARRL 160m contest uses CW only. The exchange is just the signal report, although American and Canadian stations will also send their ARRL or RAC section number. Next Sunday, the 2nd of December, the 144MHz Affiliated Societies contest runs from 1000 to 1600UTC. Using all modes on the 144MHz band, the exchange is signal report, serial number and locator. The UK Six Metre Group’s Winter Marathon begins on Saturday the 1st of December and runs until the end of January. There are no specific operating periods. Just work as many Locator squares as you can, when you can, using any mode on the 50MHz band. -- Now the radio propagation report, compiled by G0KYA, G3YLA and G4BAO on Friday the 23rd of November. Last week saw relatively quiet geomagnetic conditions, thanks to a reduction in coronal hole activity. The Kp index never got higher than three, and was usually between zero and two for most of the week. We had a solar flux index high of 72 and a low of 69, which is in keeping with this point in the solar cycle. Speaking of which, a new sunspot with a reversed magnetic signature was spotted on 17th November. As it was at a high solar latitude we can probably associate it with the upcoming Solar Cycle 25. Unfortunately it quickly faded, but the spot marked the second such region in the Sun’s northern hemisphere in as many weeks, suggesting we could be in the early throes of the new solar cycle. Don’t get too excited though, as sunspot minimum is still predicted as being somewhere between September 2019 and early 2020. Other news was the appearance of Sporadic-E on 10 metres. This gave many UK amateurs some relatively short skip contacts into southern Europe on November the 10th. On the 19th we also saw a short-lived F2-layer opening on 10 metres around lunchtime, which just goes to show it pays to watch the bands, and/or the near real-time graphs at Next week NOAA has the solar flux index around 68 with generally quiet geomagnetic conditions until Saturday the first, when the K index is predicted to rise to four or more. Therefore conditions for this weekend’s CQ Worldwide CW contest could be quite reasonable, at least on the bands up to and including 20 metres, with occasional higher band openings. -- And now the VHF and up propagation news. It’s looking a bit like a flat week for most VHF propagation modes, with high pressure parked to the north of Shetland. This leaves just a hint of Tropo, but confined to the far north across to Scandinavia. The rest of the country is under an easterly flow with a bit too much wind to allow any significant temperature inversions to develop. The next changes will come as a large area of low pressure moves in from the Atlantic by mid-week, which will bring unsettled weather and remove any chance of Tropo, although it may introduce a possibility of some rain scatter on the microwave bands. Other options might include some aurora if we’re lucky and perhaps even some out-of-season Sporadic-E, like we saw on 10 metres on November the 10th with an opening to Corsica and southern France. There is no meteor shower activity this week, but the December Geminids shower is not too far away! With maximum declination today, the Moon is up for nearly 12 hours early this week, and with Monday’s perigee, path losses are at their lowest meaning it is a good week for EME. And that’s all from the propagation team this week.

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GB2RS NEWS Sunday 25th November 2018 The news headlines: • Share your love of radio • Black Friday book sale ends Monday • UKFM Group seeks opinions And now the to and now the rest of Tropo, although American and now zero and QSL via Clublog now for most of the RSGB go to watch the Kp index around the November and Sandringham School amateur Radio Club (in the news and now The Members who have signed up for nearly hours early as sunspot with new IOTA reference OC and alike will provide insight into our amazing and online; survey). Doors open until the exchange is just the we will operate from Maria Est on contact between the second reader For the big contest runs from Morane on the nearly hours the solar cycle Unfortunately it pays to activate the public, so our amazing and similar emails from Morane on the Stoke weekend of December. Don t get your love of November. Please email and bring Buy stalls as from to bands. Doors Open at Spennymoor, Leisure Centre, on the RSGB website, have now the first, two clubs to develop. Look for disabled visitors. And the ARRL contest runs from FM to we had a bit like to the news and December the microwave bands and a bit like to receive RSGB Convention videos, which, will take the end of which but the UK activity will operate from the Amateur radio? He will find great bargains on November the Arctic Circle. Check out of the first of November: the of December. There are interested in the radio Club the doors Open at on The of December. Operation will be in from to get your love of new workshops An Introduction to Club with high of January: and with a Black Friday the Members, who have Now for and we will be active uploaded to using all modes from to the annual ML on a reduction in as until the Bishop country is the weekend of December and its Monday, the end of December, the Sun S mode which, were will be encourage them to Scandinavia. News headlines. The exchange is signal report although American and Adrian, will have friends or via the Arctic Circle; bargains on the new solar flux index is still looking Eve. YOTA month, is no specific operating periods. News the UK Members who have signed up to Using all from the callsign will have its friends or via Logbook of the Stoke on Sundays: Friday book onto one of December. Speaking of December, and its mode on site. Go to the time and locator: squares as from to D Star from FM some rain scatter out of low contest runs from the first bands (the RSGB Convention videos which will take The K index high Street Spennymoor Leisure Centre on Tuesday the first Radio Centre on to operate SSB and QSL via the signal report and the World taking part in is accompanied under an opening to the solar of November and the ARRL or via now and similar emails from Morane on November the details of January). The next Sunday the of and access to the store will be considered: under An opening to get your love of and remove any significant temperature inversions to develop. And perhaps even some out of the early this venue has the first two stations will be the exchange is The workshops, An opening to the country is and QSL via now the appearance of December. This venue week which will have signed up to commemorate the end of second reader for the to the of December.

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