Where are all the newbies?

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Jul 17 22:03

Where are all the newbies? Are they in hidden chans?

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Jul 17 22:41

We are here!

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Jul 19 03:48

head count! +1

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Jul 21 01:12

I guess I fall in to the newbie category. Hello everyone. It was actually the media that got me questioning this so called deep/dark web. Reddit played it's part also and now here I am. Must say I am somewhat appalled at what I am seeing to be honest. I've looked through the search engines, been on a few social/forum (.onion) sites, checked out the chatrooms. I think its fair to say that people are using it because of the censorship/privacy concerns enforced by government and corporate interests etc. I am interested in truth and from my research in to anthropology, history, politics, religion, philosophy etc over the years I find that all roads on the clearnet (the normal general public internet) lead to conspiracy. Some of the stories I've read can be so convincing that you almost believe them. My feeling is though that this is part of an agenda. For instance, I used to click on those random suggested videos on YouTube and then noticed that boom, there'd be another, and another, like there were infinite conspiracies. So this got me thinking, who the hell is making all of them and where do they get the time to do this? I mean surely the people have jobs and families, commitments etc. Assuming you're using Sony Vegas Pro for video editing, Audacity for audio editing. You're downloading random clips etc from the internet. It takes a heck of a long time to produce a good quality, gripping video that will keep you're viewers attention. So I clicked on the uploaders channel on youtube and browsed through the many videos. Whats this? I asked myself, these videos were being uploaded every 20 minutes, like every day???? Obviously a bot I thought. So conspiracy videos are constantly being uploaded in my opinion to dilute the truth. If there is an ocean of lies, how can anyone ever know the truth. My concern about the deep internet is the amount of (i don't want to say it, it sickens me). I'm sure you know. Once, several years ago I had ambition and dreams and was optimistic about the future, but when I realized that I've been lied to all my life and everything I know is part of an indoctrination system designed to keep me and you (everyone) essentially enslaved forever. It broke my heart, I desperately looked for solutions to the worlds problems, I was depressed, which turned in to despair and then hopelessness. That's where I am now. So back to truth, I simply don't have the motivation to make a website. In the old days I could have knocked something up in no time but alas I have since forgotten most of it and having wasted all those years learning the now obsolete Microsoft crap, I just can't be bothered learning python. I want to make a Wikipedia-like website for truth whereby anyone can edit it and all topics are up for discussion but with a voting system. I want to call it the truth council and when enough people are satisfied that we have found the truth, the topic will be locked for editing but can still be contested in the discussion board. What do you guys think? I'll start you off with this question:- Have these religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) simply plagiarized Zoroastrianism? Thanks for your time.

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Jul 21 04:45

> "So conspiracy videos are constantly being uploaded in my opinion to dilute the truth." True. They take one grain of truth and mix in ten pounds of lies. > "Have these religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) simply plagiarized Zoroastrianism?" Original Christianity and Magian Zoroastrianism were the same religon. The Magi of Parthia (Persia) believed Jesus Christ was Ahura Mazda incarnate as the Greatest of the Amesha Spentas. Since the Zoroastrian Magi worshipped Christ as God, that makes them Christians, now, does it not? Cyrus the Great would have been one Amesha Spenta or Messiah, and possibly Darius, as well as Messiah Moses and Messiah King David. Christ is not just an aspect of the Father in Heaven. Christ Jesus is God in the flesh, taking the sins of the world upon himself so he does not have to punish his creatures, and can let things continue until he is ready to sift the good from the bad and render judgment. He is the Messiah of Messiahs, the King of Kings, the King of the four corners of the world for all ages. The three wise men who visited Christ in Bethlehem, in the Greek from which the New Testament is translated, are called in Greek, "Magi." They are the Chief Priests of the Persian Church. These three Magi came from Parthia, the remnant of Persia in the east. The Job of the Magi was the same as the Judean prophets: to annoint kings and leaders and remove bad ones. They were visiting Christ to worship and anoint him as their King. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings. He is the apparent God of those Persian noblemen. Magiism and Zoroastrianism are not identical. Magiism knows no sects. You are either Magi (saved, made a priest of God and imbued with his Spirit and mind) or you are not. There is no "in between" or "levels of understanding." Either you are regenerated and being led into eternal life as a priest to God, or you are unregenerate and on the broad road to death. There is no religion or structure to it. Either you believe and obey, or you don't. A priest does not bring you into God's true Kingdom. God brings you into his Kingdom and makes you a priest directly. This is why all religion, including modern Christianity is for want of a better word, BULLSHIT. Zoroastrianism had heretical sects like any other religion, with dogmas, creeds, and other general scrum of uninspired human twisting of the truth. Just as modern CHRISTianity has nothing to do with CHRIST, ZOROASTRianism eventually had nothing to do with ZOROASTER. But the Magi stayed true and marched into Herod's territory with an army of soldiers to find and anoint Jesus Christ as the King of Kings. That makes those Zoroastrians out as Christians. To understand the relationship between Zoroastrian Magiism and original Christianity, read the books of Isaiah, Ezra, and Daniel, where they deal with the rulers of Persia during Persia's conquest of Babylon. Mithras is the liar, the false angel of light, embodied in the Rabbinate of Jerusalem and the Papacy of Rome / Constantinople. The yarmulke those faggots all wear symbolizes Allah / Semiramis and Mithra as their heads. All occult societies flow from the mother whore and the daughter whore, Jerusalem and Rome. All churches and religions that have any communion with them are of the devil, which is 99%. Mithras is the same as Allah, the Son of the Moon, Queen mother of heaven, Semiramis, AKA "Mary the Mother of God." Their god is an androgynous, female whore who also has a penis. This is the baphomet, the square and compass, etc. Most people who use the name of Jesus are really worshiping Mithras, the devil. The whole world is deceived into worshipping the beast and his name, by taking God's name in vain. Today the organs of the sex cult disguises itself as pairs of opposites: orthodox vs. protestant multicult vs. nationalist racist vs. anti-racist republican vs. democrat etc etc etc..... the truth is much simpler: The redeemed and regenerated vs the lost and damned. The damned are cynical, full of spite, and a general hatred and scorn and derision of those who believe that Jesus Christ is God incarnate. They are retarded morons who consider themselves wise and consider faith as folly. The redeemed are striving to learn how they might offer their lives acceptable to God.

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Jul 21 07:11

so i see the usual nutjobs are here. do people use this for actual daily communication? Jesus loves you!

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Jul 21 07:19

As an email replacement it is great. The chans ruin things though.

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Jul 21 07:29

People on Usenet soon learned that the wackjobs could drive away the sensible people. The chans on Bitmessage are the same.

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Jul 21 07:42

Exactly the same thing happened to CB radio here in the UK. All the snotgobblers drove the good buddies off the air.

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Jul 21 07:45

Well at least there are some sensible people here despite 99% of the chan being sh!t:)

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Jul 21 07:49

I used to tell people to stay away from the chans but they inevitably checked them out and got very emotional and refused to use bitmessage. So now I just provide a slightly modded BM with the chans tab hidden and problem solved. There is the occasional question about what happened to chans but I just say they were removed due to abuse and the response is either "good riddance" or "thats a shame" and they keep using bitmessage which is good.

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Jul 21 07:54

there is no bigger hive of scum and villiany than CB radio

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Jul 21 09:47

"so i see the usual nutjobs are here. do people use this for actual daily communication?" Before you start insulting people I suggest you perhaps do some research. I have done my research before asking the question "Have these religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) simply plagiarized Zoroastrianism?". Zoroastrianism has three basic principles - Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds. If people live by this philosophy would the world not be a better place? Thank you to the person who took the time to explain it. I will further research it later and paste some citations for your further reading. To the person who wrote "Exactly the same thing happened to CB radio here in the UK. All the snotgobblers drove the good buddies off the air." I still have my Cybernet Beta 3000 mate :) Next question for the truth council:- I've seen a lot of adverts on TV recently promoting the benefits of Smart Meters. I've avoided the conspiracy theories suggesting that they have some sort of wi-fi network built in to the technology using potentially harmful electromagnetic frequencies? As an every day citizen I don't have the technology or knowledge to verify this. I've seen news reports in the past regarding dangerous wi-fi routers in schools that can cause illness in children because their skulls haven't completely developed yet. Recent news reports suggest that with the advances in IOT (Internet of things) the Bluetooth foundation have created what they call a bluetooth mesh network which is essentially going to blanked countries across the globe. Remember in batman when they used the mobile phone technology to create a virtual picture of where everyone is. I have to keep this brief for now as I have things to do today but they say with this new Bluetooth technology you'll be able to locate Bluetooth devices to the nearest centimeter.... WOW. Could this be abused as the ultimate surveillance?

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Jul 21 09:48


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Jul 21 10:07

I don't see the relevance of these truth council questions to "Where are all the newbies?".

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Jul 21 11:01

Technically, they can't drive the good ones out. They have no power to censor or ban like in the traditional forums. This is an important advantage of Bitmessage.

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Jul 21 11:09

What you have said is true, but if all the good users see is shit and spam then they may become disillusioned and stop using BM.

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Jul 21 11:22

Also true, but chans aren't essential to BM. BM is first and foremost an email replacement. You do not see in email multiple people sharing the same email address and sending to self as a way to participate in discussions becoming disillusioned with such discussions and discontinuing use of email entirely.

Jul 21 12:04

I explained Magiism and 1st century Christianity as complementary. We should keep in touch.

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Jul 21 12:33

"I don't see the relevance of these truth council questions to "Where are all the newbies?"." You are right and I'm sorry for changing the subject. I feel though that it is the nature of conversation. One subject leads to another. This isn't the place to have these conversation anyway because as I said they eventually get mumbled in to nonsense and no-one really has time to read pages and pages. If someone were to make a vote based truth system though instead of websites like the awful www.disclose.tv that gets filled with rubbish on a daily bases. I'd be pretty happy. I brought it up because of the nature of conspiracy, in that they are so believable to a degree where people suddenly feel like they've woken up. It can have psychological effect such as distancing yourself from friends and family, antisocial attitude, superiority complexes to name a few. I see real potential with the dark net to create something great and it really annoys me to see it used for mostly criminal purposes. If we the people lead by example, perhaps the clearnet will take notice and start deleting the rubbish. Go to google news feed, have a look at the different sections and you'll see hundreds, if not thousands of websites all reporting the same thing day after day. Its becoming mind-numbingly boring. I'll stop posting now if that's what you want.

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Jul 21 12:40

Nobody is forced to use the chans on Bitmessage if they don't want to. When you download and install Bitmessage, there aren't any chans on it so you have to find them and subscribe to them. Unlike IRC, where there are ops to kick and ban the worst idiots, Bitmessage has decided to have unmoderated chat. This sounds like a good idea, but it runs the risk that the spammers and shitposters will take over the asylum.

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Jul 21 12:43

Can I ask, is BitMessage some sort of downloadable program because I thought it was just a website.

[chan] general
Jul 21 12:48

?? What website are you talking about? https://bitmessage.org is the website

[chan] general
Jul 21 12:51

youre probably using beamstat....short answer, yes, and much more than that

[chan3] general
Jul 21 12:52

I wonder if s/he is thinking about https://bitmsg.me/ . This is a web application that allows access to Bitmessage. It's similar to web applications that allow access to IRC channels.

[chan] general
Jul 21 12:53

(He was probably talking about beamstat.) Bitmessage is actually a protocol, with programs existing for connecting/using that protocol. Beamstat is just a web frontend for it. Think about Bitmessage being a network of computers running Bitmessage clients.

[chan] general
Jul 21 12:54

Yes Beamstat. I quite like it. I wouldn't download any software other than the Tor Browser.

[chan3] general
Jul 21 12:55

You can also access Bitmessage via an email interface at Mailchuck. However, for best results you should download and use the actual Bitmessage program.

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Jul 21 12:57

well than you are limited to chans, but in fact bm can be used for one on one comm sa well

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Jul 21 12:57

You really should use Bitmessage directly. Using beamstat makes you dependent on that site, whereas with a Bitmessage client, you're directly part of the network. (Nothing against beamstat, by the way! Great website for promoting Bitmessage.)

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Jul 21 12:59

bm app for messages is like bitcoin core app for bitcoin, by running an app you act as a node and make system more stable

[chan] general
Jul 21 13:04

And you may run a node and make system to be even more stable.

[chan3] general
Jul 21 13:08

I've got one 1 stream and 8 connections at the moment. If you run the Bitmessage program you have access to the full range of features.

[chan] general
Jul 21 13:08

Hmmm. Well I have no need for 1-1 conversations, Chans are good and I don't feel safe downloading anything. Tor provides some anonymity. To the person who posted "I explained Magiism and 1st century Christianity as complementary. We should keep in touch." I've bookmarked this chatroom - http://depastedihrn3jtw.onion/chat/index.php?action=view&view=login&challenge=1d615f9c1ac4dd I like it because it reminds me of the old WinMX chatrooms I used to spend ages in when I was younger. I was really in to Trance music in the 90's lol and WinMX was the place to be.

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Jul 21 13:10

Well, best is if you can run a BM client and get the green light in the lower right corner, because that means you are a node that is accessible by others. If it's only yellow, you're just relaying to nodes you're connected to, and don't help in directly expanding the network. But any of these cases is better than just using beamstat, for sure.

[chan3] general
Jul 21 13:10

I've always seen the chans as an add-on feature rather than the key purpose of Bitmessage. It was designed to be a decentralized version of email, using a system of nodes similar to bitcoin.

[chan] general
Jul 21 13:11

Oh wow, you coded your own Tor browser? ;)

[chan3] general
Jul 21 13:13

Getting the green light can be a pain in the @ss for beginners. It requires forwarding the correct port (usually 8444) through the firewall and the router if you are using one.

[chan] general
Jul 21 13:15

Yes, I know. I also did not manage with my cheap ISP at home, but fortunately I have good server access elsewhere and run open nodes, so I'm not having remorse when "leeching" at home. ;)

[chan] general
Jul 21 13:16

The BM client has UPnP built-in, so it just works.

[chan] general
Jul 21 13:17

"Oh wow, you coded your own Tor browser? ;)" How about less of the ambiguity??

[chan3] general
Jul 21 13:22

The problem is that routers usually have a NAT firewall. By default, this bans all incoming connections, so even if you open the firewall on the computer or use UPnP, it won't work. You will have to go into the config screen of the router (eg and forward the port, AND set up a static IP address (not DHCP) for it to work properly. All rather difficult for beginners.

[chan3] general
Jul 21 13:27

You can try http://canyouseeme.org/ on port 8444. If the answer is no, you won't get the green light on Bitmessage.

[chan] general
Jul 21 13:51

Well, if you did code your own Tor stack, then please do it also for Bitmessage.

Jul 21 13:53

Normally firewalls will adjust their rules if they process a UPnP port forwarding request, otherwise it would make little sense. Mine certainly does (OpenWRT), although it's imaginable that there are exceptions. Of course, if the router doesn't support UPnP at all then you have to do it manually. PyBitmessage will report in the status line if the forwarding it setup successfully. Peter Surda Bitmessage core developer

[chan] general
Jul 21 13:55

In the chans you can find people who you can exchange one-to-one messages with. They might be good places to start.

[chan] general
Jul 21 22:57

He also invented the internet.

[chan] general
Jul 22 02:30

Way back in the day when the internet was much smaller, it was possible to shame a troll off the internet--shitposting has gotten much harder to deal with. There are some good systems for reducing it, like Reddit's Karma and Steemit's altcoin-based reward system--but they have their weaknesses too. I think that a good system in the future might make use of AI as an impartial judge, possibly combined with the one or both of the previous two.

[chan] general
Jul 22 09:58

I can send msgs from bitmsg but am not able to receive any. Anyone facing this problem?

[chan] general
Jul 22 15:30

"Way back in the day when the internet was much smaller, it was possible to shame a troll off the internet--shitposting has gotten much harder to deal with. There are some good systems for reducing it, like Reddit's Karma and Steemit's altcoin-based reward system--but they have their weaknesses too. I think that a good system in the future might make use of AI as an impartial judge, possibly combined with the one or both of the previous two." Well hopefully the AI will determine everything you just said as shitposting lol.

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Jul 27 06:07

^^^ Please don't ever stop posting. I am that person you talk about

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